Although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is, in some respects, one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked... in which I have spoken of so many important things done by Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply, To the superiority of their women.

--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution: Chapter 8

120 Broadway, NYC
A Portal to Hell?

The Equitable Building, A Silverstein Property

In this chapter, our host Dr. Sutton makes a note of the fact that so many of the characters discussed thus far had office space in the Equitable Building located at 120 Broadway, New York City:
In any event, the building at 120 Broadway was in 1917 known as the Equitable Life Building. A large building, although by no means the largest office building in New York City, it occupies a one-block area at Broadway and Pine, and has thirty-four floors. The Bankers Club was located on the thirty-fourth floor. The tenant list in 1917 in effect reflected American involvement in the Bolshevik Revolution and its aftermath. For example, the headquarters of the No. 2 District of the Federal Reserve System — the New York area — by far the most important of the Federal Reserve districts, was located at 120 Broadway. The offices of several individual directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and, most important, the American International Corporation were also at 120 Broadway. By way of contrast, Ludwig Martens, appointed by the Soviets as the first Bolshevik "ambassador" to the United States and head of the Soviet Bureau, was in 1917 the vice president of Weinberg & Posner — and also had offices at 120 Broadway.
Is this concentration an accident? Does the geographical contiguity have any significance? Before attempting to suggest an answer, we have to switch our frame of reference and abandon the left-right spectrum of political analysis.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Louis McFadden - kooky

Senator Congressman Louis McFadden, patriot, charged the Federal Reserve System on May 23, 1933.
Some people who think that the Federal Reserve Banks are United States Government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lender. In that dark crew of financial pirates there are those who would cut a man's throat to get a dollar out of his pocket; there are those who send money into states to buy votes to control our legislatures; there are those who maintain International propaganda for the purpose of deceiving us into granting of new concessions which will permit them to cover up their past misdeeds and set again in motion their gigantic train of crime. 
These twelve private credit monopolies were deceitfully and disloyally foisted upon this Country by the bankers who came here from Europe and repaid our hospitality by undermining our American institutions. Those bankers took money out of this Country to finance Japan in a war against Russia…Mr. Chairman, there should be no partisanship in matters concerning banking and currency affairs in this Country, and I do not speak with any.”
The more things change, the more they stay the same. You still think this isn't going on? If no one has stopped it, and it makes certain people a lot of money, then why should it be stopped? Louis McFadden would no doubt be called a kook by the conservative media of today. Actually, they would check the letter by his name first before they could begin to consider the merit of what he had to say. That's just how shallow those caught in the dialectic's mind trap are.

Oh, and McFadden "impeached Herbert Hoover" according to this 1932 edition of Time Magazine:

No man in the House hates President Hoover more intensely than he. Last session he accused him of treason in granting the Debt Moratorium (TIME, Dec. 28). He has fought the Hoover financial policy at every turn.
McFadden's list of grievances:

  • Herbert Hoover . . . unlawfully usurped legislative powers 
  • ... a policy inimical to the welfare of the United States 
  • . . . unlawfully dissipated financial resources 
  • . . . injured the credit and financial standing
  •  ... his declaration of the moratorium has meant sacrifices by the American people
  • . ... He did appoint one Andrew W. Mellon Ambassador while a resolution for the impeachment of the said Mellon was being heard
  • . . . . Treated with contumely the veterans 
  • . . . sent a military force heavily armed against homeless, hungry, sick, ragged and defenseless men, women and children and drove them out by force of fire and sword. . . .
Sounds familiar to me.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Freedom to Fascism

Since I've told everyone to turn off their TVs, I thought I'd provide a little entertainment. That is, if you consider the stark reality of our situation as we enter a fascist - Marxist control grid entertaining. In which case, you must be a political blog junkie so you'll like this. Here is the Aaron Russo movie, Freedom to Fascism, which is more powerful now than when it first came out a few years ago.

"Stop being good Democrats. Stop being good Republicans. START being good Americans. And when the media starts telling you the country will fall apart if this is done, don't be fooled, this is just the Federal Reserve System trying to save itself. Squash it."

Here's the visual aid for you as you review the IRS expose portion of this video behold how the IRS Commissioners have been interlocked:

Here's the Federal Reserve Director maps and their interlocks:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Reagan's Budget Director Speaks Out

Here is David Stockman, Ronald Reagan's budget director, telling us how it is. This is an instructive interview for those who worship Ronald Reagan as "Ronaldus Maximus" by going back to the speeches he gave before he actually was president and then acting like that is how  he governed. Now I'm not blaming Reagan for not living out the principles of a small government, as I'm not real sure how much power a president truly has in our country. Anyway, this man Stockman gives us a history lesson in our country's money situation, which is a great reality check without spin and pandering.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Adrienne Needs Help

Apparently, the Catholics of the blog-o-sphere are having some sort of contest to see who is the most awesome or average or something. So vote here, vote now. This is an election that we can win!
Vote for Adrienne's Corner, got that? Adrienne's Corner under the best political blog category.

That is all.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Larry McDonald -palooza

Larry McDonald was the original Dr. No. When Ron Paul was thinking about running for Congress, Larry McDonald was the man he called for advice. A democrat, Larry told him to run in the party where he could win. You see, parties really don't have that much meaning and everyone in the know knows it.

Larry McDonald was a urologist from Atlanta who while stationed in Newfoundland saw some strange goings on and noticed how our actions actually aided the communists. He brought this to the attention of his superior officer, who told him that he wasn't seeing the "big picture."

For those of you who have been following my Bolshevik series of how the Federal Reserve banking cartel funded communism, you shouldn't be surprised. It's been 28 years since the communists blew Larry McDonald out of the sky as he was traveling to South Korea, but I thought I would have a little celebration of Larry today with some of his stunning statements that have more relevance to us now than ever.

"He was the most principled man in Congress." – Ron Paul, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Funny story on Larry McDonald by Ron Paul:

McDonald on Progressives - write it down

Education is the Key Presentation at the John Birch Society
Tremendously powerful! A must see.

See my previous post with more videos on Larry here.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Rick Perry is a Bold -Faced Liar part Deux

A while back, I did a post catching Rick Perry in a bold faced lie over his silent support of the TSA. And by silent, I mean he had the wherewithall to get that bill passed, a bill that had already passed the Texas house unanimously and was expected to pass the Senate similarly. That is, of course until TX Lt. Gov. Dewhurst stepped in and intimidated the bill away.

Ah, but that has gone down the memory hole. How about this from Economic Policy Journal - Rick Perry says he never, ever supported TARP on the Steve Deace show (listen to it here.) But what's this? Rick puts aside partisanship in October of 2008 (don't the collectivists always put aside partisanship to screw us little taxpayers?) to support TARP. Perry is PWNED! Or he would be if he had any shame or integrity whatsoever.

h/t TN Sons of Liberty

Revenge of the Nerds

Picture a high school cafeteria with your obligatory stereotypical groups sitting at their respective tables. Seated at one table, you have your idealistic do-gooders all bent on Saving the Planet and mindlessly believing whatever their state-approved textbooks say along with what their state-certified teachers tell them is truth. At another table, you've got a group that's wise to some of that --they listen to conservative talk radio and are ready to punch a hippie at the drop of a hat. They've been known to pull some pranks on their state-certified teacher for laughs. They will grow up to be fine Republican leaders in their communities. They'll be county Republican officials who'll brag how they brought jobs to their community with special tax breaks. They'll see no philosophical problem with federal mandates as long as their area gets some goodies that they can brag about. The latest copy of The American Spectator sits on the corner of the table atop a copy of Mark Levin's Libery and Tyranny. They're not just meatheads, even though they thoroughly enjoy their sports. They figure they're about as plugged in as it gets to what is going on as they comb back their All-American haircut and zip up their letterman jacket and start to head off to football practice.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rand Paul Interview - nice

Lots of good points and lines from this interview of Rand Paul at the Liberty PAC in Nevada recently:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

If a Corporation Is a Person, then are Shell Corporations Clones?

Mitt Romney laid out what he thought about corporations, saying that they are people. Yeah, well I don't think that were any corporations on trial at Nuremberg, were there? Even though Hitler would have still been living in almost the 19th century without American corporations. What? You didn't know that? We'll get to that eventually, but you can read ahead here if you want to. The danger of having a group of people considered as one person under the  law is that there is no accountability. You can't hang all the members in a corporation for murder even if they did knowingly sell Germany the gas, because the mail boy had no idea what was in those envelopes from Germany, you see.

My question, is why aren't the bigger people, er corporations paying taxes like the rest of us? If I were to pay my taxes like some thorough the Caymans or Ireland, I would go to jail, but if you're a big enough person with enough "Washington men", I guess you don't.

Oh, and shell corporations were the vehicle by which the Rockefellers totally monopolized their business. They'd set up "Vacuum Oil Co" and everyone would do business with them thinking that at least they weren't Standard Oil. If they had a genuine competitor, then they'd find a saboteur to totally mess up their operation, physically mess it up. And then they'd pay the guy off for the rest of his life. That way, they'd be guaranteed to come out ahead with the total loss of competition. Read about it in Gary Allen's book, The Rockefeller Files, it's really interesting.

So Mitt has told us how he really feels. I don't know if a supporter or detractor made this video, but it's pretty funny - Gimme Mitt!

For those of you more daring, there is the Mitt Rap.

Friday, September 16, 2011

And Now a Message from H.G. Wells

H.G. Wells, pioneering sci-fi author of The Time Machine, and War of the Worlds also was a member of the Fabian society, an avowed socialist, supporter of Stalin, lover to Margaret Sanger (eeww!), a eugenicist, and all-round one-worlder. If you don't agree with him about these things, you must be an Eloi. He even wrote a book called The New World Order:

This new and complete Revolution we contemplate can be defined in a very few words. It is
(a) outright world-socialism, scientifically planned and directed, plus
(b) a sustained insistence upon law, law based on a fuller, more jealously conceived restatement of the personal Rights of Man, plus
  (c) the completest freedom of speech, criticism, and publication, and a sedulous expansion of the educational organization to the ever growing demands of the new order....
Putting it at its compactest, it is the triangle of Socialism, Law, and Knowledge which frames the Revolution that may yet save the world."
H.G. Wells The New World Order 1939 
Hate to break it to him, but the scientific planners who are currently giving us global warming up our behinds and citicizing the mental states of those that disagree would seem to put points a and c at odds with each other currently. And buddy how they keep revising the law to suit their needs, what with Bretton-Woods in 1971 when they needed more cash and couldn't dilute gold anymore. Plus, due to the planned state seeing how the citizens of a republic don't need a liberal arts education, but only how to be factory workers, our law enforcement doesn't know or understand the law. Because the source of American morality has been removed from the memory of most, one can't tell if instructions from these planners are right or wrong. And never, ever try to defend yourself, that's totally wrong, Mr. Wells tells you so:
"Armament should be an illegality everywhere, and some sort of international force should patrol a treaty-bound world. Partial armament is one of those absurdities dear to moderate-minded 'reasonable' men. Armament itself is making war. Making a gun, pointing a gun, and firing it are all acts of the same order. It should be illegal to construct anywhere upon earth any mechanism for the specific purpose of killing men. When you see a gun it is reasonable to ask: 'Whom is that intended to kill?'"
H.G. Wells The New World Order 1939
Our founders intended for weapons to be at the ready to kill tyrants like you, for they knew that they would always be with us plotting dastardly designs.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

America vs. The United States Government

Do you blame America first? Well, do you punk?

Whenever one criticizes the United States Government's policy abroad, one is accused of blaming America first. Heck, I used to think that way and it would grate on my nerves if anyone, anyone suggested that America was anything but a force for good in the world. I had a knee-jerk Pavlovian response to such accusations and the phrase "icky liberal hippie scum" would automatically come to mind, and I would totally disregard everything that person had to say about anything. If I were in a buffet line with one of them and they said how much they loved ham, I would then choose chicken just to be opposite them for spite's sake. I'm being completely honest with you so that you can understand how I broke out of the Bankster Matrix and understand the psychological warfare that they use via Hegel's Dialectic.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Grand Chessboard -first take

I've begun to read Zbignew Bzshenshski's book, The Grand Chessboard published in 1997. I'm only through the first part, but it is so chock full of pertinent points, I'm going ahead and doing a post on it. For those of you who are confused on America's foreign policy, you need to take a minute and listen to what I have to say. This book is the key that opens the door to how the Elite see America in relation to the rest of the world.

First, what is "The Grand Chessboard"? It is Eurasia. The Eurasian Continent is the lynch-pin to global domination. That's pretty much what this book says in very clinical terms. I'll just give you a taste:

To put it in terminology that hearkens back to the more brutal age of ancient empires, the three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together.
In this way, the United States Government, not to be confused with America, keeps smaller countries under control. Our defense budget is 25% of our Federal budget, while smaller countries have next to no military. Part of the reason for that is what ZB has said here, keeping them security dependent. The World Bank, IMF, and the Bank of International Settlements are all fiduciary tools that are used to keep the tributaries pliant. See how debt is being used worldwide as a tool of domination. In the face of this kind of tyranny some of the smaller countries might want to pool resources, but that will not be allowed to occur.

So if you wonder why we are in Afghanistan after Osama is dead, here is your answer. ZB mentions the imporatance of geopolitical pivots and how occupying them moves the movement of global primacy forward.

To give you some insight on to what ZB is all about, he is on record saying how the United States Government, not to be confused with America, supported Pol Pot, giving money to China with a wink and a nod to channel it to the Khymer Rouge.

“I encouraged the Chinese to support Pol Pot. I encouraged the Thai to help the Khmer Rouge. The question was how to help the Cambodian people. Pol Pot was an abomination. We could never support him. But China could.”

Oh and ZB, Carter's National Security Adviser is totally down with Marxism, which readers of this blog will not be surprised to learn, as the banksters have been the #1 financial supporter of Marxism in the country:
“That is why Marxism represents a further vital and creative stage in the maturing of man's universal vision. Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active man over the inner, passive man and a victory of reason over belief: it stresses man's capacity to shape his material destiny – finite and defined as man's only reality – and it postulates the absolute capacity of man to truly understand his reality as a point of departure for his active endeavors to shape it. To a greater extent than any previous mode of political thinking, Marxism puts a premium on the systematic and rigorous examination of material reality and on guides to action derived from that examination.”
--Between Two Ages, 1970

Guess who was Madeline Albright's doctrinal advisor? ZB! hahaha. Here's Madeline saying she's A-OK with dead Iraqi children in this blast from the Clinton-era past:

These people don't see humans as beings made in the image of God. In the Elites' minds we're all tools to their ends. It was during this time, even Rush Limbaugh sounded like Ron Paul as far as policing the world goes. This was what George Bush campaigned on. But what about 9/11!! Well, what about it? It would seem to have been Christmas, Birthday and the Easter bunny basket for the globalists to advance on the Grand Chessboard. They went all out after that, using the resources of America unwittingly to get lock down the vassals. This feudalistic terminology is something that Quigley also used to describe the plans of the Council on Foreign Relations, as he was the official historian of that elite group.

You think that the government cares one whit about your security? Isn't their low opinion of us already evident? After the Tea Party election, we still got a debt ceiling increase, only 50 some odd voting against it. They've spent a long time setting up this global primacy thing, and they don't plan on being deterred by rabel-rousers who don't want their military families on endless tours of duty.

Here is the map for ZB, so that you know that he is a grand-high nasgull pooba in Elite circles:

link to map

Rick Santorum Needs to Listen to This

Rick Santorum, when he's not trying to get a book sold or get his face on the TV, is shilling for the standard neo-con talking points as we saw last night in the debate. Using the good 'ol Hegelian Dialectic, he tries to suggest that if you quote what Osama Bin Laden said ala "Sun Tzu- know your enemy", you somehow blame America and hate America. I hope that those of us who follow the news have grown out of these juvenile mind-tricks.

The truths is this, after 9/11, Ron Paul wrote a bill that would have issued Letters of Marque and Reprisal against Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda which would have paid assassins to go and destroy them. This is how Jefferson handled the Barbary Pirates that neocons like to point so much to prove the eternal evil of Islam. This is probably what the majority of everyday Americans thought was happening when we went into Afghanistan full force, as that's just common sense.

But defense contractors, their lobbyists, their boys in DC, and the whole war machine doesn't making the dough on something so simple. The "defense budget" takes up a full quarter of the Federal Budget, which is many times the defense budgets of other nations, who depend on us for their defense. A side note, there is a difference between truly defending your country and offending it so that the military industry can profit. I hate to say it, but at the sheer billions and billions of dollars some of these companies have made in the last decade, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they weren't thrilled for the US to go to war.

I can't get it to embed, so here is the link to an interview by Joel Gilbert who claims that we fell into Al Qaeda's trap and are really their pawns in all this. Mr. Gilbert is the director of Atomic Jihad , whose assertions I don't totally agree with, however unlike some I can listen with an open mind. With the 9/11 attacks, Mr. Gilbert asserts that the full force of the US military was drawn into the internal affairs of these Muslim countries for the purposes of destabilizing secular Muslim countries and replacing them with more fundamentalist Islamic theocracies. You have to admit that we see that happening. He makes the point that "winning the hearts and minds" of a country like Afghanistan, where over 70% of the population is illiterate and most don't have access to modern propaganda dissemination devices, is impossible. Mr. Gilbert also makes the point that the billions we spend in Afghanistan on local recruits to the army is wasted as they join for a month at a time for the paycheck and then disappear with their money back into the boonies, probably to help fund the Taliban. But if you attempt to point any of this out, you're some kind of a kook, huh?

As we hear about the the horrible evil of 9/11, don't forget that under the current American foreign policy, we see more radical Muslims taking over more countries, as in Libya. I can't wait as we progress in our Sutton studies to the use of provocateurs, as I think we will draw numerous parallels to our current situation. Remember what Norman Dodd said of the Reece Committee investigation, it was determined by the Carnegie Foundation that war was the most effective tool to change a society in short order.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet Your Elites: Ken Duberstein

Here's a guy you have probably never of heard of, Ken Duberstein. He started out working for Senator Jacob Javits who was a New York Republican and a member of the CFR. He went on to work in Reagan's administration. These Elites are everywhere people and all those who idolaterize Reagan had better do their homework about what really happened during that timeline. How do I know that Mr. Duberstein is an Elite? You don't get to be member of the this many boards without doing their bidding. Notice he is on the board of big-time defense contractor Boeing, big oil conglomerate Conoco-Phillips, and bankster-connected Travelers Group Insurance. Now some of you might have a Pavlov-dog reaction to my use of the adjective "big" to describe an oil company. But when you consider that these corporations are not operating with free market principles, but as a cartel, they earn the "big" label.

link to map
And that leads us to the big Agra cartel, Monsanto. Mr. Duberstein is the head of the The Duberstein Group which is a powerful lobbyist firm representing Monsanto. The Duberstein Group successfully lobbied to get rid of The Delaney Clause in 1996. This clause was a  restriction on introducing known carcinogens into processed foods sold to consumers. To be fair, some naturally occuring carcinogens are in foods like basil, etc, but considering that Monsanto makes literally tons of pesticides, and this clause restricted how much farmers could use, it's not hard to see how they would benefit. Here's a list of who retains The Duberstein Group via Open Secrets for this year so far:

Accenture$200,000 - Business Services
America's Health Insurance Plans$200,000 - Insurance
Amgen Inc$200,000 - Pharm/Health Prod
Bank of New York Mellon$200,000 - Commercial Banks
BP$200,000BP AmericaOil & Gas
Broadridge Financial Solutions$200,000 - Computers/Internet
Business Roundtable$198,000 - Business Assns
Chesapeake Energy$200,000 - Oil & Gas
Comcast Corp$180,000 - TV/Movies/Music
CSX Corp$200,000 - Railroads
Federation of Korean Industries$200,000 - Business Assns
General Motors$150,000 - Automotive
Goldman Sachs$200,000 - Securities/Invest
Grocery Manufacturers Assn$200,000 - Food Process/Sales
Hanesbrands Inc$200,000 - Misc Mfg/Distrib
Hasbro Inc$200,000 - Misc Mfg/Distrib
Health Net Inc$100,000 - Health Services
Honeywell International$180,000 - Misc Mfg/Distrib
National Math and Science Initiative$125,000 - Education
PepsiCo Inc$200,000 - Food & Beverage
Personal Care Products Council$200,000 - Misc Mfg/Distrib
Pfizer Inc$200,000 - Pharm/Health Prod
Pharmaceutical Rsrch & Mfrs of America$33,333 - Pharm/Health Prod
Promontory Interfinancial Network$200,000 - Commercial Banks
Sanofi-Aventis$0 - Pharm/Health Prod
Supervalu Inc$200,000SuperValu IncFood Process/Sales
Time Warner$125,000 - TV/Movies/Music
UAL Corp$150,000United AirlinesAir Transport

Mr. Duberstein was also a political adviser to John McCain. You can see on the larger picture of the map, that there hasn't been a RINO he didn't support. These Elites comprise the population of a small-town, but are in every association, the board of every big corporation, an official in just about every large institution of higher learning, and have held some sort of position in the government at some point in time. I hope that putting these names, faces, and their positions together will help people recognize how our system works and who is working it.

What Have We Learned?

As always, The Judge puts it just so:

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy 2.3 Trillion Day

It was on this day, 10 years ago that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was grilled before Congress on why $2.3 Trillion dollars of defense money was unaccounted for. To be fair, outrage at the sheer volume of money unaccounted for was bipartisan.

See the video here or my previous post here.

As I've said before, that money could really come in handy, but that's not the point is it?

Update: Donald Rumsfeld now says that any cuts in the Defense budget will precipitate another terrorist attack. Gee, Donny how much would that 2.3 trill have come to with interest if you hadn't have lost it? Here's the map on our man Rumsfeld, note that these corporations listed means he was on the board at some point or is on the board. TPTB always pay off their people with lucrative opportunities.

link to explorable map

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rick Perry is Arlen Specter in Cowboy Boots

Here's talk show host Jerry Doyle taking Establishment Republicans to the woodshed. wowee! What he says here rings true and you can tell because it's so darn refreshing. He calls the TPTB candidates out for what they really are --no mercy is shown.

(h/t Daily Paul)
Jerry is a former Republican congressional candidate for California's 24th district, giving him a little insight into how the Republican party operates. He has had a very interesting life you can read about here. If you are tired of Rush talking about his cats and the Steelers while the world melts down around us, try listening to Jerry at one of his stations here.

And if you haven't seen Babyon 5, of which Jerry Doyle played one of the major, you should probably put it in your queue because you will like it if you enjoy good vs. evil plot lines.

Here's the "best of Mr. Garibaldi" - Remember, don't make a scene-put on your armband.

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution: Chapter 7

The Bolsheviks Return to New York

Who is Alexander Nyberg?

He was a Finnish immigrant whose alias was Santeri Nuorteva that followed a man named Albert Williams back to New York City from Russia for the purpose of setting up  Soviet/Bolshevik diplomatic relations and/or propaganda campaigns. He was the first Soviet operative to work within the United States for these purposes, Mr. Williams having failed. When the State Dept. wanted to talk to him about what and whom he knew, he showed up with some heavy-duty counsel:

Nyberg was accompanied by H. Kellogg, described as "an American citizen, graduate of Harvard," and, more surprisingly, by a Mr. McFarland, an attorney for the Hearst organization.
Nyberg wasn't too successful in his task either, however, he did not escape the notice of a young J. Edgar Hoover who noted him in a letter to US Committee on Foreign Affairs.

What do you know about the Soviet Bureau?
Probably nothing, but hold on to your hat as you see what happens next as the hapless Nyberg is replaced by Mr. Martens and the Soviet Bereau:

Alexander Nyberg (Nuorteva) was then let go and replaced by the Soviet Bureau, which was established in early 1919 in the World Tower Building, 110 West 40 Street, New York City. The bureau was headed by a German citizen, Ludwig C. A. K. Martens, who is usually billed as the first ambassador of the Soviet Union in the United States, and who, up to that time, had been vice president of Weinberg & Posner, an engineering firm located at 120 Broadway, New York City. Why the "ambassador" and his offices were located in New York rather than in Washington, D.C. was not explained; it does suggest that trade rather than diplomacy was its primary objective. In any event, the bureau promptly issued a call lot Russian trade with the United States. Industry had collapsed and Russia direly needed machinery, railway goods, clothing, chemicals, drugs — indeed, everything utilized by a modern civilization. In exchange the Soviets offered gold and raw materials. The Soviet Bureau then proceeded to arrange contracts with American firms, ignoring the facts of the embargo and nonrecognition. At the same time it was providing financial support for the emerging Communist Party U.S.A
Remember the address 120 Broadway, NYC, as we'll learn later on how this is really the location of a portal to hell. Anyhow, please note that this "ambassador" is located  in the same town as Morgan and Co. This Soviet Bureau is their little bankster operation and they like having it conveniently in the same town, not in Washington DC. Also note the old feudalistic system set up here, the raw product is exported and the finished product imported. Good luck being self-sufficient and competitive with that arrangement. Our host Dr. Sutton has written a scholarly work, Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1945 to 1965 that details how the Soviets were able to function in the modern world and it wouldn't have been possible without Wall Street. Oh, and isn't it icing on the cake that the "Red Menace" was also being funded by the banksters?

But wait, our country wasn't so far gone in 1919 that the Soviet Bureau didn't find themselves open for business but just 3-4 months as the Lusk Committee raided their office and took a look at who'd been weaving webs there. They found that the Guarantee Trust Company was all over the place  along with over 1,000 other American firms. As this information was in control of the state department, it was shared with the British and here is part their summary (watch for names you'll recognize!)
1) There was an intrigue afoot about the time the President first went to France to get the Administration to use Nuorteva as an intermediary with the Russian Soviet Government, with a view to bring about its recognition by America. Endeavour was made to bring Colonel House into it, and there is a long and interesting letter to Frederick C. Howe, on whose support and sympathy Nuorteva appeared to rely. There are other records connecting Howe with Martens and Nuorteva.

(2) There is a file of correspondence with Eugene Debs.

(3) A letter from Amos Pinchot to William Kent of the U.S. Tariff Commission in an envelope addressed to Senator Lenroot, introduces Evans Clark "now in the Bureau of the Russian Soviet Republic." "He wants to talk to you about the recognition of Kolchak and the raising of the blockade, etc."

(4) A report to Felix Frankfurter, dated 27th May, 1919 speaks of the virulent campaign vilifying the Russian Government.
Frankfurter would later become one of FDR's supreme court appointments known for progressiveness. 

Soviet Bureau Propaganda
 [Martens'] organization is a powerful weapon for supporting the Bolshevik cause in the United States and... he is in close touch with the promoters of political unrest throughout the whole American continent.

This guy Marens was working with leftists to get the Marxist-Communist-Bolshevik propaganda going within their circles working with leaders like John Reed, Ludwig Lore, and Harry J. Boland.

Enter the Hammers 

The British Report mentioned Julius Hammer, but he Lusk Committee made no mention of him:
In Julius Hammer, Martens has a real Bolshevik and ardent Left Wing adherent, who came not long ago from Russia. He was one of the organizers of the Left Wing movement in New York, and speaks at meetings on the same platform with such Left Wing leaders as Reed, Hourwich, Lore and Larkin.
One should note that Julius' dad, Jacob was a native of Russia and still had family there. Julius also supported the budding Communist Party USA both financially and managerially. But in 1920, he got sent to Sing Sing for doing an abortion resulting in a fatality for the the mother. Vladimir Lenin suggested that this was a false charge to punish him for pushing communism. He did his 3 and 1/2 years while other communist party members were also jailed on sedition charges or deported to Mother Russia. His son was Armand Hammer, executive of Church and Dwight, makers of Arm and Hammer baking soda, haha. Armand was also a bigwig in Occidental Petroleum, the corporation that made Al Gore, Sr. a wealthy man. It's interesting to note that Armand made a lot of money exporting pharmaceuticals to Red Russia during the '20s and stayed heavily involved in Russian relations for the rest of his life, getting doctors to help out with Chernobyl. At the same time:
Politically, Hammer was a staunch supporter of the Republican party. He boosted Richard Nixon's presidential campaign with $54,000 in campaign contributions. He plead guilty on charges that one of these donations had been made illegally and received probation and a $3000 fine, but was later pardoned by Republican U.S. President George H. W. Bush.
But I thought Republicans of the '70s and '80s were against communism? That's why we had to build up our military, right? Because the communists had nuclear weapons. But what we have here is a man of the world who has spent a lot of time in Russia without interference from the CIA or FBI, and at the same time giving money and having some influence with the inner circle of American politics. They don't just give pardons away if they don't know who you are.

This makes more sense if you understand who was behind Nixon and Bush was also the same entity behind funding communism. Everyone knows that these two presidents were "Rockefeller Men" and as we progress in our study, we'll see that the Rockefellers have been instrumental towards moving us to a world socialist system.

Going back to 1919,

Kenneth Durant, Treasurer
He was an officer in the Soviet Bureau and a former aide to everyone's favorite collectivist, Col. House. When the Soviet Bureau was shut down when Martens was deported in 1921, Durant continued the work under the auspices of the Soviet Tass.

Before Martens was deported, he was deposed in a Senate hearing. He admitted that most of his work in the Soviet Bureau had to do with getting big businesses and manufacturers to invest in Russia despite the lack of formal diplomatic relations, not running around trying to make America communist, although that was in the works. A captive market intrigued hundreds of the biggest firms, but when asked by the New York Times (back when it actually practiced journalism) they totally denied it. But in the Lusk Committee files, their names, particularly, Swift & Co. were found.

While all this was going on in the USA, the Bolsheviks were still fighting in Russia and American troops were over there on the opposite side of the Reds. Meanwhile, the money was being funneled fast and furious, one might say, by the banksters out of Russia from rubles to sterling. Those sitting on Wall Street were reading all about it their papers in the peace of their executive suites, while the profit projections resulting from the captive economy of Russia lay on their desks.

Now don't go Pavlov-dog on me and freak out because I used the word profit negatively in a sentence. These people had already amassed enough wealth to be comfortable, and were not reinvesting it in America for new technologies, but were instead exchanging it for power that would be international in scope. Like a mountain climber trying to scale ever-higher peaks, these guys are addicted to power/money like crackheads. The love of money IS the root of all evil, as we shall find out...

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution by Dr. Anthony Sutton is available in its entirety at Reformed Theology.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Worldview Weekend Scrutenizes Prayerful Perry

As some of you may know, I'm a real fan of the ministry of Brannon Howse, who is not afraid to go heresy hunting among the famed religious leaders of our day. We Bible-thumpers take the Bible as an American is supposed to take the Constitution, as literal as possible, but always holding on the the spirit of God's law.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Elite Schools vs. Public Schools

Here is John Taylor Gatto giving you the benefit of how the Elite school their kids versus what your kids are getting in the regular schools. Click through the whole series, but I have included the outline to get you Eloi thinking.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gibson Guitar and Agenda 21

I'm sure you heard that here in Tennessee, Gibson Guitar has experienced the fascist fury of being one of the few all-American companies left.Note that this company doesn't outsource anything and exports at a profit. Maybe they didn't get the memo that jobs are supposed to go overseas and products are to be imported. Listen as the CEO tells of his ordeal of facing down the barrel of the state. Conservatives, where the crap is my national security???

He questions whether his company is "valued" in the United States. The United States government does not value you at all, but "America" does. Call you local and state officials and tell them you are outraged and tell them what you know about Agenda 21. Most of them have no clue what that's all about.

Look at what the governor of Tennessee has to say about the matter when one Tennessean emailed him, (wasn't me).

August 30, 2011

Dear Friend:

Thank you for contacting me about the recent situation with Gibson Guitars. Listening to and learning from Tennesseans is very important to me, and I certainly appreciate your concern, frustration, and input on this matter.

This is a federal issue that is being investigated by the United States Department of Justice. I encourage you to share your concerns with our U.S. Senators and with your Congressman.

Again, thank you for writing. I look forward to working with you and all Tennesseans to make our great state an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.

Warmest regards,
Bill Haslam

Oh well, it's being investigated by the DoJ, the same organization that threatened to shut down all flights coming in and out of Texas if they dared vote out the TSA. The same organization that is totally looking the other way while billions of dollars are being counterfieted by the Federal Reserve and being pumped out to foreign banks. Somebody needs to check out whether Bill Haslam has velcro or shoelaces if you know what I mean. Look at my previous posts and see where I warned you about this guy. We could all be led to the slaughter and he'd be sitting there chewing bubble gum mumbling how its a "federal" matter. Davy Crockett weeps.

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