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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jolly Good SOPA Video - What you can do..

This fine fellow has done some Level 3 research on SOPA, the online Piracy Act, which will be a pretext for controlling the entire internet. Bet you didn't know that the developers of all the piracy software were Big Media/Tech companies? Yes, the same companies complaining of piracy paid for and distributed the piracy software, like Kazaa, BitTorrent, etc.

Why? To gain complete control of the internet. They made their millions, now it is time for our friends in the Elite to go do new fun things, like having complete control of our flow of information. This is the ol' Problem-Reaction-Solution dynamic at work. I

Check out Viacon and this dude's blog One Candle in the Dark for all your Level 3 information.

Please share this information far and wide.

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  1. Trestin has been telling this for a while--about controlling the Info world thing. Not about the Who but how the Gov. is moving everything to TV frequency Bandwith FOR TOTAL CONTROL! Easy Wi-Fi, so tempting eh?
    Funny how no one thinks about how Microsoft and Apple, and yes even the little penguin reports everything we do. It's to late to worry about covering you tracks. The Big Bro has everything undercontroll, you do know about every computer hooked up to the internet--ISP's, has assigned a IP number for identification?
    Only some one who knows how to use a looper to mask the physical location and IP number over tele lines would be able to escape Big Bro's prying eyes.
    As some say, I'm not one to repeat gossip-so you'd better listen close the first time.
    As far as research goes, it is written in the winners side of the story--so if you don't know how to read between the lines anyway, we are fead a bunch of what ever they want to punch up the emotions of the masses anyway.
    There are even sound frequencies that are thought provoking to make a good man a shady actor.
    The thought police are on the way.


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