Although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is, in some respects, one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked... in which I have spoken of so many important things done by Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply, To the superiority of their women.

--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blackwater to Patrol Greece?!

According to this post at Lew Rockwell, a waitress at a Greek restaurant says that her daughter and son-in-law were coming over from that austere country. She said that middle-class folks were digging through trash cans for food.

The post further goes on to recount that everyone but the usual suspects with the Swiss bank accounts are getting totally shafted. Riots are gettting more dangerous. The native police can't be trusted because their salaries have been cut and they, too, are royally ticked off. The solution? Call in the Mercs!

The Greek government has hired Blackwater, which now operates under the name Academi, (seems like they change their name every two years or something) plus five other such merc companies to keep order. Read: keep the mundanes from slitting the throats of those who never seem to go to jail, never lose any money, and always have JP Morgan et al on speed dial.

Coming to us soon? I hope not -  spread the word about the playbook, and they'll be forced to use another one. Hopefully not the mousepox scenerio...

Friday, February 22, 2013

They Want Somebody Dead: Is It You?

I'm sure by now you've heard about the massive stash of bullets that the Department of Homeland Security aka Brownshirts for the 21st century has purchased. Recall that DHS was formed in consultation with the ex-chiefs of the East German Stasi and KGB, putting the total in totalitarianism.

I'm sure you've also heard that "law enforcement" agencies have purchased a whole lot of targets that look like everyday white Americans to use at the range or on pop-up targets. They have grandma and grandpa targets, pregnant women, little kids - all of which are white people. I never get into the whole racial drama stuff, but I'm beginning to feel like someone is zeroing in on my particular demographic.

You'll notice that the target has a background that indicates that she is in her own home, not out in the "battlefield" blowing up bridges and setting up IEDs. If you get a chance to look at some of the other targets, you'll find them set in their homes. 

As Infowars reports, a big customer of this target company is DHS, who a source said ordered these targets:

Following concerns that the issue could be linked with Homeland Security’s purchase of around 2 billion bullets over the last year, which many fear is linked to preparations for domestic disorder, it has now emerged that Law Enforcement Training Inc. has racked up contracts worth almost $2 million dollars with the DHS over the last three years.
The vast majority of those contracts were for “training aids” and “paperboard,” according to the website, which lists numerous different contracts each in the region of $150,000 and $180,000 dollars stretching back to early 2010 and running through to July 2012.
A customer who called Law Enforcement Inc. yesterday told Infowars that the company informed him the targets were, “strictly for Department of Homeland Security and other law enforcement agencies.”

But who else would want these, unless the local SWAT teams are looking for more fresh meat? Will Grigg has a great piece that ties this outrage to the track record of "law enforcement", which has a hefty body count.

But what really, really blows my mind is that there are conservatives, who have been mentioned in the Homeland MIAC report as potential terrorists and are being used literally as target practice, who are whining about how "stupid" liberals are and how "retarded" Obama supporters are. Um, HELLO! They're just so stupid that they're planning to outgun you, and keep you talking political reality in stupid Fox News terms. Who is the dumb ones here? I think that's the big difference between so-called libertarians, which really is just awake Americans, and conservatives who are unaware of the real centers of power in this country.

As I have taken a lot of time to detail on this blog, going piece by piece through the names, companies, association, etc. we are in our 100th year of subversion by god-hating, possibly devil-worshiping weirdos. That's really the bottom line; the reality that we have to understand before any possible reform can come. Maybe I ought to troll some conservative sites and drop some truth bombs and see what happens - usually just silence.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Random Thoughts from a Person Who Thinks Too Much

I haven't had time to cohesively put together post of quality because stuff like this has been racing through my mind:

  • Potty training two kids at once is no picnic. The baby, almost two, wants to go potty but doesn't try to make it on time and plays around with it. She does take her diaper off before going and then proceeds to go all over the place. Just the other day she alerted me to her situation and I look into the room she's pointing in, scanning for a dirty diaper, but instead sunk my toe right into a warm pile. So then I go hopping on one foot to the bathroom to wash it off. Now comes the real embarrrassing part, my recently-turned four year old is not potty trained and is a particularly difficult case because we can't understand hardly anything he says. We did make out "I don't wanna" when asked why he didn't go potty. Well there you go, you can't argue with that. I've made some inroads, but I have to put him on the toliet and refuse to let him off until he goes. He takes to hiding around the house - I should take him outside and blast him with the hose, but I think he'd like it too much.
  • Tomorrow the little stinker and I go to a local school to get his speech evaluated. He looks and acts like his older sister who was a late talker. But when he came up on four years old and I still couldn't understand him, I decided I needed to do something. I hesitated because having to take one kid to ongoing appointments is a pain when you got others, but since I've got a fourteen year old babysitter and my husband can work from home a good portion of the time, it shouldn't be such a big deal. One thing for sure, if he has auditory processing problems, getting started on working it out before kindergarten will help me out in the long run. I figure he's got dyslexia, auditory processing problems and all that jazz. I ran up against that with his aforementioned sister, but she was at least talking at four and when she was six, I did her speech therapy myself at home. But this is different because she at least was talking enough where I could identify which particular sounds she was screwing up: f, v, th, and zh. There are exercises for those and we spent about a year working though them all.  Little guy is a little wild man, I just hope he doesn't hang from the rafters. This is an example of what he sounds like:

  • So anyway, I've also been thinking that leggings are not pants. I was waiting to get an ultrasound because the NP thought my uterus was bigger than 13 weeks, but nope the baby measured right where I said she should be. But in the waiting room a woman comes in wearing skin tight red pants, and she wasn't fifteen, but at least 40. Lord have mercy - this is yet another sign of the last days. She had nice looking legs, but that's not the point. I too, have nice legs, but I don't go around showing them off in public like a ho ho. What's with this I have a mini-mini skirt sweater dress thing on top so it's all cool thing going on? Maybe at 33, I've finally become the old church lady? We've come a long way since women weren't supposed to show their ankles. Maybe they had a point: miniskirts=total downfall of western civilization.
  • So this LA Cop stuff is interesting to watch because of the many ways the Elite will try to utilize it to their advantage, if the whole thing isn't a con to begin with. I see mulitiple scenerios:
  1. This Dorner fellow really did perceive himself to be done wrong and is not psycho, instead has taken up cold blooded, deliberate revenge as his hobby. Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose and all that. LAPD has a lot coming back to it for all the RFK assasination evidence they destroyed, but anyway...
  2. Given his military background, I would not dismiss the possibity of programming as we've seen with so many other patsies. This incident gives the government a reason to go after veterans with psych screens to keep their firearms, to use drones on an American civilian for the first time, and to further condition Americans to accept a climate of fear. These people manipulate stuff like this all the time, thus saith the declassified CIA papers and such.
  3. Dorner might be part of a larger team to achieve the maniuplation and get the drone program to a rip roaring start. His raving writings were supposed to give him credibility with everyone who's been pulled over in LA for driving while black, and at the same time maintain the narrative for a black man in a blue state-"Obama is awesome as well as everything out of his mouth..."
  • I've really got to start my indoor seedlings for the garden this year. Red headed sister already has the prime window space for her butterfly garden seedlings. I'm thinking of expanding into a potato patch and maybe put in a few rows of corn this year. One thing is for sure, the birds around here are almost at a Hitchcock level, I do think they ate a lot of my seeds right after I put them in last year. Thus I'm going to try to beat them by starting out with some big plants. 
  • I've really also got to start getting my kids involved in some sort of activities, we don't seem to be connected with people as quickly as I did in my old homeschooling circles. I would put my girls in Girl Scouts, but they've gotten so liberal-not the troop leaders, but the literature they put out. They've done away with so many of the badges and push the girl power crap to the point where they might as well just say homemaker=complete loser. Yes, there are American Heritage girls, but not one close enough to me and it's a major production to get one of those started-do I look like I've got the time?
  • Blogging on a tablet is very frustrating. I can't get the Youtube embed codes to come up, putting pictures in is spotty, and all of a sudden, the cursor gets whisked away somewhere or won't cooperate. I have a keyboard that goes with it so typing is not a problem, but the rest of it really ticks me off. That and I can't seem to have any quality time with the PC.
  • Also I've thrown my back out so I hope I don't have to drag little buddy to and fro (he's really fond of the sit down strike right now-as an added twist, he'll pull off his shoes and socks if he doesn't want to leave) as he's really strong and wirey. Well the heating pad calls me again...

Monday, February 4, 2013

Manly American Men

You know you need some counter to the propaganda, especially if you still own a "television machine". So here they are, speaking out loud and proud:

A father of a student at Sandy Hook laying the blame where it belongs:

Here are some guys in Western New York who have no intention of registering anything with anybody:

And here is Henson Ong who could be a voice-over actor, I think. Sometimes it takes someone from the outside to clearly see what is going on:

Well hope this cheers someone up out there.
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