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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Monday, January 9, 2012

Praise God, I Just Sold My House!!!

Yay! I'm now just paying one mortgage payment again! So glad to have this off my books. God has been so good this past year, giving us all that we needed to get through all our expenses. We've  just depended on
His Provision, which is always sufficient. It only took 9 months, new floors, dropped price, and our moving out to do it, but am so happy its over with.

My new house is very nice. It has five bedrooms and a school room, which in the homeschool world is called "living the dream". The school room is working out pretty well as that's where I've got my kindergartner and 3rd grader, who share the subjects of English, Science and History. I can go back and forth between their desks with their math and writing. I also have a recliner down there for snuggling up for reading lessons. The toy room adjoins so the toddler and baby can play. The girls room also adjoins, which is where my 7th grader does her work at her desk. This is all down in the basement aka kid cave. We are really enjoying our new house, which is exactly what we needed, but weren't really looking for until we got transferred. Did I mention we've upsized to a one acre lot? I need to start planning the garden now. Probably need to plan the recipes/canning now. There's nothing worse than having buckets and buckets of cucumbers and no plan!

Anyhow, I'll be getting back to blogging for real soon. Never a dull moment there!


  1. Sweet. There is no headache like selling a house.

  2. I'm so happy for you! You are definitely living *my* dream. I want a garden and a playroom or schoolroom or basement kids' place, or SOMETHING. What we have is...ugh. I'm really nervous about how quickly we've filled up what I thought was a big house. But I won't complain, because we do have something, and I certainly wouldn't want to seem envious. I'm really excited for you!

  3. I know that feeling. We bought a 1.25 acre place while we still had the old house up for sale. Went a year and sold it JUST before the housing bubble burst. The buyer never had any regrets but lost his job and eventually the house)

    Anyway,2 payments is no fun nor good for the blood pressure. Congrats. Enjoy your new place.

  4. Thank you all. I know what it's like homeschooling in the living room and it is nothing but chaotic. I always wanted to make the kitchen table work, but a. it got stickier faster than I could clean it and b. the little kids kept wandering off marking up walls and stuff.
    You think that a bigger place will make things easier, but its really funny how you slip into your old habits...

  5. Congratulations on your last mortage! Yes, having a school room is great for your kids! I wish I can see the interiors!

    -Armandina Skerl

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  7. You've been fortunate with your new house. It sure has a lot of area waiting to be explored, something you cannot find in all houses. It suits your lifestyle as a mother perfectly! By the way, have you started the garden already?

    Rebecca Stratton

  8. I can tell it was such a relief to you to finally sell your house and let go of that mortgage. Was it easy for you to find a buyer or was your house on the market for quite some time? It must have felt so great to give someone else a fresh new start with your old house. I’m sure you miss it, but then as you mentioned, letting it go eases up your mortgage.


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