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Friday, November 18, 2011

Tennessee VIPR : A Deeper Look

Like many Tennesseans, I am horrified that the UStasi has decided to pick my state as their starting point for patrolling the highways. Like Jesse Ventura recently said, if the "terrorists" hate us for our freedoms, our government's solution seems to be take away our freedoms so we too, can enjoy living in a police state.

I think most here are mystified and bewildered as to what to do about this. There wasn't a vote, just one day TPTB decided they had the right to inspect vehicles at their discretion. Currently VIPR in TN consists of five weigh stations and two bus terminals.

One of the only names I found on the state level behind this was Bill Gibbons, our Safety and Homeland Security Commissioner. Appointed by the RINO we love to mock, Bill Haslam, who has coincidentally endorsed Romney with his daddy and brother heading up Team Romney in TN. Quid pro quo as Romney endorsed Haslam for governor. Had Wamp and Ramsey not split the conservative vote, Haslam would not have made it. Just trying to show you how the Establishment rolls in the Volunteer State.

Bill Gibbons Establishment roots run pretty deep. He came from a really, really poor family. Do you hear the small violin in the background? While in high school, which is rather odd, he gets tapped by Lamar Alexander, to be the leader of a group called  "Teenagers for Baker in Shelby County". Lemme tell you about Howard for a minute, his daddy was a congressman, his first father in law a Senator.(Everett Dirksen), his second wife was a US Senator (Nancy Kassabuam), his second father in law was Governor of Kansas (Alf Landon)--are we getting the picture? I'll draw it for you:
I expanded out the Partnership for a Secure America, thinking this was the most Orwellian of the groups germane to our discussion. Yes, the same players appear over and over, Zbignew Brzenzski, author of The Grand Chessboard - the guide to world domination at the hands of American might, lots of State Dept folks, and many names associated with scandal: Bud McFarlane, (what's down your pants?)Sandy Berger, Gary Hart, etc.

So after you get past he weirdness of being plucked from poverty and obscurity, (kind of like Gloria Steinem) and thrust into political activity by Governor Alexander, we find Bill working for the Establishment at every turn. He gets a law degree from Vandy and begins to ensconce himself back in Memphis. He goes into city politics.I'm sure any Memphis readers in the know out there could clue us into what goes on in that town!  In 1996, our much hated Governor Sunquist appoints him as District Attorney General of Shelby County despite not having any experience prosecuting or defending. Hmmm. He was Tennessee's representative to the National District Attorneys Association's (NDAA) Board of Directors. He was elected and reelected to the position of District DA of Shelby County until his appointment to this Homeland Security gig by Haslam.

Bill Gibbons actually ran against Haslam early on in the race. You can see his facebook page here, but I noticed something quite odd about it. The link to his governor's race website goes to Jim Gibbons running for governor in Nevada. Weird. But then you see him getting this Homeland Security appointment.

But here's where it gets good, his wife is a Federal judge sitting on the 6th US District Court of Appeals. I'm sure if you challenged the VIPR in Tennessee, there would be a warm "Southern Cooking" waiting for you.

I know its from Wikipedia, but the references check out:

Julia Gibbons grew up in the rural Tennessee town of Pulaski. Gibbons received a B.A. from Vanderbilt University and a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law. After graduation, she served as a law clerk to Sixth Circuit Judge William Ernest Miller. She was in private practice from 1976-1979 before joining Governor Lamar Alexander's staff as a legal advisor in 1979. In 1981, she left the Governor's staff to become a state trial judge inTennessee.
Gibbons was first appointed to the federal bench by President Ronald Reagan on June 7, 1983. She served as a judge on the United States District Court for the Western District of Tennessee until her appointment by President George W. Bush to the Sixth Circuit.
So one would surmise that they met through good ol' Lamar, who probably suggested her for the judgeship.

Allow Bill to tell you his vision for the Department of Security and Homeland Security

This was uploaded in May. Did I mention that his department has a Youtube channel? Oh Yes! This little gem won an award at the Uniformed Safety Education Officers Workshop. I think with the VIPR, it takes on a whole new meaning:

And this award-winner takes on a whole new meaning with the latest drone technology:
Well they say if you "see something, say something" and that's what I try to do with my blogging. I see a bunch of parasites eating my country away. If "muslims" did take some of us out, I actually think that John Holdren and Cass Sunstein would just do high-five for the population being reduced. They don't care about us at all, if they did, they'd be outraged over our livelihoods being pumped out of the middle class. Fear is a powerful motivator and they're counting on it. But Jesus said "fear not" more than he said anything else. Why? Because that diffuse tyranny's only source of power.


  1. The government will keep taking power away from the people until the people say no more. I wonder if they ever will.

  2. The people can say it all day long, but the only language TPTB understand is violence, as that's what they use on us.

    If you ask the average person, they're against this stuff - it really is about psych. manipulation.


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