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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rick Perry is Arlen Specter in Cowboy Boots

Here's talk show host Jerry Doyle taking Establishment Republicans to the woodshed. wowee! What he says here rings true and you can tell because it's so darn refreshing. He calls the TPTB candidates out for what they really are --no mercy is shown.

(h/t Daily Paul)
Jerry is a former Republican congressional candidate for California's 24th district, giving him a little insight into how the Republican party operates. He has had a very interesting life you can read about here. If you are tired of Rush talking about his cats and the Steelers while the world melts down around us, try listening to Jerry at one of his stations here.

And if you haven't seen Babyon 5, of which Jerry Doyle played one of the major, you should probably put it in your queue because you will like it if you enjoy good vs. evil plot lines.

Here's the "best of Mr. Garibaldi" - Remember, don't make a scene-put on your armband.


  1. Doyle doesn't pull his punches, that's for sure! I had not heard of Doyle before and from your link to his site, it looks like I may be able to pick him up. (I live in the boonies and reception is pretty sketchy). While I don't agree with everything he says, he does bring an important view to the discussion. I have known for years that the candidates we "select" are 99% of the time "selected" for us--for both parties. How we can ever get out of the big government/shadow government control is, I'm afraid, an endless battle.
    I agree with his assessment of the treatment of Ron Paul. I usually agree with Paul on every domestic issue and he's the only candidate, and one of few in congress, that actually uses the constitution as a litmus test on every issue. On foreign policy he is correct on many things, but on other issues, he is a bit too much of an isolationist during these global times. Perry? I learned some things about him that I didn't know--it's good to have a magnifying glass on all of our candidates. The msm will twist the view to their liking. Santorum is going nowhere. While social issues have their place, there is WAY too much at stake in this election for Republicans to let social issues take center stage. Thanks for the information!

  2. I would add that foreign policy is a subject that is very sanitized for us Americans by the both the liberal and conservative press. I really don't know what to believe, that's why I've gone back to 1900 basically and started to do my own investigation. There is a difference between isolationist, like old Japan, and non-interventionist, which is what would have described the Republican viewpoint during the Clinton years (Bosnia, aspirin factories, anyone?)

    I've got a lot of info on Rick Perry on this blog, and just when I thought I had blogged it all, another kind blogger will give me more info and none of it is good.

    Santorum is a total hack - I hear Toomey still has the knife sticking out of his back and his association with RINOS is too hard to ignore.

    Like Antony Sutton said, "The Battle for American Independence can only be won with facts"

  3. I listen to Rush as much as I want to spend time in the belly of the beast. Which is not at all.

    perry does as much for me as romney does, which is not at all.

    One of the main clues here is that the democrat media has framed the red team as romney and perry. This tells me neither of them is worth a damn as POTUS.

  4. Kid, you express my sentiments exactly.

    As people have grown totally cynical of the media, we looked to be played nowadays and that might mean their framing attempts could backfire.


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