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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

George W. Bush: Isolationist?

Via Daily Paul -  a nugget of nostalgia.

But, but, the Terrorists! Uh, huh. Pardon me if I delineate a difference between hunting down criminals and punishing them and American-dominated global hegemony. Also excuse me if I smell something rotten in Denmark when it takes the most powerful nation in the world with the most advanced technology in the world ten years to hunt down a man and his posse. During the interim, the president doesn't seem to give a whit about finding the reviled jihadi and begins launching operations into Brzeznski's Grand Chessboard's geopolitical pivots. When Osama is found, we have no photos, the body dumped into the sea, and the members of the Seal Team blow up in a helicopter accident. Sure.  If you believe that, you'll believe anything.

Stars indicate US Military Bases
via Lew Rockwell and Blue Republican
Now why would Iran be nervous? Just because the United States Government overthrew their democratically elected government (which was a real breakthrough for them after millennia of monarchy) at the behest of oil interests (which could assuredly be labeled "American " if need be). Just because the Shah executed the pro-democracy dissent that existed after that, creating a power vacuum to which the Mullahs gladly stepped into. Just because the United States Government gave Iraq lots of WMDs to slaughter thousands with mustard gas leaving the population demographically affected.  Just because "in the course of escorts by the U.S. Navy, the cruiser USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air Flight 655 with the loss of all 290 civilian  passengers and crew on 3 July 1988", why should they be nervous? I mean how dare they even exist -stupid Iranians, they should know better than to exist in the area which they have occupied since Biblical times, when the Elite are on their way to global hegemony and using the US military to do it. 

Ok, eschatology buffs, what does this map remind you of? You do know that both Iraq and Iran are very significant areas in Bible prophecy.  You of course know that Iraq is the area once inhabited by the Babylonians, and you know that the Euphrates is significant from the 6th Trumpet Judgement in Rev. 8.:

6th Trumpet - Four fallen angels who have been bound at the Great River Euphrates are released to kill 1/3 of the human race. The 200 million man army comes into play here. 

The 200 million man army is widely thought represent China at present time, for that is the country on the other side of the red swath you see at the right side of Iran. Everyone knows that the Battle of Armageddon occurs in the Valley of Megiddo in Israel. March due west to get there, once Iran is out of the way. I'm not sure how the events will line up to get the armies over there, but I am definitely seeing one power setting up supply lines and bases. Where is America in prophecy I've heard many a Christian wonder. The answer is of course, selling weapons to both sides, as the Elites have been using our nation and its assets, natural and intellectual to build up their little technological Tower of Babel. Now they've worked to replace us with shell scripts and slave labor  and are subsequently done with us, manipulating our money to our detriment and their gain.

To make a long story short, today is the day of salvation. Check out my Cliff Notes to the Book of Revelation to see what the Bible (100% accuracy rating in prophecy) says is ahead of us. If you have not applied the Blood of Jesus to your sins, read the Book of John. If you don't accept Jesus as the Savior then DON'T FALL FOR A MICROCHIP CONNECTED TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. The Bible says that a delusion will come upon the earth so strong that even the Elect could be deceived.  Don't risk it- study to make your election sure today. What we are seeing today is the loosing of pure evil into the world. It's Satan's last stab at freedom and he's giving it all he's got. Jesus Christ died on Calvary to satisfy the wrath of God, which cosmically needed to happen so that the scales of justice (that we mortals don't fully comprehend) would be even. When you see this lost and dying world and it makes you sick, know that it does God too and he has made a way for us to escape through his Son. There's no amount of prepping that will save you for what's about to hit this world. 


  1. "It's Satan's last stab at freedom and he's giving it all he's got/"

    I sure believe that. RM, I don't believe anyone died in the osammi operation. I don't claim to have intimate knowledge however.

    And why did the White House come out with 5 different stories in the 5 days after? Because they are incompetent pathological lying boobs is my opinion.

    Anything is possible here, but my gut tells me this:

    Throughout all of my career, in situations where things were going on that were so stupid and obtuse as to almost force me to believe there was some 'master plan' behind it all... Nope, In each case it was stupidity beyond belief that was behind it.
    Submitted for your consideration :)

    No doubt there is serious evil here, but when we're talking about the oblabber administration and his troupe of clowns and ne'er do wells, there is equal stupidity and clownishness.

    Again, my opinion but of course Mon Amie.

  2. PS- Great video on GW Bush.

    I have a couple of thoughts that kind of cancel each other out.

    1. 9-11 was a game changer.

    2. I'm not at all happy with how the Iraq war was prosecuted and am not happy that we are still in A-stan thinking that we can turn the Lord of the Flies into a unified country.

    Specifically, consider that we built 3000 Liberty Ships in the 4 years of WWII. These were large ocean going vessels. Why could we not have done more to expedite equipment like the MRAP to our sons and daughters in Iraq to protect them from the vermin's #1 weapon, the IED. ? Just a V shaped armored hull with drive train components that could have flown off the shelves.

    I'm calling BS on that.

  3. So true that one should never underestimate the stupidity of the bureaucracy. However, these bottom-feeders never do really leave Washington DC between administrations, they just change jobs. We see a move toward ever more centralization as time marches onward, no matter what party is in the White House.

    Also note that so much of this martial law stuff was written long before 9-11. Wesley Clark has also said that the plans were laid to go into Iraq before 9/11 as well as several other Middle Eastern Countries. When you read the Grand Chessboard and Foreign Affairs articles, you see that there is a movement toward a one-world government. These countries the USA is going after aren't yet in the thrall of central banking, or at least the central banking tied into our Fed and the BIS.

    As to our troops not getting what they need, I'm pretty sure they're at the bottom of these people's (central banksters') priority list. They really are cold-hearted sobs. I'm thinking they don't want them to ever come home, as they are building some sort of mega embassy over there. I see Iraq as being a geopolitical pivot as defined in The Grand Chessboard strategically necessary for the global hegemony that Brzenzski and his band of Trilateral nuts yearn for.

    The stupidity of the bureaucracy might just buy us some time.


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