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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rick Perry is a Big Boy!

He's going to cut three WHOLE departments out of the Federal Government. Ha! Take that Ron Paul!
Only I can't recall the third, I'm drawing a blank. I know you've all seen that clip by now. I thought it was cute as Ron Paul was flashing him a patronizing smile after he boldly stated that he, too, would cut departments. Dr. Paul had to interject that he was cutting FIVE departments, which is when I think that the hamster running Rick Perry's brain went for a carrot break.

Some are dismissing this as your garden variety brain freeze, and to anyone who's done public speaking knows that it's a totally different ball game on the stage than in the comfort of your home. But this video shot from a recent NH Perry speech, makes me think the dude has some sort of problem: drink, drugs, early onset Alzheimer's - I don't know - but his behavior is totally bizarre:

I don't think that I have to rehash Perry's past anymore after this kind of weirdness. Better just back away and focus on the Constitution and those that support it.


  1. A comment on another's blog about Perry's brain freeze suggested dsylexia. But it really doesn't matter. He's not going to make it to the end.

  2. As the mother of a dyslexic, I can say that's crap! Based on that NH speech, I think he's on something, maybe uppers or something.

  3. His gaffes, being the Governor of Texas, and his general demeanor are so close to GW Bush that if he ended up with the nomination it would be simple for the Democrat media to make people feel they were voting fro GW Bush again. There is no way that can work.

  4. It does seem like he's one something but for some reason I doubt it. If it was marijuana it would probably help to calm him down. Drinking maybe... Not sure about the other drugs. He's probably just eccentric and ill prepared for these debates. Personally I think he needs to smoke some of the ganja and that would help him out.

  5. He needs something! I'm almost starting to feel sorry for the ol' boy.

    I think that his record shows that he's been on the take for so long, he's literally spazzing out. He's got this horrendous record of pay for play and I think his brief rise to prominence has blown his fuses with all the money that's been thrown at him in exchange for what we proles can only speculate about.


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