Although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is, in some respects, one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked... in which I have spoken of so many important things done by Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply, To the superiority of their women.

--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Saintly Santorum?

AP: Speaking of liberalism, there was a story in The Washington Post about six months ago, they'd pulled something off the Web, some article that you wrote blaming, according to The Washington Post, blaming in part the Catholic Church scandal on liberalism. Can you explain that?

SANTORUM: You have the problem within the church. Again, it goes back to this moral relativism, which is very accepting of a variety of different lifestyles. And if you make the case that if you can do whatever you want to do, as long as it's in the privacy of your own home, this "right to privacy," then why be surprised that people are doing things that are deviant within their own home? If you say, there is no deviant as long as it's private, as long as it's consensual, then don't be surprised what you get. You're going to get a lot of things that you're sending signals that as long as you do it privately and consensually, we don't really care what you do. And that leads to a culture that is not one that is nurturing and necessarily healthy. I would make the argument in areas where you have that as an accepted lifestyle, don't be surprised that you get more of it.

AP: The right to privacy lifestyle?

SANTORUM: The right to privacy lifestyle.

AP: What's the alternative?

SANTORUM: In this case, what we're talking about, basically, is priests who were having sexual relations with post-pubescent men. We're not talking about priests with 3-year-olds, or 5-year-olds. We're talking about a basic homosexual relationship. Which, again, according to the world view sense is a a perfectly fine relationship as long as it's consensual between people. If you view the world that way, and you say that's fine, you would assume that you would see more of it.

Dear Rick,

Um, they were all under the age of consent, Rick. Are going to tell us that boys who can shave and are in the care of Roman Catholic priests are fair game for a "basic homosexual relationship"??? According to America Magazine, half of the victims were middle school aged boys. It's like was using this question to inform us all about the dangers of moral relativism.

Yes, the liberalization and moral relatavism are problems in the Catholic church and every other church. But instead of holding it up as a monster to destroy from without, you first have to make sure that you are right within. This is the difference between Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. One says that some outside force is going to have to make the individual do "right" . The other says that each individual has to be convinced in their own mind, like Paul said. 

So Rick, why haven't you done the deep research on moral relativism and where it came from if it bothers you so much? The whole bunch of perversion we see today came directly from the laboratories of Alfred Kinsey in Indiana and was paid for my a handsome endowment from the Rockefeller Foundation. Why didn't you ever seek into why our public school system teaches secular humanism as its official albeit unspoken religion? I did and I found again tax-exempt foundations lobbying and paying for charter programs and foisting mandates upon local school systems by bribing state governments. Why have you not bothered to trace how the liberals and moral relativists infected your own church? Why wasn't it that president of Notre Dame that really let the gates of the Catholic Church here in America down by allowing liberalism in there. And guess what? He was chairman the board at the ol' Rockefeller Foundation too. Wonder if he ever met Dr. Kinsey? Look, Rick! I'm finding dots, why don't you connect some of them if you really care about moral relativism and liberalism in our churches?

But we both know that you can't do that. We know how the Rockefeller Foundation,    the Ford Foundation (brought us feminism and La Raza for starters), and the slew of other similar foundations are very closely interlocked to the nice people who enrich your campaign coffers and keep your bread buttered. That would just not do, so let's just talk about ambiguous terms like moral relativism and liberalism so that we have no chance whatsoever of identifying the roots of our social decay and dealing with them. That works out Jim Dandy for our oligarchical overlords who would like nothing more than to have all vestiges of the family and religion wiped out of memory and replaced with their ghoulish Brave New World.

You can't play both sides Rick. Choose this day whom you will serve.

Thomas Aquinas says: Rick, Just Follow the Just War Theory!!!

Mitt Romney's FED, A Love Story

Mitt Romney loves him some FED! Stay tuned for the Mitt Map below:

So here's the Mitt map. I thought I would be an equal opportunity mapper after having given Ricky Santorum the scrutiny. Notice how he blames Obama for our economic ills - how absolutely naive you have to be not to realize what we are witnessing the unwinding of what was begun 100 years ago by the Wilsonian progressive banksters. Their descendants are filthy rich. We should all know by now that Goldman Sachs is this guy's #1 contributor, which tells you a lot. Goldman is most likely one of the banks comprising the Federal Reserve Cartel. Their people always make it into the higher echelons of the Treasury Department, making for a nice little machine all around.

And if you don't understand by now that the  Federal Reserve is the source of all evil in America, you don't understand the ballgame AT ALL!

Ex-Marine and CIA Agent SLAMS Santorum

You know they've been fighting "over there", but it is so refreshing to hear them defend the Constitution here. Here is Michael Steele telling Santorum : "America needs people that tell the truth, and Senator Santorum, you're not one of them." ouchie wouchie

And did you know....

4% of Defense personnel  take 80% of casualties and take only 1% of the defense budget

Friday, December 30, 2011

Moralist vs. Moral

Listen up Christians, if you want to spread Christianity, do the following:
  •  use what God gave you to make more Christians if you get what I mean. 
  • take your child out of the government schools which proselytize secular humanism.
  • act like Jesus - He never went nuts on the plethora of sinners around him - he always kept his cool, unless of course, you were a money changer
  • be apart of a Bible-believing church. These can be hard to find these days. Avoid the squish of a National Council of Churches affiliated denomination.
  • Pray and give to charities that work in places where the Gospel is suppressed. The more closed off a country is, whether by the tyrants choice or US Sanctions, the Gospel is harder to get in. 
  • Be well studied and ready to give an account of your faith.

I can say that through this whole freedom movement thing, I've had a chance to share my faith with nonbelievers. It amazes me how they are the ones who always bring up the religious angles on things. It's as if their soul cries out to be witnessed to. A true, mature Christian has peace in the truth and doesn't get rattled when confronted with evil, such as the bestiality in the National Defense Authorization Act by the Republican-controlled Congress. It's all part of Satan's perversion.

"Don’t give me this idea — I hear this: ‘Oh, you’re a moralist. You’re trying to impose your values.’ Everybody’s trying to impose their values. That’s what America’s about."
-Rick Santorum, in a speech yesterday [source]
"Nobody has a right to impose their values on anyone else."
-Ron Paul [source]
"If we guarantee your liberty as an individual, that means you have civil rights to live your lifestyle. You actually can do things that I might disapprove of. But I'm very tolerent. As a libertarian, I say "Well, I might not endorse your lifestyle -- you might smoke some things and drink some things and eat some things and act certain ways that I totally abhor -- but as long as you don't hurt anyone else, I'm not gonna bother you."
-Ron Paul, 1988 [source]

The Doctor is IN

The new Revolution PAC ad:

I wish my OB said not to worry about the bill!!!

Ron Paul's reaction to the ad, which was not a project of  his campaign.

 Ron Paul's patients:

A conversation with Dr. Jack Pruitt by the Western Confucian:

When the doctors began their OB-GYN partnership, Dr. Paul, the senior partner, insisted on two things: that they never commit abortion and that they never accept government money, but rather accept patients for free, which they routinely did. The two doctors' contract was entirely verbal, and Dr. Pruitt had always thought that Dr. Paul had put in more than his share of work and had shortchanged himself at the end of each month. Years later, after he had returned to Congress, Dr. Paul confessed that he had thought the same of his partner. Dr. Pruitt said that Dr. Paul's "first love was medicine" and that he only reluctantly went into politics. He said he could not find enough superlatives to speak of Dr. Paul.

Also read Free Market Medicine by Dr. Paul himself. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Money Masters Part 2

This installment features a brief history of money.

Rick Santorum: Let's Dig a Little Deeper

I've given many of the other candidates the same treatment, and came across an interesting listing by a fellow DPer. I will attempt to verify the information, which tests my internet research prowess. I love a challenge!

Nick Allison Calls out the Newtster

Oh my is this soooo delicously good. If you like a good smackdown, check out this no-hold bar post from Veteran Nick:
by Nick Allison, U.S. Army Veteran

As the corporate media ramps up its frenzied, panicked campaign against Ron Paul and his supporters, long-shot Presidential candidate and life-long blowhard Newt Gingrich has decided to open his mouth and firmly insert his foot by insulting many of America’s military veterans. Probably a bad move. Just ask Dick Morris. The veterans and active-duty military personnel who support Ron Paul are not the people you want to insult.
Just last week Dick Morris made an ass of himself by claiming that “no true patriot could support Ron Paul.” The comment infuriated veterans across the country who support Dr. Paul and didn’t appreciate being labeled unpatriotic by a chicken-hawk draft-dodger such as Dick. A letter writing campaign was launched by and the results were brutal. While CVRP forwarded the letters from veterans to Morris’ inbox we have yet to receive a response or an apology from Mr. Morris.
Now, another chicken-hawk has volunteered himself as a target, so to speak. On CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,” Mr. Gingrich had this to say: “I think Ron Paul’s views are totally outside the mainstream of virtually every decent American.”Here we go again.

Mr. Gingrich, have you lost your damn mind? Ron Paul has more support among members of the military than any other candidate. In fact, he has more military support than all the other Republican candidates combined. By far.You have just indirectly attacked many of the people who serve, and have served, this country with your idiotic remarks. You claim that we are indecent because we support Ron Paul, a fellow veteran, and the only candidate running for President who actually supports and defends the Constitution. The only candidate who actually has a strong conservative record of protecting civil liberties. The only candidate who wishes to use our military for its intended purpose- the defense of our nation- rather than flying us around the world defending corporate interests.
You should be ashamed of yourself, Newt.
Do you know what I find to be indecent? I’ll be happy to share:
•A cowardly chicken-hawk, such as yourself, who never served in the military and avoided being drafted during the Vietnam Conflict, yet seems almost giddy with the prospect of sending my brothers to die in an unnecessary war with Iran and God knows who else.
•A serial adulterer, such as yourself, who now stands conceitedly at a podium and touts family values and loyalty.
•A lobbyist, such as yourself, who made vast sums of money from drug companies and government sponsored enterprises such as Freddie and Fannie and then went on national television and blatantly lied about it to the American people.
The list goes on, but unlike you, Newt, I have a real job to get back to.
In closing I would like to say that we, the growing number of war veterans and active-duty military personnel, as well as the millions of civilians who support Ron Paul for president don’t appreciate being labeled indecent by the Champion of Indecency himself.
While Newt is certainly entitled to his opinion, I’m not quite sure how attacking a large segment of the military is supposed to help his campaign. All publicity is good publicity? Perhaps. I’m sure he will get plenty of it.
On a personal note, I don’t really give a damn about being labeled indecent, unpatriotic or anything else for that matter. Perhaps I am indecent. My tendency to pepper my speech with expletives (like most Infantrymen) may be considered indecent by many.
I just don’t appreciate it when the labeling is done by a hypocrite and a coward such as Newt Gingrich. This warmongering politician has painted a large part of the military with his broad brush of stupidity and ignorance.
Stand by for the barrage of written statements by veterans that is sure to follow. You made this bed, Newt. And now you must sleep in it.
That is all, Sir. You may now go back to doing what you do best: looking smug, spewing pseudo-intellectual bullshit and attempting in vain to defend your horrible voting record and your reluctance to serve in your own dirty little war.

Disclaimer: As always, CVRP doesn’t claim to speak for all veterans. But we do speak for a large and ever-growing number of vets and active-duty troops who are tired of the lies and business-as-usual politics of the Washington √©lite.

Nick Allison served as a squad leader with 1-21 IN, 25th ID, US Army from 2001-2005, including a 14 month combat tour in Northern Iraq. He lives in Austin, TX with his wife, son and two dogs.

I highly urge you to check out Combat Veterans for Ron Paul, no other candidate has a grassroots site like it!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bachmann Campaign Chair Defects to Paul

According to Politico:

In a shock announcement Wednesday night, Iowa state senator and onetime Michele Bachmann campaign leader Kent Sorenson declared that he is now supporting Ron Paul for president.
 Sorenson made the announcement at a Paul rally with veterans here in Des Moines, telling the crowd: "I believe we're at a turning point in this campaign."
  Calling the decision to abandon Bachmann a painful one, Sorenson said he felt obligated to join Paul as the "Republican establishment" tries to undermine his campaign.
  "I thought it was my duty to come to his aid, just like he came to my aid during my Senate race, which was a very nasty race," Sorenson said, pledging to go all-out for Paul over the next few days.
  To cheers from the crowd, he continued: "We're going to take Ron Paul all the way to the White House."

You know what this means, the Paulnet has become aware. That's right people, there's a lot more of us out there than the mainstream/ bought-off-conservative media is telling you.

Our votes are legitimate! Anyone saying otherwise undermines the democratic process.
Update: Michelle Bachmann calls Sorenson a sell-out.
Update #2: Bachmann's Iowa Political Director says this is not true:
“I won’t say much about the situation or the conflicting statements beyond this; I can say unequivocally that Kent Sorenson’s decision was, in no way financially motivated. His decision had more to do with the fact that the Ron Paul supporters have been something of a family to him since he was first elected in 2008 and here in the end, as it becomes more and more apparent that the caucus cycle is coming to an end, Kent believed that he needed to be with them as they stand on the cusp of a potential caucus upset. While I personally disagree with Kent’s decision, and plan to stay with Michele Bachmann because I truly believe in her, I cannot, in good conscious watch a good man like Kent Sorenson be attacked as a 'sell-out' ….That is simply not the case, and it was not the basis of his decision,” said Mr. Enos.

Update #3: More dish:

What does Sorensen say? MSNBC reports:
In a follow-up interview, Sorenson categorically denied having received any offer of compensation by Paul's campaign.
Listen, that's absurd. Like I said before, people on this campaign supported me in my race. They worked tirelessly for me. They stuffed envelopes, they door knocked for me," he said. "I feel like I'm coming home to them.
What does Jesse Benton say? Politico reports:
Paul campaign chair Jesse Benton flatly denied that they were paying Sorenson.
"No, she doesn't have a clue," Benton told POLITICO.
Asked why Bachmann would make such an accusation, Benton shot back: "Because she just lost her campaign chairman and her campaign is floundering."

Lesson: Never, ever trust a lawyer. We've got enough lawyers in this country.

Update #4: Michelle Doubles Down on Delusion:
Bachmann said that from her bus tour through the state – she will have visited all 99 counties by the end of today -- she senses that “hundreds of thousands” of people are flipping their support from Paul to her.

Wall Street and FDR: Chapter 4

FDR is the Consummate Salesman

This chapter finds Franklin wheeling and dealing with the firms located at good old 120 Broadway, NYC. (Let those who have read Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution understand.) The players you really need to pay attention to are Owen Young of General Electric who came up with the Young Plan of screwing over Germany. Then you've got S. Bertron, an investment banker, who along with FDR and Owen Young form a company called the American Investigation Corporation. Let's look at the correspondence from these playas:

Commie Conservatives

Found this excellent piece by Vox Day, articulating thoughts I've had on conservatives lately:

I find it extremely encouraging that both the Democratic and Republican establishments are training their biggest guns on Ron Paul while simultaneously attempting to play down the results of the Iowa caucuses. They never would have bothered to do so if Paul's message was not resonating with Americans across the political and ideological divides. We are learning a lot here as a result of the various reactions to the Paul campaign, whether it is the willingness of Republicans to play the race card about which they so often complain, the remarkable extent to which Newt Gingrich is big government moderate rather than the conservative flamethrower he feigned to be in 1994, and the way in which many Republicans who pretend to revere the Constitution do not, in fact, harbor any real respect for it at all.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Money Masters Part 1

We've got to get this together people. When  conservatives hear of the Federal Reserve, they categorize it as a side issue like abortion, foreign policy, gay marriage, taxes, etc.  But for those of us who have been chasing these chickens around, we know that the Federal Reserve and those behind it are the source of evil for everything in America, nay the world. 

Allow me to illustrate:

Monday, December 26, 2011

Ron Paul Voted Against Mother Theresa Award


Statement of the Hon. Ron Paul of Texas in the House of Representatives
Mr. Speaker, I rise today in opposition to H.R. 1650. At the same time, I rise in total support of, and with complete respect for, the work of Mother Teresa, the Missionaries of Charity organization, and each of Mother Teresa’s Nobel Peace Prize-winning humanitarian efforts. I oppose the Gold Medal for Mother Teresa Act because appropriating $30,000 of taxpayer money is neither constitutional nor, in the spirit of Mother Teresa who dedicated here entire life to voluntary, charitable work, particularly humanitarian.
Because of my continuing and uncompromising opposition to appropriations not authorized within the enumerated powers of the Constitution, several of my colleagues found it amusing to question me personally as to whether, on this issue, I would maintain my resolve and commitment of the Constitution–a Constitution, which only months ago, each Member of Congress, swore to uphold. In each of these instances, I offered to do a little more than uphold my constitutional oath.
In fact, as a means of demonstrating my personal regard and enthusiasm for the work of Mother Teresa, I invited each of these colleagues to match my private, personal contribution of $100 which, if accepted by the 435 Members of the House of Representatives, would more than satisfy the $30,000 cost necessary to mint and award a gold medal to the well-deserving Mother Teresa. To me, it seemed a particularly good opportunity to demonstrate one’s genuine convictions by spending one’s own money rather than that of the taxpayers who remain free to contribute, at their own discretion, to the work of Mother Teresa and have consistently done so.
For the record, not a single Representative who solicited my support for spending taxpayer’s money, was willing to contribute their own money to demonstrate the courage of their so-called convictions and generosity.
It is, of course, very easy to be generous with other people’s money.

Source: Ron Paul archive

Update: Hello Freedom Loving Hungarians!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Peace on Earth

That's a sure thing. You can bank on it, because it WILL happen. Why?

10For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater:
 11So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.
 12For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
Isaiah 55:10-12

I'm not a dominionist that believes that God will  allow Christianity to rise and take over the Earth. To the contrary, the Bible is clear that there will be a "falling away" prior to the Second Coming. God always uses a remnant to make His point, whether its Noah, Lot, or the mocked prophets living inside an idolatrous Israel. He seems to wait for the unrighteous to reach a certain point, and then decides when He's had enough. When people ask, if God is real, then why do bad things happen, they don't understand the question.

If God is totally righteous and holy, then why should He allow one of us worms another breath? None of us will get what we truly deserve. But, praise God, because we were made in His image and are the work of His hands we know that:

16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
 17For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.
Christmas is about God sending His Son into the world to minister to us, and ultimately to drink that cup of wrath our fallen race truly deserved. Jesus held Himself up and took our punishment so that we might be saved. I don't know about you, but looking around our world today, makes me look at Salvation in a different light. I see that the world is more wicked than my naive little mind had ever imagined it. This makes me cherish salvation more than ever. He said to "fear not" more than anything else, and who am I to question the Prince of Peace and Lord of All? This removes any fear I have about where things are headed because I know that the Word has already been spoken and it will not return to Him void.

I don't know about you, but I'm filled with joy and ready to see the hills break forth into singing and the trees clap with praise. That will be a real sight!

 So I'll leave you with my all-time favorite Christmas song, Jesus, You are Him by the Ruppes:
This is the only decent performance I could find,

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Nashua Moment

A vintage Ronald Reagan clip wherein he don't take no crap from anyone.

The backstory:
TPTB wanted to make the Republican race a two-man deal between Reagan and Bush. (They really, really wanted Bush to win) Reagan wanted the other candidates to be included in this Nashua debate and argues for it forcefully in the clip.

From the Youtubed description:
Initially, both Reagan and Bush had seen advantages in a two-person debate sponsored by a local newspaper. When the FEC ruled that newspaper sponsorship of the debate amounted to an illegal campaign contribution and when Bush refused to pay half of the debate's cost, Reagan agreed to underwrite it himself. 
Reagan then moved to include the other five contenders - a move that identified him both as a candidate and a unifier. When the other candidates showed up on stage, Bush froze.
As Reagan made his case for inclusion of the other candidates, the moderator ordered Reagan's mike turned off. Reagan responded, "I'm paying for this microphone, Mr. Green." The fact that the moderator's name was Breen seemed to matter little. The crowd cheered. When neither newspaper hosting the debate nor Bush would accede to the inclusion of the others, the other candidates left the stage. Reagan's prospects had been boosted, Bush's buried. Reagan carried New Hampshire 50% to Bush's 23%. 
 Dug up by DPer White Rose.

Do I have any implications/applications from this? Not really. I do love someone who doesn't back down, though. Everyone can tell when its real.

Ron Paul DID not walk off CNN Interview

Today is the day for some real journalism shining the spotlight on the "journalist".

This interview was one of those cut and paste jobs. Here's the full unedited interview that shows his taking off the mike in context. He only takes his mike off after she just keeps on and on about him making a million buck that he says he didn't make. It really is pathetic and a testament to his patience that he did a 8 minute stand up interview with this shill. Lady, try asking things in a different way. If I were a NWO operative, I'd try saying something like:

How often were they published?
How long were they?
Do you remember who brought them to your attention and where you were?
How much was the subscription?
How did one become a contributor?

But good grief, they're not paying me for journalism advice, so I'd better shut up.

The interviewer is Gloria Borger. Let me tell you 'bout Gloria.

She's married to Lance Morgan, who is very connected into the peeps we study on here.

Prior to joining the firm in 1988, Morgan served as press secretary and spokesman for the U.S. Senate Iran-Contra investigating committee, which was led by Senators Daniel K. Inouye (D-HI) and Warren Rudman (R-NH). He was a principal writer and editor of the committee's majority report on the investigation. From 1983 to 1986, Morgan was press secretary to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY). During his congressional service, Morgan routinely prepared Democrats and Republicans for newspaper and television interviews. Before his Senate service, Morgan was a journalist for British and American newspapers.He is married to Gloria Borger, Senior Political Analyst at CNN.

Sen Inouye is the dude that shut down that question during the Ollie North hearings about the suspension of the Constitution during times of emergency. Remember this golden oldie:

So what has Lance been working on lately? He works as a lobbyist at Powell Tate. So you see right there that the Borger-Morgan household's bread and butter is very much tied to keeping the status quo. Lobbyists don't bother with Ron Paul's office. Looks like Lance sent his woman out to do pull a Nancy Kerrigan. Her body language betrays the crappy execution of this. Had she only asked the questions above, we'd all be getting somewhere. Why didn't she? Maybe they don't want you to hear the answers. Anyhow, let's see what Powell Tate is up to:

Hmm, on their "blog" the latest post is "Priority Number One: Security in a Crisis".
The next post was "It Takes a Village to Get Kids to Learn".

Are you getting the picture?

Here are some of Powell Tates' clients:

Update: Some are spotting major Newt Gingrich interlock between Powell Tate and the speaker's former interns. The buddy system in place?

The more you know....

Update: TMOT makes the same point about the same questions being asked again and again. He makes some other great points too!

Must. Sew. More Doll Clothes..

So my little girl (the littler  middle of the two make that three girls) wants doll clothes for Christmas. And she specifically said she doesn't want "made in China" doll clothes because they tear up. I told her that Santa could put in specifically for an American contractor to do the work. Well I've got three more little dresses to go, the kind that fit on the 4" dolls, which mean some pretty tight sewing. It took the entire length of the movie Shaolin last night to make one.  Note to self: don't try to sew with a movie with subtitles.

I'm just really, really tired of American movies. I've seen them all and their variations. So anyway, maybe I'll look for a dubbed Indian movie, I should be able to get three little dresses sewn during one of them right?

By the way, I've found this great site for patterns, Miss B Couture, the one with the train was the easiest to do by far.                                                           -------->

So today we must clean up, for Santa will not leave presents at a house that already has so many toys everywhere.

Oh and I heard something about certain people not getting their names on ballots in the the state where most politicians live  -Virginia. Ironic, isn't it?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Walter Williams, VP Pick?

In the 2007/8 presidential election, Walter Williams was named as a possible VP pick by his friend, Ron Paul. In the Washington Times, Williams had this to say:

Mr. Williams’ own ‘08 favorite is Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Republican and a 1988 Libertarian Party presidential nominee, who last month announced the formation of an exploratory committee.
“If the framers of the Constitution were somehow to come back, Ron Paul is one of possibly only three people in Congress that they’d even talk to,” said Mr. Williams, adding that most politicians have a “generalized contempt” for the values of the Constitution.
I loved it when Walter would sit in for Rush, I felt like I was actually getting a chance to learn something new. I wonder how Rush feels about this? Imagine for a minute, Walter Williams doing VP press conferences.....
wow. That was a nice thought experiment, wasn't it?

I actually would get a kick out of Walter saying how he was going to get his wife a new vacuum, anything to make her life easier. The man gets it. What would I do with jewelry, but watch my toddler flush it down the toilet at the last minute? But a shop vac could be useful for when one of them puts dish soap in the dishwasher causing a sea of bubbles. Walter is in touch with real life. Unless my husband gets me a maid, I appreciate things that make my life easier, and I appreciate a dude that isn't into keeping up with the Jones' and is all about making his home a better place to live. If his wife is like me, she'd be pissed at him spending money on frivolity anyway.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Veteran Takes on the Toe-Sucker

Brutal. That's what describes this post by Nick Allison, US Army (excuse the salty language):

Recently, Dick Morris made comments on Sean Hannity’s radio show stating that anyone who supports Ron Paul and his campaign is unpatriotic. There’s nothing quite like a couple of chickenhawks who never served their country sitting around defining patriotism. While I am not easily offended, I nonetheless found Mr. Morris’ statements to be slightly disturbing and seriously hypocritical.Ron Paul enjoys strong support among members of the military and veterans. He receives more campaign contributions from active duty troops than all of the other Republican candidates combined. Is Dick implying that we, the people who have actually fought in America’s wars, are somehow less patriotic than people such as himself simply because we disagree on foreign policy? His remarks have insulted thousands of military personnel and veterans.
The sad part is that Dick has no idea what he is talking about. He has no personal experience on which to base his opinion. You see, Mr. Morris was too much of a coward to put his own ass on the line by volunteering for the military during the Vietnam War. He was twenty years old in 1968- prime fighting age. Some other poor kid fought and died in his place. He should be ashamed of himself. Not for dodging service in Vietnam, mind you, but for espousing his current hawkish attitude toward foreign policy despite his reluctance to serve in his own war. You can talk the talk, Dick, but you never had the balls to walk the walk.
I would like to see him tell a veteran to his face, a soldier or marine- someone who was wounded in Afghanistan, who lost buddies in Iraq, who spent years of his life away from his family, who came home with mental as well a physical scars from fighting an immoral and unnecessary war with one hand tied behind his back with red-tape and bureaucratic bullshit- that he is somehow not a true patriot, simply because he supports Ron Paul for President.
I would like to make it clear that I don’t claim to speak for all veterans. I never have. But I do speak for a large and ever-growing number of us. We have fought your dirty little wars. We have killed for our country. Many of us have died. And we don’t all share the same views as Dick Morris. And, according to him, this alone makes us “unpatriotic.”
Even my brothers who don’t necessarily share all of my ideas wouldn’t take such an un-American stance as Mr. Morris has in calling anyone, including the members of the military who disagree with him, unpatriotic.
Dick Morris is a coward, a chickenhawk, a disgrace and a hypocrite. His name doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned next to the names of the brave men and women who have fought and died for this country, regardless of their political, moral or personal beliefs.

Check out Combat Veterans for Ron Paul 2012 and drop Nick a line thanking him for his service and his courage!

oh, and Let Dick Morris know what you think about him:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Women For Ron Paul 2012

A new fan site called Women4RonPaul2012 is getting ready, not just to inform the women of American about Dr. Paul, but to engage in a little activism. Here is a message for you:

Currently our nation has more people on food stamps than in our history. Our goal is to assist in feeding the people in the surrounding areas where Dr. Paul is campaigning and more. This is a massive grassroots outreach that will continue through until Dr. Ron Paul is residing at the White House. Just bring one can of food every time you hear Ron Paul speak!
 We have started a website at to post ideas of Activism, find out more information about Dr. Paul, and help the general public with a simple understanding of what this movement is attempting to do for our country.
 If you want to do more, we have activism posted along with a link for putting in your food collection location for your area or your event for Dr. Ron Paul.
 At, click on "activism" to see the link for ronpaulfooddrive, click on "find your city" to see if a location already exists for your area or add your area. The current food drive is ending December 23, 2011.
 That being the case, we want this to be an ongoing thing. We will need people to hand out fliers for your area's food drive, collect the food, hand out SuperBrochures from, register people who need to be registered Republican, and put small stickers on the food to be donated. We also need people to do press releases for their area. (fax, email, take flier to news stations)
Of course, we will also continue the EMAIL CALL CANVASS campaign you can see here at Great polls and videos are located their. If you have ideas for activism and you would like to have them posted at the site, please email Thank you.
Let's get to work!

When Narratives Collide

The mainstream media is having an existential crisis. The rusty old political boxes they have spent decades building are being torn down by cold, hard truth.

We've got people on the left and right agreeing with each other.

This is NOT supposed to happen.

Divide and conquer was the Elites plan. Now they will have to get nasty. Voting machine fraud, Pravda-like reporting, and even the unthinkable acts of political violence are on the horizon.

Think I'm wearing a tinfoil hat?

I ask you were any of these fine gentlemen of quality wearing tinfoil hats?

Your Mitt Moment of Zen

Thanks to a fellow DPer we have this classic. Just so you know, I'm a tough audience, but this made me crack up. As the guy who found this vid said,

Romney is so rich he pwns himself 


Don' those people look thrilled to sing it proud for the approved Goldman Sachs candidate!

Here's a little pic I swiped from the CL:

Monday, December 19, 2011

Daniel Hannan smacks Down Sean Hannity

Here you go Angliophiles. How about some smooth British accent dismissing the nasal Yankee accent of Sean Hannity? Sean cuts him off when he starts talking about how he opposed the British going into Iraq as he didn't think it would be worth the return to the British people.

Looks like Sean checks under his bed at night for Mullah monsters.

Understand that I do not dismiss the destructive elements of Islam or are naive concerning what they are capable of. Also understand that I acknowledge that war propaganda is a tool of the Elite and have been doing my own digging concerning what the heck is really going on in Iran and what their actual capabilities are. I respect the learning and perspective of Minister Hannan, and refuse to form my opinions out of fear. Give me the intelligence reports and demographics to understand the exact nature of the threats.

Fear is a weapon, people. The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace established that in its 1910 founding minutes when it was determined that war was the fastest and most effective way to gain control of a nation. War is the health of the state. It should only be entered into with great consideration for lives will be lost.

When the Elites want to screw the Republican half of the country, they get out their favorite screwdriver, Sean Hannity.

Oh, and to share the wealth of info:

Department of Defense Report on Iran 
Media Misread IAEA Report on Iran
(IAEA is part of the UN, so once again we have the UN wanting American blood to fight for its cause)
Bush administration uses IAEA to send nuclear tech to UAE, a close friend of Iran -ruh roh, when narratives collide, man, don't cross the streams!

The newly interested states include Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Yemen and the seven sheikdoms of the United Arab Emirates — Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Al Fujayrah, Ras al Khaymah, Sharjah, and Umm al Qaywayn.
“They generally ask what they need to do for the introduction of power,” said R. Ian Facer, a nuclear power engineer who works for the I.A.E.A. at its Vienna headquarters. The agency teaches the basics of nuclear energy. In exchange, states must undergo periodic inspections to make sure their civilian programs have no military spinoffs." New York Times, 2007h/t Daily Paul

So you see, Muslims are magically different outside of Iran. The Koran that calls for a global caliphate doesn't exist when Bush is in the last five days of office. 
Unbelievable if you don't understand how international banking works to erode sovereignty worldwide.

Paul Wolfowitz Agrees With Ron Paul

on the causes of terrorism:

There are a lot of things that are different now, and one that has gone by almost unnoticed--but it's huge--is that by complete mutual agreement between the U.S. and the Saudi government we can now remove almost all of our forces from Saudi Arabia. Their presence there over the last 12 years has been a source of enormous difficulty for a friendly government. It's been a huge recruiting device for al Qaeda. In fact if you look at bin Laden, one of his principle grievances was the presence of so-called crusader forces on the holy land, Mecca and Medina. I think just lifting that burden from the Saudis is itself going to open the door to other positive things.
Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz Interview with Sam Tannenhaus, Vanity Fair
and comes directly from the Department of Defense website. But wait, there's more:

The third one by itself, as I think I said earlier, is a reason to help the Iraqis but it's not a reason to put American kids' lives at risk, certainly not on the scale we did it. That second issue about links to terrorism is the one about which there's the most disagreement within the bureaucracy, even though I think everyone agrees that we killed 100 or so of an al Qaeda group in northern Iraq in this recent go-around, that we've arrested that al Qaeda guy in Baghdad who was connected to this guy Zarqawi whom Powell spoke about in his UN presentation. 
If you read the full interview, you'll find him talking about the globalist amorphous and elusive idea of "democracy", which a fancy way of saying that they have puppet control of a country. It sounds better, doesn't it? Like we have democracy here in America, where they have obvious rigged the game in their favor. And when it doesn't go their way, there will be a crisis wherein their strong men will rush in a be the heroes. Same old song and dance.

But you've got to admit, this 2003 interview really exposes the neocon propaganda.
Let's do a Paul Wolfowitz map to see what the ol' boy is into.


Ah, Bilderburg, Trilateral, and World Bank president? Truly a man of Elite quality. Remember what Barry Goldwater said about the Trilaterals in his book, With No Apologies:

The Trilateral Commission is international and is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power – political, monetary, intellectual and ecclesiastical.

So is Barry Goldwater, revered founder of the modern conservative movement a tinfoil hat wearing kook?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Linked by the Ron Paul Campaign!!

Awhile back I wrote about Newt Gingrich's Reverend Wright wherein I cite a New American article that exposed Newton Leroy's love for Alvin Toffler, an anti-Constitutionalist.
I checked the sitemeter this morning to find a link from Ron Paul 2012.


I went to the official Ron Paul 2012 site, and under the Paulitical Ticker by Jack Hunter I find a link to this humble little blog in the ongoing and never-ending series: Why Newt Gingrich is not a Conservative:

I had to click on it several times to convince myself it was for real!

wow, just wow.
This is the kind of thing that makes you want to be a one-person sign wave!

Small time bloggers, you never know when greatness will link to you!!
And over on The Daily Paul, I've made it into the  Top Topic category!!

The whole reason I started blogging was so that I can live without regrets. I keep researching and using my first amendment rights so that I might not be accused of being one of the silent good people that did nothing. Ask yourself, what are you doing to educate those around you about the dangers of central banking and concentrated power? If I can do this, you can do something.

This New Years, make a resolution to do something for liberty!!!

Tom Woods vs. Mark Levin Debate

Forget the presidential debates, the real action is between historian Tom Woods (PhD Havard) and ex-lawyer Mark "the great one" Levin.

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