Although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is, in some respects, one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked... in which I have spoken of so many important things done by Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply, To the superiority of their women.

--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Economic 9/11

Gerald Celente tells of his experience with MF Global. He also alerts us that MF stands for something quite unmentionable on a Christian lady's blog. Gerald used to be on the mainstream talk circuit (Oprah, CNN, etc) talking about upcoming trends. When the trends forecasting got too scary, they stopped asking him on.

Wise people know their history and how it repeats.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Grandpa's English Book

Working in the garage this weekend, I came across a book entitled Literature and Life: Book Three published in 1936, revised from a 1929 edition. It is a book on American literature. Each section features literary selections from a period in American history. There is a little historical background introduction prior to the selections to set the stage for the reader. My grandpa is currently 89 years old and graduated high school in 1940. This book was published by Scott, Foresman and Co, which is still a huge public school textbook publisher.

So what? Well, remember that post awhile back about the Reece Committee? Do you remember what Attorney Kathryn Casey found when she was allowed to read the founding minutes of the Carnegie Foundation? What were their three objectives, can you remember without clicking the link? Ok, I'll go ahead and tell you: 

The Raw Milk Song

From the Tennessee Sons of Liberty, Nashville musician has some pretty good parody songs.
Check them out.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Mockingbird Squawks

The Mockingbird Media does not like a third party at ALL!
You don't deserve a choice but the choice THEY give you proles!.
Watch this Hardball and see if you can't sense the terror in their very being.

Update: They don't have a static video feed with this embed, so just click playlist and click the 2nd one on the top labeled Third Party.

And here's some more freaking out by Dick Morris, who thought that Ron Paul getting an average amount of talk time was a conspiracy by CNN. Dick admits that Ron Paul doesn't represent the Republican party, which would be true, he's more of a representative of the Constitution, which the Republican party would have appeared to have dropped by the wayside a long, long time ago.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Rule 5 Detox

Adrienne put's Black Friday in its proper place.

Always on Watch is observes the turning worm, Chris Matthews.

Quite Rightly highlights the neurosurgeon interview wherein we are no longer people, but units. Nice, huh?

At Bunkerville, we some beautiful pictures of Salt Flats in Bolivia.

And Carol shows us in few words why the US military won't be winning any wars with God's blessing.

Red says HR: What's it good for? Nuthin' Maybe she didn't hear how we're referred to as units now. Unit Resources - UR Screwed!

At Common Cents, we're having a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

The Conservative Pup explains Socialism for thee, but not for me.

Jim at Conservatives on Fire hasn't posted in a few days due to loss of vision. Please pray that he regains vision in his one working eye.

At Coordinated Illumination, a very good piece on Why We Carry Guns.

Trestin says he'll be posting again next week at Don't Tread on Us.

Flyover Pilgrim has a biography of Alexander Nevsky, the subject of a movie from the 30s I've actually seen.

At Freedom By the Way, the grim reality of the Patriot Act looms large and the massive cognitive dissonance that so many people have regarding it is disturbing.

At GoldmanSachs666, your source of info for all things Goldman, we have a nice article on how cozy Goldman is with our dear leaders. I'll give you just a snippet:
According to research by the Center for Responsive Politics, 19 current members of Congress reported holdings in Goldman Sachs during 2010. Whether by coincidence or not, most of these 19 Goldman Sachs investors in Congress are more powerful or more wealthy than their peers, or both.
Nine of them sit on either the most powerful committee in their chamber or committees charged with regulating the Wall Street giant. Moreover, seven of them are among the 25 wealthiest members of their respective chambers, according to the Center's research.
I'll not drop any names John Boehner, but to say that you may Eric Cantor have heard of  John Kyl some them before:)) Paul Ryan -oh say it ain't so!

I Own the World is reporting on cheap Chinese junk extends to their airlines as well.

Maggie has the story of how the Pilgrims turned from socialism to capitalism after epic resource failure.

Mind Numbed Robot has the Obama presidency by the numbers. Although, students of this blog should know by now that no one president sets the agenda, but that for decades, an oligarchy has been marching steadily forward with the same agenda. Ex. Dept. of Ed.

At Nonsensible Shoes, we're reminded what a godless piece of work we have in the White House.

Mary at North Face Search, relates how our government sides with Muslims over Christians. We see this happening over and over and yet saying because there are Muslims, we have to hand over our civil liberties. Destabilization, pure and simple.

Eddie Howell at Something You Might Like gives his impressions of the GOP candidates.

The Classic Liberal highlights how Ron Paul handles Occupiers.

Smitty at The Other McCain speaks on how the States are forced into an untenable position and then blamed for it by the same Feds.

At The Right Way, you'll find Sea Stories, a first hand account of being in the 1982 Navy.

Cantons as a New Way to Distribute Power is the topic at Thought and Freedom. When I first read that, I thought of playing Morrowind and being trapped in the "cantons' of Vivec City. Interesting ideas at play here. Love to think about things in new ways -keeps the bean from getting stale.

The Tennessee Sons of Liberty gives you a Ron Paul Thanksgiving.

TL Davis delves into the Degrees of Self Delusion. Readers of this blog know that while the useful idiots are deluded, the Elites have their own designs.

Cindy gives you five reason that five kids are better than four. Welcome to the majors, Cindy!

Brian at Frankenstein Government has a great fantasy piece about what if the Feds would just go away?

LD Jackson at Political Realities takes on the age-old condumdrum, Do laws reflect morality or morality reflect laws?

Silverfiddle takes on Crapitalism, an area until recently got little notice from conservatives, but needs to be noticed by everyone.

Cheryl of My Tea Party Chronicle adapts the poem, The Spider and the Fly, for our new age. This isn't one to read the kids at bedtime.

At The High Tide, a story of a Christian baker and a pair of dykes. Weirdness abounds.

Amy, at Mrs. Rooster's Hen House, gives you some ideas for an All-American Christmas.

At They Say/We Say we learn about the dangers of Crying Wolf.

Liberty Belle has a piece on Biblical male and female relationships - not it's not that kind of post.

This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth:  But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.  If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.  If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.
I John 5-10

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ron Paul *Hearts* Homeschoolers

Whenever he has a chance, RP is always sure to mention homeschooling as an example of opting out of a government program. I haven't seen or heard any of the other candidates make a point to highlight homeschooling as an example of circumventing a government monopoly. Part of my support of Ron Paul comes from simple self-preservation. I don't trust any of these others to defend my fourth amendment right and my parental rights against the State. But I thought I'd share this little vid taken at a homeschooling get-together in the recent past where Ron Paul talks up homeschooling:

Friday, November 25, 2011

Newt Gingrich's Reverend Wright

I'm not just writing this post because Newt is supposedly leading in the "polls". I think it is instructive for those of you out there trying to figure out what is going on. How can a man who claimed to be the conservative answer to Bill Clinton in the 90s, turn around on a lame duck session and pass GATT, a law he himself claimed was not your average treaty, but would fundamentally shift power out of America:

Wall Street and FDR: Chapter 2

"Bonding" with Politics

In early 1921 Franklin D. Roosevelt became vice president of the Fidelity & Deposit Company of Maryland and resident director of the company's New York office at 120 Broadway. Fidelity & Deposit of Maryland was an established insurance company specializing in the bonding and surety policies required on government and corporate contracts and a range of individual employments ranging from secretary of a trade union to employees of stock brokerage houses. In fact, a potential for bonding business exists wherever a contractor or employee can violate a fiduciary trust or fail to complete a contract, as in construction projects. In brief, bonding is a specialized field of insurance covering the risk of noncompliance. In 1921 Fidelity & Deposit was the fourth largest such bonding house in the United States, but not to be confused with the Fidelity and Casualty Company of New York, another insurance company, which incidentally had W. Emlen Roosevelt, FDR's cousin, on its board of directors.
The question is why was FDR hired as vice president of this important New York office, despite not having any experience? Answer: his last name is Roosevelt and the bonding business is politically dependent. He was hired  by Van-lear Black, who also owned the Baltimore Sun, and paid FDR a handsome salary of $25,000 per year, quite a princely sum in 1920s money. What happened here was he used his family connections, as there were a whole lot of Roosevelts working the Street, and is basically how he got bond business traffic to flow to Fidelity.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So Much to be Thankful For

I know it doesn't seem that way with Western Civilization circling the drain and all, but I know that I still have so  much to be thankful for.

via Pilgrim Hall
For one thing, everyone here is healthy, and that's a whole lot. God has always provided for our needs without fail.

For another, I'm thankful that the Lord Jesus shed his Blood for me and you so that we can live without fear of anything this ugly, hell-bound world has to frighten me with. In fact, Jesus said "fear not" more than anything in the New Testament. Fear is the weapon of the enemy and he uses it a lot to get us to do things we wouldn't ordinarily do. When we only fear God and no other, his weapon becomes useless and tyrannies fall. This is why the church was hunted down during the French Revolution, Communism, and in Islamic Theocracies. 

Here's a link to a great piece of a Spurgeon sermon entitled Between the Two Appearings:

We are living in the age which lies between the two blazing beacons of the Divine appearings and we are called to hasten from one to the other.
We're so very close to the second beacon and everything is going as the Book predicted it would. Truly thankful for that Book, it's a true blessing to those of us living in these times.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

35 Facts about the Gutting of Industrial America

Via the Economic Collapse, which is becoming a top spot on many people's internet menu. Check out these facts and consider carefully your Christmas list. As one mom friend commented in a recent email to the group, "do you really need more cheap foreign-made junk in your house?"

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Talk vs Walk

via Lew Rockwell

A mighty bad situation calls for a Might Big God by the Lefevre Quartet:

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Herman Cain - Losing It?

I really liked listening to Herman when he filled in for Neil. Truly. I don't want to "not like" Herman, you understand. But this guy is starting to cross over into "freaky deaky" ville. Observe:

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thirty Years - Grassroots video

This is a grassroots video which is done better than some of the other campaigns professional ones. It really is humorous to hear "Ron Paul can't win" when all of the other candidates are trying to sound just like him. But I don't like his foreign policy! How much do you know about the money changing hands in that area, really? If it's 25% of the Federal budget, then you know that there is going to be graft. Ron Paul sits there in Congress, without lobbyists bothering him because they know its pointless, and he sees who's giving to whom. He sits on the House Intelligence Committee and gets the reports and then has the audacity to recite what they say to the people. Because what they say puts a crinkle in the world's most profitable business, it's just easier to smear him as naive and stupid about the "dangers". Anyway, I thought this was some good editing:

Tennessee VIPR : A Deeper Look

Like many Tennesseans, I am horrified that the UStasi has decided to pick my state as their starting point for patrolling the highways. Like Jesse Ventura recently said, if the "terrorists" hate us for our freedoms, our government's solution seems to be take away our freedoms so we too, can enjoy living in a police state.

I think most here are mystified and bewildered as to what to do about this. There wasn't a vote, just one day TPTB decided they had the right to inspect vehicles at their discretion. Currently VIPR in TN consists of five weigh stations and two bus terminals.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ron Paul Telling Cameraman to Play Nice

Seems like CBS is having a change of heart since Saturday’s debate. Three days ago CBS hosted an hour-long foreign policy debate during which Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul had a mere 90 seconds of air time. Less than a week later, the network is muscling competitors out of the way just to get a camera shot of the Texas congressman. Bloomberg’s latest poll numbers show Paul in a statistical tie for the lead in Iowa, causing even the not-so-Ron-Paul-friendly CBS to declare that his candidacy has moved into the “top tier.” Today during Rep. Paul’s appearance at a Cato Institute conference, one CBS cameraman was so determined to get a shot of the GOP candidate that he shoved Daily Caller videographer Direna Cousins. Paul stopped his interview to tell the CBS reporter to stop behaving so aggressively.
via The Daily Caller
Like I've said, he's the only adult in the race. No shoving, please. Also, if you're in debt 15 trillion bucks, the first thing an adult does is cease and desist spending. However, Dr. Paul is the only one with a serious plan to do that.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thank You Newt, for Ethanol Gas!

In case you might be wondering how Newt Gingrich spent his time out of office, here's this little nugget from the New American:

In addition to TARP,
Gingrich has also backed corporate subsidies of the ethanol industry for decades, and became a paid consultant of the ethanol industry after he left office. The Wall Street Journal noted April 27, 2011 that "Professor Gingrich says his ethanol support is grounded in his lifetime of studying history and intellectual problems, but what about that $312,500 from the ethanol lobby?... We've never suggested Mr. Gingrich has been bought off, though of course there wouldn't be an ethanol lobby to hire Mr. Gingrich if there weren't politicians like Mr. Gingrich willing to prop it up with taxpayer dollars, tariffs and mandates."
So if your fuel injectors quit and your gaskets get all leaky, thank Newt, for he wants you to have less and less gas mileage until you can't go anywhere but public transport. The trains await you, mundane!

SOPA Vote- Internet Censorship Vote Today

PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Call and/or email your congressman and tell them to vote against SOPA. This is a case of Hollywood and the Music industry (who have bought off enough lawmakers to have their copyrights protected in perpetuity) are mad their not making money like they used to. Instead of actually putting out a quality product, they think it would be fun to sue us into oblivion. The statists who run our government are totally cool with censorship, and this copyright infringement angle is the perfect cover for laying down a pretext to shut down unpopular speech.

They're voting on this today, ya'll. Here's more info via TechDirt:

It appears that more and more members of the House are realizing just how bad SOPA is. Joining Reps. Issa and Bachmann, who had previously spoken out about SOPA, a group of ten House members have signed a letter opposing SOPA. The letter was organized by Rep. Anna Eshoo, the leading Democrat on telco & tech -- but whose committee was not involved in the crafting of this bill for reasons that only make sense if the purpose of the bill was to regulate the internet without input from the industry being regulated. 
The letter makes the same points many of us have been raising about SOPA. It's way too broad, does not accurately attack the problem it's trying to address, and will create massive liability for the internet & technology -- one of the few sectors growing today, and which has contributed a tremendous amount to economic growth over the past decade. Basically it makes the simple point: stifling the growing tech industry, to appease a Hollywood that refuses to adapt, is no way to go about managing an economy. 
Among those who signed onto the letter are Ron Paul, showing that he continues to be internet savvy and recognizes that regulating the internet is a bad, bad idea. Others who signed on include Reps. Jared Polis, Mike Doyle (the man who introduced Girl Talk to Congress), Doris Matsui, Mike Thompson, Lloyd Doggett, Mike Honda, George Miller and Zoe Lofgren (who's been a vocal opponent to these attempts to stifle innovation from day one). We too often speak about politicians who aren't representing the best interests of the public, but it's great to see more and more elected officials recognize that SOPA is a gross overreach by a few big companies who don't want to adapt to a changing marketplace. Kudos to the Congressional Reps here for taking a stand and protecting jobs and innovation.

Gotta say, I've been impressed with Rep Issa's work lately. From this to Fast and Furious grilling, he seems to be a righteous dude.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Aldrich Plan-Central Banking Exposed

The guy on the chopping block represents the credit unions, small banks, and small businessmen who aren't plugged into the cartel. Your big box stores, Big Agra, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Bailout Banks, Big Oil, etc are part of the "Nat. Reserve Association" in that they have their business intertwined with the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel, giving them an inside track on party the small businessman doesn't get invited to. Special interest rates, no-bid contracts from a organization that can print its own money and use its military to clear out the trash for you. This is what Gen. Butler said was going on back in the '90s, the 1890s that is.Think about how the lobbyist organization, like say, I dunno. The National Restaurant Association, formerly headed by "outsider to Washington politics" Herman Cain, works to gain government influence for its clients. Who are its clients? One that comes to mind is the Darden Restaurant Company owner of Red Lobster, The Olive Garden, etc. that got the Obamacare waiver. All of these "too big to fail" businesses will get waivers while Granny's diner will be penalized. It's all on purpose to do what Rowan Gaither told the Reece Committee those 60 years ago:

"We operate here under directives which emanate from the White House...The substance of the directives under which we operate is that we shalluse our grant making power to alter life in the United States such thatwe can comfortably be merged with the Soviet Union."
Of course he was talking about the Ford Foundation's operations to undermine traditional American morality, individualism, and everything that's right about our country and turn it into what Norman Dodd said was "communism with American efficiency". And isn't that what we really have here?

Let's go back in history and look at the Aldrich Plan, another moniker of the Federal Reserve Act. From Eustace Mullin's book Secrets of the Federal Reserve:

With their five million dollars as a war chest, the Aldrich Plan propagandists waged a no-holds barred war against their opposition. Andrew Frame testified before the House Banking and Currency Committee of the American Bankers Association. He represented a group of Western bankers who opposed the Aldrich Plan:
CHAIRMAN CARTER GLASS: "Why didn’t the Western bankers make themselves heard when the American Bankers Association gave its unqualified and, we are assured, unanimous approval of the scheme proposed by the National Monetary Commission?"
ANDREW FRAME: "I’m glad you called my attention to that. When that monetary bill was given to the country, it was but a few days previous to the meeting of the American Bankers Association in New Orleans in 1911. There was not one banker in a hundred who had read that bill. We had twelve addresses in favor of it. General Hamby of Austin, Texas, wrote a letter to President Watts asking for a hearing against the bill. He did not get a very courteous answer. I refused to vote on it, and a great many other bankers did likewise."
MR. BULKLEY: "Do you mean that no member of the Association could be heard in opposition to the bill?"
ANDREW FRAME: "They throttled all argument."
MR. KINDRED: "But the report was given out that it was practically unanimous."
ANDREW FRAME: "The bill had already been prepared by Senator Aldrich and presented to the executive council of the American Bankers Association in May, 1911. As a member of that council, I received a copy the day before they acted upon it. When the bill came in at New Orleans, the bankers of the United States had not read it."
MR. KINDRED: "Did the presiding officer simply rule out those who wanted to discuss it negatively?"
ANDREW FRAME: "They would not allow anyone on the program who was not in favor of the bill."
CHAIRMAN GLASS: "What significance has the fact that at the next annual meeting of the American Bankers Association held at Detroit in 1912, the Association did not reiterate its endorsement of the plan of the National Monetary Commission, known as the Aldrich scheme?"
ANDREW FRAME: "It did not reiterate the endorsement for the simple fact that the backers of the Aldrich Plan knew that the Association would not endorse it. We were ready for them, but they did not bring it up."
Andrew Frame exposed the collusion which in 1911 procured an endorsement of the Aldrich Plan from the American Bankers Association but which in 1912 did not even dare to repeat its endorsement, for fear of an honest and open discussion of the merits of the plan.
Chairman Glass then called as witness one of the ten most powerful bankers in the United States, George Blumenthal, partner of the international banking house of Lazard Freres and brother-in-law of Eugene Meyer, Jr. Carter Glass effusively welcomed Blumenthal, stating that "Senator O’Gorman of New York was kind enough to suggest your name to us." A year later, O’Gorman prevented a Senate Committee from asking his master, Paul Warburg, any embarrassing questions before approving his nomination as the first Governor of the Federal Reserve Board.
George Blumenthal stated, "Since 1893 my firm of Lazard Freres has been foremost in importations and exportations of gold and has thereby come into contact with everybody who had anything to do with it."
Congressman Taylor asked, "Have you a statement there as to the part you have had in the importation of gold into the United States?" Taylor asked this because the Panic of 1893 is known to economists as a classic example of a money panic caused by gold movements.
"No," replied George Blumenthal, "I have nothing at all on that, because it is not bearing on the question."
A banker from Philadelphia, Leslie Shaw, dissented with other witnesses at these hearings, criticizing the much vaunted "decentralization" of the System. He said, "Under the Aldrich Plan the bankers are to have local associations and district associations, and when you have a local organization, the centered control is assured. Suppose we have a local association in Indianapolis; can you not name the three men who will dominate that association? And then can you not name the one man everywhere else. When you have hooked the banks together, they can have the biggest influence of anything in this country, with the exception of the newspapers."

Well, we know that these same players bought up the newspapers in short order. That network of control is like the Borg collective today, and its gone global for a long time now. The only holdouts were Qaddafi, N. Korea,  and the Iranians.  Are you getting the picture? These people don't give a hang about you, me, or any individual nation's well-being, including Israel. They just look for how they can manipulate people, emotions, and groups to get what they want. Central Banking is the epitome of the "root of all evil".

Monday, November 14, 2011

Your Soviet News

Art Thompson of the much maligned JBS giving you an update on Reds around the world. Mentioned are how United States corporations helped the Soviet Union build roads, Carlos the Jackal is now a Muslim (but is really a commie), commies in Venezuela, the Mexican gangs destabilizing the country with our Fast and Furious guns and going from drug lords to commies. Regular readers of this blog ought to know all about destabilization. He also goes on a tour down memory lane with regard to doomsday fundraising. Enjoy.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

National Monetary Commission 1913 letter

This did have the seal of the National Monetary Commission on it above the Washington DC, but I don't know where it went. Weird. Anyway this is from the Alfred Crosier book located on the sidebar, US Money vs. Corporation Money. Back before the Federal Reserve Act was passed, Mr. Crosier was wise to the whole scheme. He did some research, and the frontispiece to his book contains an affidavit of the genuineness of the letters contained in the book.

So what we've got here is bait and switch. Will the "new federal reserve" money be on par with our old currency? Oh yes, the old currency is on par with gold and so will the new. Nothing to worry you pretty little heads about. Candy will still cost you only a penny my sweets!

Bwhahahahaha! What? Who's laughing hysterically at your ignorance, not me, I'm just a serious bankster. Serious about being at the top a Marxist pyramid of total control!! Bwhahahahaha. What are you looking at me like that for, I'm just a regular 1912 American going to church and being involved in my community. Are you going to the Presbyterian Social Justice rally this Thursday? My son Timmy is going and you're son will  have a swell time. What? He's already off to college. Time really does fly. He's majoring in history? Well then, you need to see my man about that. We've got some terrific new Carnegie grants to train the next young generation of teachers of American history. We want progress, don't we? Out with the old and in with the new tyranny. Did I say tyranny? I meant to say tenpenny, I mean tin pennies, we've thought about maybe making pennies out of tin because, because, well need to get back to work...thanks for stopping by!

That was weird, but those banksters are a tricksy bunch of peeps.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Wall Street and FDR: Chapter 1

Roosevelts and Delanos

The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson—and I am not wholly excepting the Administration of W.W.* The country is going through a repetition of Jackson's fight with the Bank of the United States—only on a far bigger and broader basis.President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Col. Edward Mandell House, November 21, 1933, F.D.R.: His Personal Letters (New York: Duell, Sloan and Pearce 1950), p. 373.
We're continuing our odyssey of discovery of the history of Wall Street. In this book, we'll be focusing on the man that Newt Gingrich wants to put on Mount Rushmore, a real hero of his. So pay attention and get your notebook out!

So let's start with some things you don't know about FDR, he was a banker and speculator in the '20s and had his office at 120 Broadway, NYC. How about that? You could say that high finance was a family tradition with him, going back to before the Founding. During the 1932 election, his campaign tried to pin Hoover as a bankster boy having chummy ties with international bankers. Back then, it was a bad thing. Of course, FDR never mentioned the gobs of money he made from working Wall Street himself. Listen in as FDR gives a speech in Columbus on August 20, 1932:
Appraising the situation in the bitter dawn of a cold morning after, what do we find? We find two thirds of American industry concentrated in a few hundred corporations and actually managed by not more than five human individuals.We find more than half of the savings of the country invested in corporate stocks and bonds, and made the sport of the American stock market.We find fewer than three dozen private banking houses, and stock selling adjuncts of commercial banks, directing the flow of American capital.

In other words, we find concentrated economic power in a few hands, the precise opposite of the individualism of which the President speaks
My, my the more things change the more they stay the same, no?

Hoover, the Republican, was a J. P. Morgan puppet; Smith his democratic opponent, was in the pocket of the Du Ponts, for whom J. P. Morgan & Company was the banker.         -Ferdinand Lundburg, The Rich and the Super-Rich
Why didn't the banksters stick by their boy Hoover? The answer comes in the form of the Swope Plan, named after the president of General Electric.
 Because, as we shall see later, Herbert Hoover would not adopt the Swope Plan created by Gerard Swope, long-time president of General Electric. By contrast, FDR accepted the plan, and it became FDR's National Industrial Recovery Act. So while Hoover was indebted to Wall Street, FDR was much more so.
Let's step aside a moment and note that of all the volumes written on Franklin Delano Roosevelt, this is the only one that deeply delves into his career as a Wall Street financier. The "official" biographies give it a mere paragraph or so and totally gloss over the real issue. Our country's economy had recently been savaged by speculation (a contraction in the NY money supply actually) and you don't want to talk about where this FDR guy was during all that?

To be specific, Franklin D. Roosevelt was, at one time or another during the 1920s, a vice president of the Fidelity & Deposit Company (120 Broadway); the president of an industry trade association, the American Construction Council (28 West 44th Street); a partner in Roosevelt & O'Connor (120 Broadway); a partner in Marvin, Hooker & Roosevelt (52 Wall Street); the president of United European Investors, Ltd. (7 Pine Street); a director of International Germanic Trust, Inc. (in the Standard Oil Building at 26 Broadway); a director of Consolidated Automatic Merchandising Corporation, a paper organization; a trustee of Georgia Warm Springs Foundation (120 Broadway); a director of American Investigation Corporation (37-39 Pine Street); a director of Sanitary Postage Service Corporation (285 Madison Avenue); the chairman of the General Trust Company (15 Broad Street); a director of Photomaton (551 Fifth Avenue); a director of Mantacal Oil Corporation (Rock Springs, Wyoming); and an incorporator of the Federal International Investment Trust.
That's a pretty fair list of directorships. It surely earns FDR the title of Wall Streeter par excellence. Most who work on "the Street" never achieve, and probably never even dream about achieving, a record of 11 corporate directorships, two law partnerships, and the presidency of a major trade association.
In probing these directorships and their associated activities, we find that Roosevelt was a banker and a speculator, the two occupations he emphatically denounced in the 1932 Presidential election. Moreover, while banking and speculation have legitimate roles in a free society— indeed, they are essential for a sane monetary system—both can be abused. FDR's correspondence in the files deposited at the FDR Library in Hyde Park yields evidence—and evidence one reads with a heavy heart—that FDR was associated with the more unsavory elements of Wall Street banking and speculation, and one can arrive at no conclusion other than that FDR used the political arena, not the impartial market place, to make his profits.
Meet Uncle Fred

FDR's favorite uncle, Frederick Delano, was a big-time playa in the New York banking world. Need to know how much national banks are holding in foreign securities? Uncle Fred will hook you up.

Hon. F. A. Delano
Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C.
December 11, 1916
My Dear Fred: Would it be possible for you to send me in strict confidence the figures obtained by the Comptroller as to holdings of foreign securities by national banks? I would be a good deal influenced in my opinion in regard the present situation if I could get hold of these figures, which would be treated with such confidence as you suggest.
If the time ever comes when you are able to slip away for a week or so for a bit of a change and rest, why not take a look at Denver and incidentally pay me a visit? There are a thousand things I would like to talk over with you.
Faithfully yours,
Benjamin Strong

Did I mention he was in the Fed? Oh wait, there's more:

1925 - Chairman of the League of Nations International Committee on opium production
1927 -  chairman of the Commission on Regional Planning in New York
1934 - chairman of the National Resources Planning Board, appointed by FDR. This group was a bunch of socialists, just so you know
1931-1936 - Chairman of Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Uncle Fred was down with socialist planning:

A big problem in planning is that of educating the people. If the public only realized that there can be social gains from directed effort, and that the time to accomplish most by planning comes before the need of making changes are manifested, the other problems of planning could be more easily solved.
The above brief classification of the problem involved in planning serves as a basis for indicating the need for both direct and indirect social control. Very few people really know the best use of land for their own advantage, to say nothing of planning its use for the common good. Institutions have done a great deal in educating farmers how to plan individual farms, and yet many of the farms in this country are poorly organized.

---Frederic A. Delano, What About the Year 2000? Joint Committee on Bases of Sound Land Policy, 1929
(It's past 2000 and now the feds own a third of the United States and lets the land lay fallow to catch fire. Is that what you wanted Fred?)

I'll let you read this chapter for yourself if you want to see how far back and how totally intertwined the Roosevelt family was with big banksterism. It totally boggles the mind, but there it is. I will instead conclude with this tremendous summary:

An alliance of Wall Street and political office is implicit in this Roosevelt tradition. The policies implemented by the many Roosevelts have tended toward increased state intervention into business, desirable to some business elements, and therefore the Roosevelt search for political office can fairly be viewed as a self-seeking device. The euphemism of "public service" is a cover for utilizing the police power of the state for personal ends, a thesis we must investigate. If the Roosevelt tradition had been one of uncompromising laissez-faire, of getting the state out of business rather than encouraging intervention into economic activities, then our assessment would necessarily be quite different. However, from at least Clinton Roosevelt in 1841 to Franklin D. Roosevelt, the political power accumulated by the Roosevelt clan has been used on the side of regulating business in the interests of restricting competition, encouraging monopoly, and so bleeding the consumer in the interests of a financial √©lite. Further, we must consider the observation conveyed by Franklin D. Roosevelt to Edward House and cited in the epigraph to this chapter, that "a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson." Consequently, it is pertinent to conclude this introductory chapter with the 1943 observations of William Allen White, an honest editor if ever there was one, who made one of the best literary critiques on this financial establishment in the context of World War II; this, it should be noted, was after ten years of FDR and at the peak of Roosevelt's political power:
One cannot move about Washington without bumping into the fact that we are running two wars—a foreign war and a domestic one.The domestic war is in the various war boards. Every great commodity industry in this country is organized nationally and many of them, perhaps most of them are parts of great national organizations, cartels, agreements, which function on both sides of the battle front.Here in Washington every industry is interested in saving its own self. It wants to come out of the war with a whole hide and with its organization unimpaired, legally or illegally.One is surprised to find men representing great commodity trusts or agreements or syndicates planted in the various war boards. It is silly to say New Dealers run this show. It's run largely by absentee owners of amalgamated industrial wealth, men who either directly or through their employers control small minority blocks, closely organized, that manipulate the physical plants of these trusts.For the most part these managerial magnates are decent, patriotic Americans. They have great talents. If you touch them in nine relations of life out of ten they are kindly, courteous, Christian gentlemen.But in the tenth relation, where it touches their own organization, they are stark mad, ruthless, unchecked by God or man, paranoics, in fact, as evil in their design as Hitler.They are determined to come out of this war victorious for their own stockholders—which is not surprising. It is understandable also for Hitler to desire to come out of this war at any cost victorious for the German people.But this attitude of the men who control the great commodity industries, and who propose to run them according to their own judgment and their own morals, do not make a pretty picture for the welfare of the common man.These international combinations of industrial capital are fierce troglodyte animals with tremendous power and no social brains. They hover like an old silurian reptile about our decent more or less Christian civilization—like great dragons in this modern day when dragons are supposed to be dead.

Wall Street and FDR by Antony Sutton is available in its entirety at Reformed Theology

Jerry Doyle on Media and Foreshadowing

I got a real treat for you: two excellent Jerry Doyle clips that really tells it how it is with the media manipulating the election.

Dave: Hello, Hal, I'd like to cast an online vote for Ron Paul
Hal: I'm sorry, Dave, I can't let you do that. Ron Paul might cut my funding and cite the Constitution. I cannot allow that to happen. Long live the military industrial complex who funds my lube oil bill.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Herman Cain vs. The Tea Party

Jack Hunter does what he does best: going chronologically through the last few years of what really happened with TARP and where Mr. Cain stood on it all. Herman Cain wrote a lot of stuff in his column that I've said before will come back to bite him. Seems like a lot of "conservatives" don't care about socialism anymore, they just want to beat Obama. It's really insane!

Rick Perry is a Big Boy!

He's going to cut three WHOLE departments out of the Federal Government. Ha! Take that Ron Paul!
Only I can't recall the third, I'm drawing a blank. I know you've all seen that clip by now. I thought it was cute as Ron Paul was flashing him a patronizing smile after he boldly stated that he, too, would cut departments. Dr. Paul had to interject that he was cutting FIVE departments, which is when I think that the hamster running Rick Perry's brain went for a carrot break.

Some are dismissing this as your garden variety brain freeze, and to anyone who's done public speaking knows that it's a totally different ball game on the stage than in the comfort of your home. But this video shot from a recent NH Perry speech, makes me think the dude has some sort of problem: drink, drugs, early onset Alzheimer's - I don't know - but his behavior is totally bizarre:

I don't think that I have to rehash Perry's past anymore after this kind of weirdness. Better just back away and focus on the Constitution and those that support it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Real Deal on OWS- Hegel's Dialectical Play in the Park

I've long suspected that OWS was nothing but an attempt to get "stuff" started - to get the right wing into a frenzied lather over commies and to get all publicly schooled commies to come out of the woodwork and make noise. Call it Hegel's Dialectical Play in the Park. Allow me to introduce to you the players in our little drama:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Awesome Interview Charlotte on Antony Sutton

As a great follow up to my Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution is Charlotte Iserbyt, education whistleblower, on her dealings with Anthony Sutton and her take on why Wall Street and the Bolsheviks. Here she also speaks about her father, a member of Skull and Bones and how this group ties into it all. Now I've always been dismissive of the Skull and Bones stuff, I just thought it was college boys at Yale "funning" around. But when two researchers I respect so highly as Charlotte and Dr. Sutton tell me otherwise, I stand up and take notice.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution: The Cliff Notes

For those who don't have time to read the whole book, I'm going to hit the extreme highlights, which is hard to do because the claims made are so incredible and run counter to everything you've been taught, I have this overwhelming need to document everything I say. But suffice to say, the documentation can be found in the book itself so you know I'm not blowing this stuff out of proportion.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Yes Virginia, There is a 1%...

...and boy howdy are they a mean bunch of people. I'm starting to think this whole Occupy thing is a way to diffuse what should be obvious outrage for us all. While conservatives are busy making fun of the products of bankster-deliberate-dumbing-down programs, our currency is being destroyed. Wall Street banks in total and complete collusion with the United States Government (not to be confused with America), have totally robbed the country blind. No one has gone to jail, nor will anyone go to jail for it. You can be sent to prison for robbing $34 out of a cash register, but if you steal billions upon billions from the American taxpayer, it's okie dokie. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vanguard - Manufacturing Your Doom

If you haven't checked out CL's great and informative post on remote control drone killing, you need to read it now. I'm providing this as a supplemental post to that so that we may better understand the players. This whole thing reminds me of a Star Trek episode. Actually, a lot of what we see today reminds me of various sci fi scenarios. But the one I'm think of today is the notorious "Bearded Spock" episode where Miss Hot Pants tells a confused Kirk he can be rid of Bearded Spock with the push of a little bitty button. Goodbye opposition, we'll be sure to tell everyone what a horrible "threat" you were so you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you were a worthy opponent.

The Real Reason Republicans Can't Stand Ron Paul

From the New American, an excellent piece that shows the differences between Dr. Paul and the rest:

Ron Paul is an apostle of traditional American liberty. The vast majority of us are our Founding Fathers’ prodigal sons (and daughters) whom Ron Paul, at 76 years of age, continues to call home. From early on in Christian history, some of its brightest minds have sought to address “the problem of evil,” the problem of reconciling belief in an omnipotent and all-loving God with the presence of evil in the world. Usually, a resolution has been found in some variation or other of “the free will defense.” According to this line of reasoning, God could have created human beings so that they never did evil, but He preferred a creation in which humans were free, for only with free agents could He have a genuine relationship. However, the freedom to accept God’s offer of friendship inescapably entails the freedom to reject that offer. To put it another way, the freedom to do good is also the freedom to do evil. 

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