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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Herman Cain - Losing It?

I really liked listening to Herman when he filled in for Neil. Truly. I don't want to "not like" Herman, you understand. But this guy is starting to cross over into "freaky deaky" ville. Observe:

Herman is asked about his policy on appointing Muslims, which I though was a fair question. He says he'd take "extra precautions". Ok, making sense to me so far. Then a guy asks for clarification on what that means specifically. (He could have just said background checks or some extra intelligence scrutiny. Whoa there, they're not paying you for advice.)
Then, I'm not sure what Herman is saying anymore. I'm just like WT???
Note: This was taped back in July. It may be that he never really "had" it to begin with.
Can someone say Snakes on a Cain?

Also, keep in mind that Herman is looking to Henry Kissinger for foreign policy advice. That's a red flag for either Establishment sympathy or an Establishment co-opt attempt, kiddos. That guy is a big Nasgull in the collectivist empire of evil. See related post and documentary about Henry here. (Between him and Z Brzenzski, it was a long time before America had a NSA director who didn't sound like Boris of Bullwinkle fame. Xenophobic? maybe.)

Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation (which I suspect to be a co-opted group) lets Cain have it and of course this reported on by that hell-bound group, People for the American Way.

 I was wrong about Herman Cain.I said originally that Cain could stay on message better than almost any other candidate. His 9-9-9 plan was all he would talk about and I attributed that to good messaging on his part.I was wrong.It is not messaging. Cain cannot talk about anything else. Tonight there is a video from the Journal Sentinel online that show an interview with Herman Cain. Forget the sexual harassment allegations. Forget Mark Block’s gross incompetence. Herman Cain needs to leave the race because he is not qualified to be President. The video is painful to watch. It is obvious Cain is in over his head and simply clueless.And this man wants to be the Commander in Chief making decisions? Candidates have something called briefing books. These are prepared by staffers and contain, among other things, topics candidates are expected to have at least a passing knowledge of. Cain may not be expected to know the name of the President of Montenegro or the Prime Minister of Moldavia, but Libya is a question that will obviously come upWatching Herman Cain stumble around looking for an answer is beyond painful. He looks to the ceiling, desperately seeking an answer. He responds in vague talking points.To the Cain supporters, I simply say watch this video and ask yourself, “Is this the man you want answering the red phone in the White House at 3 AM?”
Of course the video he is referring to is found here. It is remarkable that most of us blogging types could have done a better job in that interview. The thing is, I know that Herman had been planning this run for a long time. That's why I don't understand why he wouldn't make it a point to read up and prepare pat statements to avoid these sorts of embarrassments.


  1. He sounds kinda like he's not too confident of his own positions, doesn't he? Like maybe he's just making it up as he talks, and he's not even paying attention to what he's making up. Or maybe a little crazy. That seems like a possibility.

    I don't see how anybody thought this was the guy who could beat Obama. Obama would slaughter him. Heck, I'd probably vote for Obama over him if someone put a gun to my head. At least I know what the heck Obama's trying to do! Nah. I guess I'd just have to let 'em pull the trigger.

  2. Yeah, somebody get that man a teleprompter.
    When the choice is voting between Fed Cartel candidate A and Fed Cartel candidate B, you don't really have a choice.


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