Although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is, in some respects, one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked... in which I have spoken of so many important things done by Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply, To the superiority of their women.

--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My letter from HSDLA

I am a member of the Home School Legal Defense Association, a group that legally represents challenges to home education by asserting the Fourth Amendment.  They are associated with Patrick Henry College, the preeminent college comprising of mostly homeschooled children.

The Chancellor of PHC is Michael Farris who tells us how he wistfully looked at a picture of the original 85 students of PHC from the year 2000. Where are they now?

One was is a lawyer in the Justice Dept.
One was a personal assistant to Karl Rove
Some of them work for the FBI and CIA
another lawyer in TX
PhD's abound
Two PHC grads are helping Bill Bennett with his projects

This was the good news part of his letter.

The bad news was the pathetic GOP candidates whose deficiencies include:

lack of convictions
lack of communication ability
lack of civility.
lack of common sense

To solve this problem, the talent pool must be filled. "A presidential candidate should embody the combination of convictions, experience, character, and the ability to communicate that can inspire us all." So according to Mr. Farris, Jefferson should never have been president.

How the heck is working for Bill Bennett something to be proud of? The man was in charge of a communist organisation known as the Department of Education to implement soviet style education. Not to mention the character flaws there. This is like the Twilight Zone. An assistant to Karl Rove??? Was the lawyer in the Justice Department remain true to Christian principles or is it more worthy in Mr. Farris' eyes to go along to get along? Some of them work for the FBI and CIA, huh? yeck.

Look, I'm just a homeschool mom who uses google to pull up original docs and I have been able to connect a lot of dots. I'm just kind of astounded that these supposed "intellectuals" haven't had some red flags go off and follow a similar line of investigation.

But guess what else was in the envelope? A slip offering to give PHC a donation via my credit card. Hahahaha. Note to self: Don't send my kids to PHC or they'll wind up neoconned with a Christian flair.

Since I got this letter, I've found that Michael Farris has freaked out on Ron Paul's contention that the 14th amendment was unconstitutional in the way it cut some legs out from under the 10th. You see, to Lawyer Farris, the 14th amendment was useful to him in winning some homeschooling victories, but the 10 amendment is all about homeschooling. To read an excellent article on the fallacy of Farris' thinking, please see this by Jerri Lynn Ward. In case you don't know, Farris is the guy who kept pushing for the Parental Rights Amendment to the Constitution. This is supposedly needed because the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of a Child has been ratified by every country in the world except the US and Somalia. If it were to be ratified, parents would no longer have rights over their children. Our Constitution is not enough to protect us, so we need an amendment stating that parents have the right to raise their own children. (If it's not in writing, it doesn't exist, you know.)

The Elite Powers that Be don't give a crap if its in writing, dude. They can take away the Fourth Amendment with a lengthy bill and a hardy har har. Let's pretend the Parental Rights Amendment is passed and ratified, do you think that will stop them for one minute from doing what they want anyway? In case you missed it, the Supreme Court just decided with international law anyway in the latest copyright case. You see folks, they are breaking down our Constitution like an old cardboard box to get us ready for the new international "new world order". It's not a conspiracy anymore, it's on the front pages of every media outlet. Forgive the Elite if they don't go ahead and connect every single dot and broadcast it 24/7 so as to overcome your programming. You're going to have to get some of this on your own. As someone who has escaped the educational portion of the system, I would have expected Mr. Farris to understand where more of us homeschoolers are coming from in our support of Dr. Paul. Oh, that reminds me...

Dr. Voddie Baucham, pastor of Grace Family Baptist Church, author of Family Driven Faith, and homeschool dad extraordinaire gives his reasons for supporting Ron Paul in this well-written article. 

But to understand where Michael Farris is coming from, one need not look very deeply into his associations with our favorite people, the Elite that pose as conservative apple pie types as they blow up brown people for fun and profit.

Michael Farris

Take note of one Richard Scaife, heir to the Mellon fortune and heavily invested in the military industrial complex. Then from Muckety, whose maps never work right for me, we see that Mr. Farris is a member of Christian Freedom International, an Orwellian name given that fellow members include Erik Prince, who made a princely sum off of mercenary activities, Don Nickels, former OK Senator and Board Member of Valero Oil, Faith Ryan Whittlesey, former Ambassador to Switzerland, former board member of Sunbeam, current board member at Valassis Communications, and Schindler USA (a Swiss Company) She also was the recipient of a Ford Fellowship. Are all of these things bad in themselves? No, but those of us who are watching see certain "interests" pop up again and again, even if the trees in the forest don't recognize where they are. Ah, and our friend Grover Norquist, well-known neocon is on the Parental Rights nonprofit. You ain't nobody in this country if you don't have your own nonprofit, don't ya know!

For the record, I am all about Parental Rights, and have probably signed the petition already, but as we are descending into rapid tyranny, it's time to start looking at the big picture. All the nitpicking about this and that ain't worth a hill of beans if your dollar won't purchase food. If you take the time to sort out who's who in the power structure of our country, then tyranny will be that much harder for them to implement on a local level.


  1. thank you for the overview of Micheal Farris' connections-
    as you know- I joined HSDLA when the HS 'movement' was fairly new-early '80s-
    The Dark Side has a way to infiltrate everything-doesn't it...

    1. I declare! Just when you think you're safe trusting in a group or person, they turn out to be working for the enemy, or just plain ignorant. The latter is probably more likely the case.

  2. I think it's just gotten to the point where HSLDA is just so big that it trusts only BIG government. They've put a lot of trust in the courts, which makes sense, since they're lawyers. We need what they do, yes. Do we need them agitating against smaller government, though? Absolutely not!

  3. PCH certainly has its good qualities. However, it hasn't turned to be as wonderful as first thought.

    1. Yes, when I first heard about PCH, I thought it was going to be a great place, but I'm not so pleased about them just turning out more big government fodder. It's like Cindy says, we need leaders who will be loyal to the small government as intended by the Founders, not ones who will be corrupted into playas.


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