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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Monday, September 5, 2011

Worldview Weekend Scrutenizes Prayerful Perry

As some of you may know, I'm a real fan of the ministry of Brannon Howse, who is not afraid to go heresy hunting among the famed religious leaders of our day. We Bible-thumpers take the Bible as an American is supposed to take the Constitution, as literal as possible, but always holding on the the spirit of God's law.

So Brannon examined those that Rick Perry had surrounded himself with Dominionists at his public prayer gathering August 8. They are the New Apostolic Movement and they are very cultish. They claim to receive extra-Biblical revelation, which the Bible says cannot happen and if anyone tells you that, you know it's not of God. These people are most likely talking to demons. You may laugh, but the Bible tells us that we are going to see a major falling away in the latter days. As someone who has been active in church, I can tell you even in conservative Baptist circles - it's crazy out here. One of those at Perry's Prayer day was C. Peter Wagner, the dude that influenced that ear-tickler, Rick Warren, a man that the SBC refuses to kick out. Here's a link to the vid that explains it all. Before I started investigating politics and government, I was really, really into researching corruption in the churches, so I would expect most of you won't be seeing the big deal about who's praying and what certain sects believe. But as we see the world uniting around a common government and currency, you better believe that the "one" religion is also being formed. It's the third leg in the tyranny stool. Hey, wanna see some demonic activity on Youtube?

(h/t A Little Leaven - The Museum of Idolatry)
Just in case you don't think they're here and they're on the move..freaky! Note the high-pitched giggling. I knew one woman I suspected of being demonically possessed as she would work her way to the kids or youth only to insult them and had that damned high-pitched giggle that turned your blood cold. It was a complicated messed-up situation, but I learned a lot through it and it set me off on my journey of investigation.

The whole point of this post is to be aware of what people are telling you about God. It's so obvious that Rick Perry is trying to suck up to Christians, it's almost pathetic. To those of us who are just holding tight to our highlighted, marked up Bibles, we can see that those "Christians" he's surrounding himself with are just like him, ear-ticklers.

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.  --I John 4:1


  1. It will be interesting to see how Perry does in the GOP debate coming up. One of the commentators who will be on the panel stated" There will nothing left of Perry by the time we get through with him". I don't know which is worse, Perry being exposed as being less than what he portrays himself to be, or the news media who believe they should be the purveyors of truth. Take your pick

  2. Perry being exposed is a good thing, if he his public image is not his true image. I'm tired of fake people, personally. I guess I would pick the news media doing the Newspeak thing being worse. Perry may be a flash in the pan if his record gets into the public consciousness in such a way that the Rush and Hannity's can't defend him.

  3. I think the other candidates need to do a better job exposing his financial ties to the pornography industry.

  4. You're right Trestin, I just think that "going there" by the other candidates at this stage would be to stoop to his level. I'm sure that's down in the deck somewhere if it comes down to it. He's such a horrible, sleazy guy without the porn, why go there until you have to. Plus, as depraved as our country is, some might think its a good thing.


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