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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Friday, November 4, 2011

Yes Virginia, There is a 1%...

...and boy howdy are they a mean bunch of people. I'm starting to think this whole Occupy thing is a way to diffuse what should be obvious outrage for us all. While conservatives are busy making fun of the products of bankster-deliberate-dumbing-down programs, our currency is being destroyed. Wall Street banks in total and complete collusion with the United States Government (not to be confused with America), have totally robbed the country blind. No one has gone to jail, nor will anyone go to jail for it. You can be sent to prison for robbing $34 out of a cash register, but if you steal billions upon billions from the American taxpayer, it's okie dokie. 

Let's just start with the laws that have been broken and admitted to or where a guilty verdict was handed down:
  • Citifinancial's chief risk officer testified under oath that by 2007 80% of the loans they handled and sold did not meet their quality guidelines.  The same quality guidelines that they were representing to investors, and investors were relying on.  This is identical to selling you a box of "chocolates" that turns out to have eight dog turds painted with a bit of chocolate and two actual chocolates -- unknown to you until you try to eat one.  Then you wind up with an eight-in-ten chance that you bite into a load of crap - literally.
  • Wachovia pled guilty to money laundering for Mexican drug cartels.  They admitted it.  And we're not talking about a few dollars either -- this was hundreds of millions of dollars.  Nobody went to jail, however -- they got a "deferred prosecution agreement." 
Side note: When we have the Obama adminstration giving the Mexican cartels guns under Fast and Furious and had Bush doing the same thing under Opeation Wide Receiver, we see government and the big banks working together for some unknown reason (probably buttloads of cash money and not fiat money) to aid and abet the drug cartels. Couple this with Gary Webb's expose of the CIA and Freeway Ricky Ross's current persecution for being outspoken in his testimony of government being behind the drug epidemic and he suspects the whole gangsta culture, you add another layer of intrigue.
  • Several people went to prison in Jefferson County Alabama for bribery and other offenses related to the now-infamous sewer deal.  None of them were bankers who make a bunch of money from that crooked process.  The last time I checked in order to receive a bribe someone has to give one, and it would be impossible for a business unit to make ridiculously outsized profits without knowing about it (and incidentally, derivatives work like that -- if someone takes a ridiculously outsized loss, someone else makes a ridiculously outsized profit.)  In this case we know there was crooked dealing involved because there were actual convictions -- of the "little guys."
  • Both Goldman and Citibank got caught structuring CDOs that were intended to fail, yet were sold to customers as "good investments."  Both paid fines while "not admitting or denying fault."  Ooook.  It's commonplace to pay a $200 million fine if you did nothing wrong, yes?  I would think that $200 million would buy an awful lot of lawyer hours defending yourself if you're right... What's the downside if you did nothing wrong when looked at against this sort of monetary penalty?

A picture says a thousand words:

These big bailout banks are "latched on" to the big titty of the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel. One might surmise that they, along with foreign central banks, make up the Cartel. Think about how many ex-humongous bank execs get cushy jobs at the Treasury Department or other places having to do with the federal budget. It ain't because they are loyal to the Republic as founded, that's for sure. What are you going to do when they destroy the dollar and what you have in the bank isn't worth chickenfeed, hmmmm? You know you can tell an Insider if they try to act like all this isn't going on and just tweaking the tax code or shaving this or that off the budget is going to fix it. It's insane, if your really trying to to save the economy, but methinks these people are not insane, but are trying to bring about the One World Communist System that patriots past have been mocked and ridiculed trying to warn you about. Now some might be unwitting accomplices and are just going with the flow of the Establishment, but they do damage to free people all the same. 
You really need to check out this fab research paper entitled The Network of Global Corporate Control referred to me by my buddy, Col. Bunny at Washington Rebel. Anyhow, this paper uses mathematical models to determine how interlocked corporations so as to ascertain their control of the global economy. It produces the mother of all interlock maps:

A) A bow-tie consists of in-section (IN), out-section (OUT), strongly connected component or core (SCC), and tubes and tendrils (T&T). (B) Bow-tie structure of the largest connected component (LCC) and other connected components (OCC). Each section volume scales logarithmically with the share of its TNCs operating revenue. In parenthesis, percentage of operating revenue and number of TNCs, cfr. Table 1. (C) SCC layout of the SCC (1318 nodes and 12191 links). Node size scales logarithmically with operation revenue, node color with network control (from yellow to red). Link color scales with weight. (D) Zoom on some major TNCs in the financial sector. Some cycles are highlighted. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0025995.g002

What you need to look at here is the SCC, or strongly connected core. Notice that of the Transnational Corporations, it is the smallest in number, yet has a good share of the operating revenue percentage. They don't add up to 100, because its logarithmic. 

Notice that the cross-country analysis of [11] found that only a few of the national ownership networks are bow-ties, and, importantly, for the Anglo-Saxon countries, the main strongly connected components are big compared to the network size.
 To put it in English, comparatively a small number of Multi-National Corporations control a huge amount of the wealth. There is your 1%, and oh, and by the way, they would seem to be totally down with oppressing us all into oblivion. 

Here are the top 20 companies as reported in Forbes:

1. Barclays plc
2. Capital Group Companies Inc*
3. FMR Corporation*
4. AXA
5. State Street Corporation
6. JP Morgan Chase & Co
7. Legal & General Group plc*
8. Vanguard Group Inc*
10. Merrill Lynch & Co Inc
11. Wellington Management Co LLP
12. Deutsche Bank AG
13. Franklin Resources Inc
14. Credit Suisse Group
15. Walton Enterprises LLC (holding company for Wal-Mart heirs)*
16. Bank of New York Mellon Corp
17. Natixis*
18. Goldman Sachs Group Inc
19. T Rowe Price Group Inc
20. Legg Mason Inc*

And the obligatory map of the companies with the non-profit foundations thrown in so you may see how intertwined they are. Notice how huge the CFR and Trilateral influence is.


*company not listed on NNDB and not included in the map.

If your still saying "so what?" to yourself, understand this: JP Morgan, the Fed of NY, and their accomplices in the state department worked to set up Soviet Russia and to put down  the truly pro-freedom faction vying for control. This is not the realm of shadowing conspiracy, this is the realm of demonstrable facts as in receipts of the wire transfers, State Department encrypted cables and the correspondence of the parties involved. These will be highlighted in a later post. So when I say the 1% is mean, I am telling you that they finance genocide, ok?

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  1. Nice work, and it all fits. At this point I'm not shocked in the least. The whole game is rigged. They say no-one can control the markets. The 1% Can control the markets.

    As Jeff Cooper at always says "Stocks don't move, stocks are moved". There never has been a 'free' market. Least of all now, with the fed actively involved in moving the market as well - for our good of course.

    Jeff follows the principles of W.D. Gann known as Gann theory which centers on the Square of 9 charts. Impossible to describe here. But it's interesting stuff whether you invest, trade or not.

  2. "You can be sent to prison for robbing $34 out of a cash register, but if you steal billions upon billions from the American taxpayer, it's okie dokie."
    How true--
    and ditto the comments from KID--

  3. Nice info, Kid, will have to check that out. Seems like we have a lot of deliberate confusion surrounding the OWS stuff to throw the people off the scent. I wouldn't rule out rent-a-mobs.

    We stopped contributing to the 401k a while back, seems kind of pointless with they way they keep jimmying with it.

  4. Rent a Mobs makes sense. It's hard to believe anyone with a job could have gotten involved in this for long, unless they're doing after work and live close.
    The groups supporting the activity (I hesitate to call it a movement) make things pretty obvious. Commies and other anti-American groups mainly.

    Anyway, Here is a pretty good shortish explanation of the basic square of nine principles

    As far as application to the markets, there is a lot more involved. I've been reading Jeff's stuff for about 10 years, and the markets do follow this 'wheel of time and price' extremely closely. Unfortunately Jeff's stuff is subscription so there isn't much I can link to, and at 450 or so a year, it probably wouldn't pay unless you were actively trading.

    He has written some books though, listed in his Bio -”

    I read all their daily market info/trade ideas free from having a TDAmeritrade account.

    Well, I've also stopped contributing to the 401k because the trading restrictions are just to suffocating - Once you move into a stock based fund, you have to stay 90 days or suffer a penalty and further restrictions on moving your money around. And this was all because they got caught doing an after-hours shell game with the hedge funds. As usual, the private investor gets the shaft. So, I auto-deposit to my trading account instead, paying the tax on any profits, so I'll have some tax-free nest eggs available later. It's hard to believe tax rates will be lower in 10 years, so I don't want all of it to be taxable.

    I wouldn't suggest anyone get in and stay in the markets, but if you don't invest in something, your cash will be eaten alive with inflation.

    If I said it before, apologies, but Minyanville has been ahead of the curve on all this stuff since I started reading them in mid-2000's.

    Here's the CEO's bio, , which is also impressive. And he's easy reading. Bottom lines everything. His stuff is free except for the intraday commentary they call Buzz and Banter

    Good luck with everything.
    Excuse the non-clickable links, google didn't like my html and I couldn't see why so took it off.


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