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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ron Paul Telling Cameraman to Play Nice

Seems like CBS is having a change of heart since Saturday’s debate. Three days ago CBS hosted an hour-long foreign policy debate during which Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul had a mere 90 seconds of air time. Less than a week later, the network is muscling competitors out of the way just to get a camera shot of the Texas congressman. Bloomberg’s latest poll numbers show Paul in a statistical tie for the lead in Iowa, causing even the not-so-Ron-Paul-friendly CBS to declare that his candidacy has moved into the “top tier.” Today during Rep. Paul’s appearance at a Cato Institute conference, one CBS cameraman was so determined to get a shot of the GOP candidate that he shoved Daily Caller videographer Direna Cousins. Paul stopped his interview to tell the CBS reporter to stop behaving so aggressively.
via The Daily Caller
Like I've said, he's the only adult in the race. No shoving, please. Also, if you're in debt 15 trillion bucks, the first thing an adult does is cease and desist spending. However, Dr. Paul is the only one with a serious plan to do that.


  1. By your definition of an adult, I agree. Ron Paul stands alone.

  2. It is interesting that the libs haven't come up with any sort of credible "dirt" on Ron Paul. All I've heard so far is "He's a nut". And I saw something where there was a video, real or not, about a fake eyebrow coming loose.

    Seriously? That's what they've got?

  3. He's like the grandpa we turn to when we're in money trouble and need advice.

    Kid, when you vote alone as often as he has, it tells volumes. Lobbyists don't have him on his schedule. Clean living can pay off in the end.

  4. and everyone wonders why I choose Bachmann and Paul for the election and will write them in if the R elites 'give' us another lesser of two evils!!
    thank you for the video of Paul-again- showing 'class'...

  5. While I almost totally agree with Paul, he loses me with this foreign policy regarding Iran. When a aspects of a religion support blowing up the world to achieve the next life sooner rather than later, it takes nukes to a new level. But I will hang with you otherwise. :))

  6. Thanks Carol for dropping by.
    Bunker, I hear you. But you may not be grasping the entire picture. There is a lot more than religion in play over there. We have been force-fed a very simplistic foreign policy that doesn't not mirror the reality of the money that is changing hands.

    I hope to flesh this out in future posts.


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