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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Saturday, January 28, 2012

What you never knew about defense contracting...

...will shock you!

This is my biggest map EVER! So check it out and pass it along to anyone who wants to understand where 25% of the Federal Budget goes. It really is mindblowing! What I've got here is a fully fleshed out map of the top ten defense contractors.

According to this article, from Defense Procurement News, profits for these contractors are up. I would venture to say that profits have always been up for these companies since any of us can remember. We had the Cold War build up, the Reagan build up, and now the Islamic Terror buildup. It just keeps giving billions and billions of dollars to these contracting companies, who'll always get the money because the government owns a printing press called the Fed. Nice arrangement, huh? You see, the American citizen would get tired of all these wars a lot faster if there was butter rationing and tires were hard to come by. It's just easier this way, too bad it will all come crashing down sooner or later. But when it does, hey we've got martial law plans in place to be implemented by the ... defense contractors!!! The circle completes itself, no?

Let's really get into it because there is so much to pick out -this thing is HUGE, so it may take awhile to load:)

Link to explorable map
The center of this map consists of the top ten defense contractors, with each board member and executive's node expanded out. Note that one person will not have been a member of all these companies and organizations simultaneously. In fact, some of the people on here are dead and some of the companies have long since become defunct or merged.  But generally, all those corporations you see at the bottom mean that a defense contractor executive or board member was also on the board or an executive at that corporation as well. So we're talking one degree of separation here, not somebody's sister is on this committee or this board of directors, making for some pretty tight interlock. Starting from the top, left corner, let's go around this merry-go-wheel of power:

  • Note how many military men and intelligence officers are also on the boards of these defense companies. Now, I realize that they weren't serving at both places, but shouldn't this at least make the average person wonder about how money plays a role in determining where and how to place our troops around the world? Is there any quid pro quo going on here? Billions of dollars are at stake and I don't think it's an unreasonable thing to ask. I know that Smedley Buter asked and answered it when he said that War is a Racket.
  • Next we see that these people are members of the influential scientific organizations and societies. We know that they are influential given the mass sums of money that pass through their books.
  • The big, big think tanks like the Council on Foreign Relations are almost a must for membership with this crew. If you are unfamiliar with the CFR and their writing of US foreign policy, then check out this informative post here. The reason that Congress does not declare war anymore is because they don't write foreign policy, the CFR does. It was formed by the same bunch that gave us the Fed. Isn't that chummy?
  • We also see that some of them are involved in environmentalism, and I would guess that each one of these contractors is all about sustainable development. You see, this is a pretext for controlling resources, nothing more. They get us mundanes to live third world style, and eventually die of Obamacare, and they lock up more for themselves. It doesn't have to be sane, ya'll  ---this map should tell you that sanity was a few exits back.
  • And of course, they're all into the arts, sponsoring the ballet, the symphony and squiggly square drawings. I'm sure it makes them feel good about themselves.
  • Notice how they are involved in these international business councils. Should American defense contractors be for hire in other countries? It would seem to me that these corporations could care less about American sovereignty. 
  • We see lots of little foundations, the strings of the puppet masters. These foundations are not as large as the bigger think tanks and probably have all their own flavors. One thing they have in common is globalism and towing the Establishment line.
  • Next we have all of the hometown organizations that you have probably been affilitated with at one time or another. Note the Red Cross. Regular readers of my blog ought to remember that it was Federal Reserve Bank of NY chairman William Boyce Thompson who put together a "mission" of bankers under the guise of being with the Red Cross to go into WW1 Russia for the express purpose of promoting the Bolshevik cause.
  • Now we visit Orwell's World, with opposite-land sounding organizations like International Crisis Group, and the Council for Competitiveness. As you may have learned, these corporations only want to consolidate power, not encourage competitiveness. They like international crisis, for that is their bread and butter.
  • Going down the right side, we see a total bipartisan support among these defense contractor big wigs. That tells you right there that there's not a dimes worth of difference between the D's and the R's . They aren't worried one iota about the dems actually cutting back the military. I get a chuckle out of how many of them donate to both the dem and rep. candidates. You can see that they've supported Santorum and Mitt in the past, which is why their so hot and heavy for war, or it might be the other way around, but you have to follow the money to understand people's motivations.
  • Now we come to a big bunch of government employees. These aren't lackeys, they were all big wigs in the Federal Government. A lot of ambassadors and State Department people are represented here. I wanted to show the distinction between the defense and intelligence sectors of the government and the rest of them, so they are on opposite corners of this picture.
  • Now the bottom half is the fun part, where you get to see how many corporations you recognize. Again, everyone one of these has an executive or board member who was or is on the board or an exec of one of these ten defense contractors. How that for overlap!!! 
  1. Banksters - I think all of the huge banks are represented, except for Wells Fargo. What are the implications that the biggest defense contractors in America are also the biggest beneficaries from the bailouts? Maybe Hank Paulson wasn't talking out of his behind when he said there would be martial law if these bailouts weren't passed. You do know that he used to work for Goldman right? People sitting on the boards of these Insider Banks are also sitting on the boards of the weapons manufacturers and mercenary services companies. What could go wrong?
  2. Big Media, some of the largest are represented. If I did two degrees of separation, I'm pretty sure all of them would be. The Big Media is the same vampiric squid that tells us that Ron Paul is "naive" on foreign policy. Yeah, because I could show RP this map and it wouldn't surprise him in the least; he could probably fill me in on some stuff I missed. But he's naive you understand. No - the American public are the naive ones, out in la la land about what is going on behind "national security", which is a code word for covering bankster behind.
  3. Big Pharma, who advertises the fool out of Big Media. This particular cartel is a gift that keeps giving for you can fear anyone into buying medicine that will make them live longer. Recall that John D's Daddy Rockefeller started out selling snake oil medicine. And when you can government mandate vaccines, you can rake in a gold mine with each child that is born.  Look also at the explosion of psychotropic drugs for the general population, am I the only one who thinks that's weird? Eschatology buffs, recall that the word sorcery in the Bible is translated from the Greek term pharmalekia, where we get our word for pharmacy. Coincidence? I think not. Continuing in this line of thought, the microchip containing all your information will be administered via hypodermic. In fact, there's already a patented needle that does it.  Look at all these flu shot stations set up everywhere... the infrastructure is already in place.
  4. Big Oil, where the Texas Tee bubbles up, our military is sent in, however, I believe that this is only part of the story. It's not just as simple as the liberals whining about blood for oil, I surmise that there is a strategy as outlined by Zbignew Brzenzski in The Grand Chessboard. To control the geopolitcal pivots is to control the chessboard of Eurasia. Controlling the necessary commodity of oil would definitely play a part in that plan, whether for American use or to manipulate it for the purposes of controlling China and Russia. This plays a part in the raw materials companies listed as some raw materials as lithium may be prized as well.
  5. Big Insurance - just about every big company is listed here. You knew insurance was some kind of scam, but this really drives the point home for me. The same people who have enormous control over the money supply also drain the middle class' bank accounts with Health, Auto, Life, and Home Insurance, which is always going up. You guys do know that it was these insurance companies that wrote Obamacare, right? Did you actually think it was some nefarious communist in a basement somewhere? Recall what Frederic C Howe said about making society work for you. These insurance companies now have a government mandate that you purchase their product. But some of them will go out of business! You think that the ones that put this together don't know that and furthermore care? The big dogs will be taken care of by government and will be firmly latched onto the titty of the Fed. You will notice that I included McKinsey, which is not an insurance firm, but a big business consulting firm. They advised the insurance industry on ways of not paying out on claims legally. This is known as the McKinsey report and was a power point presentation that brutally laid out how to screw the consumer totally. You can check out that whole controversy here.
  6. Energy, Tech, and Telecom sectors seem to be pretty well locked up here. These can all be used to control the modern man quite easily. They want us to cut our energy usage and put "smart-meters" in our homes to spy on and perhaps control our energy usage. I believe that they have similar programs in China, their model of success. As phones become ever smarter, one can see a merger between Tech and Telecom as these Elites hope to have a cloud storage model where everything is stored in a hive mind like the Borg. Your personal PC will soon become a relic of a bygone time. Tracking you with your phone will become apart of life. Instead of fiddling with debit cards, you can just scan your phone, easily held in your hand. Don't want to be apart of the program? They just turn you off like a light. Cash? What are you, some kind of crazy survivalist? 
  7. This leads us to the Consumer Products arena, where you will see mentioned Monsanto, who's working hard to patent all food producing seeds, ConAgra, Nabisco, Proctor and Gamble, SaraLee, and Campell's to name a few. Even your dog's food is represented in Purina. So the defense contractors, who have had high up positions in the military and defense department are also on the boards of the bankster banks and these food companies or sit with others who do. What's that? Corporations are good for capitalism because they represent the free market. lol Give me a break!! There is absolutely nothing free market about any of this. Also note that the clothes on your back are heavily represented by the companies shown here. How about the US-China Council type groups up at the top? Maybe they have something to offer the clothing manufacturers in the way of cheap labor costs? The word incest comes readily to mind here. Notice the big chemical companies, which make a lot of the precursor materials that feed into this sector. Notice Huntsman chemical is represented, lest you thought Jon Huntsman wasn't a player in all this. Also note that JP MorganChase administers the foodstamp program, so very every American on foodstamps, they make that much more money. Again, this lesson is brought to you by the Fed, which can print up money to make this kind of thing happen.
  8. Manufacturing--I'm not sure what percentage of the overall American manufacturing sector is represented here, but this is a lot of companies. Many of them make electrical components.  Not sure what percentage are still working in America and how many are being Foxconned.
  9. Automotive - Ever wonder why the auto manufacturers don't balk when being told to be green? It's because the same people pushing the green stuff have a controlling influence in the auto companies. Their overall aim is to control mobility of the average person. Profits don't mean much when you can print your own money. That's why a sound monetary system is the biggest threat to these people. 
  10. Aerospace - It would seem like they own the whole shebang here. Ever wonder why the airlines don't get up in arms about the TSA groping their passengers? There is an overarching authority here. Stop assuming autonomy in these different industries and areas, especially when there is absolutely no evidence for autonomy. The interlock between aerospace and the banksters would explain how the airlines get constantly bailed out over the years, doesn't it? Also note that Homeland Security and the TSA are represented on this same map, along with L-3 Communications, one of the providers of the naked body scanners. Also note one Loral Corporation, rumored to have given the Chinese Communists missile technology via the Clinton administration. But seeing how the Elites were planning to totally open up China in the coming decade, this shouldn't be much of a surprise. Remember how David Rockefeller praised Chairman Mao in the New York Times, this Fabian really enjoyed seeing Communism work so well:
"Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history."
--David Rockefeller, August 10, 1973 in the New York Times
  • Also mentioned are business services, which comprise big HR companies. I'm sure the licence to hold a job in America will start as a pilot program in one of these companies.
  • Moving up the left hand side, you will note a lot of trade groups and lobbying organizations. Some may seem innocuous, but they will all tow the environmentalist and sustainable development talking points. All of our laws are written by these lobbying groups or think tanks which pass it on to lobbying groups for Congressional pushing.
  • Next we come to Local Politics, where we see that some of these people work on the local level. Note that there is a special area just for Chicago, the home of the political machine.
  • Note that Northrop Grunman is one of the top two producers of the dreaded drones.
It's important not to get a witch-hunt mentality about all this and accuse these people as being horrible lowlifes or anything. This is an exercise in zooming out to get an aerial view of the defense contractor forest. When we do, we see evidence that our entire economic and industrial system is tied together in a way as to gain complete control of society. This should not surprise the watching and waiting Christian who has read the famous verse in Revelation 17:3-5, which discusses Babylon the Great. Throughout the Bible, Babylon is a symbol for the world system. What system then, could be more worldly than one that totally rejects the idea of a God that created individuals in his image, but rather sees them as tools to be manipulated and eventually culled? Even if the participants in this system cannot see the forest for the trees, the end result is a lot of dead people. I know that it is considered rude and backward to mix politics and religion, but no matter who you are, if you can't recognize this much centralization of power as anything but evil, you are incredibly naive. But wait, Ron Paul is the naive one, right?

Insights are welcome and appreciated. Are you surprised about this level of interlock? Do you think I'm blowing it out of proportion? What do you think? 

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  1. Did I get this video link here? If not, yep, there is not doubt.

    Notice how the administration wants to cut men and machine, training, spare parts, etc etc, but none of the fraud will be cut will it?

    1. Yeah, that video was my inspiration for doing this one - wondering who the "friends of management" actually were. And now we know that its the banksters.

      I think they're looking to replace soldiers with shell scripts - what could go wrong? Behind the flag is the absolute best place to hide, as people who think in only the two dimensions the media allows for will not look their in a million years.

  2. Well Said RM. Yep, the vast majority of people don't have a fricken clue. They're gonna be shocked when Mittens Romney fails to win the election against an imbecile.

  3. Exceptionally well information you have shared here. We really impressed with your great information....


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