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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fred Thompson, A Globalist Exposed

Former Fredhead here feeling pretty betrayed by someone I thought was All-American. Just goes to show how uneducated I was the last election cycle. Following the first rule of blogging, if someone has already done the work, share it. Tom Kovach, a fellow Tennessean had this to write in the last presidential cycle on Sen. Fred Thompson and clues you into how a state full of liberty loving people wind up with CFR tools in high office:

Tennessee’s globalist connections
The core values of the average voter in Tennessee are very conservative. This fact has produced Democrats that voted overwhelmingly for Ronald Reagan. But, out of misguided local loyalty, the conservative voters in Tennessee have also repeatedly elected homegrown globalists. Among them are prominent United States Sens. Howard Baker, Bill Frist, Lamar Alexander, and – yes – Fred Thompson.
All four of those Republican senators from Tennessee were members of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations during their tenure in the United States Senate. (And, a Democratic senator from Tennessee – Al Gore, who became vice-president – was also a CFR member.) Baker, who mentored Thompson into politics in 1972, was part of the “Panama Canal giveaway team” during the administration of President Jimmy Carter – another CFR member. (Note that the linked CNN commentary was written by Robert A. Pastor, another CFR globalist. Pastor recently wrote a column for WorldNetDaily, claiming to distance his North American Community plan from an assault upon American sovereignty.
The “lamestream” news media treats the CFR as merely some advisory think tank. But, the Council on Foreign Relations is much more than that. Going back almost a hundred years, the CFR mission is to establish a one-world government. Because of our historic role as a beacon of freedom, the United States is an obstacle to global domination. Therefore, CFR members must work – some openly, and some secretly – to steadily undermine American sovereignty. The recent news about the North American Union is only one phase of an unrelenting effort toward global government. To solidify elitist power, that effort includes a concurrent effort toward global currency. That effort toward a one-world money system is, in turn, linked to an effort to use RFID chips in commerce and marketing. Many people believe that the use of such chips is the “Mark of the Beast,” as predicted in the Holy Bible. (And, the president of the company that makes the chips is another Republican CFR member, presidential candidate Tommy Thompson. (Is anyone surprised?)
So, CFR member Lamar Alexander used to work for CFR member Howard Baker, who mentored CFR member Fred Thompson. And, Thompson was elected to the Senate in 1994, the same year CFR member Bill Frist was elected to the United States Senate from Tennessee. Both Frist and Thompson joined the CFR in 2002. So, with several years of experience on Capitol Hill at the time they both joined, there is no way either of them could reasonably deny knowledge of the agenda and influence of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations. (“What did Thompson know, and when did he know it?”)
Is there any further Tennessee connection to a globalist organization and agenda? Let’s see. The junior senator from Tennessee is Bob Corker, who was mentored by CFR members Frist and Alexander. (This writer personally spoke with Alexander at a fund-raiser for Corker.) Upon his inauguration, Corker was sworn in by CFR member Vice President Dick Cheney. There certainly seems to be a pattern.
I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a dress like that in public - and yes I could pull it off.
 Lordy day, my night gown is more modest!

By the way, during a 2002 speech at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in D.C. to his fellow CFR members, Vice President Cheney joked about getting elected by downplaying his membership in that globalist organization:
“I see a lot of old friends in the room. And it’s good to be back at the Council on Foreign Relations. As Pete mentioned, I have been a member for a long time, and was actually director for some period of time. I never mentioned that when I was campaigning for re-election back home in Wyoming – (laughter) – but it stood me in good stead.” It seems that having something of a country-boy image is helpful to concealing a globalist agenda – whether in Wyoming or in Tennessee.
Will the new junior senator from Tennessee join the ranks of globalist CFR members? Frist and Thompson did not join the CFR until several years after they were in office. Both had already proven their globalist credentials by that time, having voted in favor of relaxed immigration and border security rules. Corker is already on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as were CFR members Baker, Gore, Thompson and Frist. What did these gentlemen from Tennessee – elected by conservatives – do while they were in office?
Baker helped to give away the Panama Canal. Gore’s committee on aviation security eschewed probable terrorist connections to the downing of TWA Flight 800. Thompson voted to expand NAFTA, and to relax limits on migrant farm workers. Frist (as majority leader) refused to push a tough border-security bill through the Senate, even though H.R. 4437 – the “Wall Bill” – had passed in the House overwhelmingly.
Bob Corker talked tough on border security during his campaign, but couldn’t quite shake allegations that his construction company had hired illegal aliens and had ignored warnings from INS officials. (Those allegations, by the way, came from Republican primary opponents, as well as his Democratic general election opponent.) So, it would appear Corker would be “encouraged” by globalist mentors such as Thompson to lean toward the CFR position on border security and alien workers.
And, with a political bloodline of CFR globalism behind him, doesn’t it seem likely that Bob Corker would be the next CFR member senator from Tennessee? And wouldn’t that scenario be far more likely if there was a President Fred Thompson to sponsor his membership? There is no doubt Thompson has a globalist pedigree. And, if he becomes a candidate for the White House, the pattern is already established for Thompson and his CFR-elite cronies to continue weakening the security of America’s borders, turning a blind eye toward terrorist threats, and giving away America’s strategic advantages. Regardless of his amiable personal qualities, can the United States really afford to elect a “Bush-button” globalist president such as Fred Thompson?

Tom Kovach lives near Nashville, is a former USAF Blue Beret, and has written for several online publications. He recently published his first book. Kovach is also an inventor, a horse wrangler, a certified paralegal and a former talk-radio host. To learn more,

Am I shocked Fred endorses Newt? Why no, they're all playas for Team Central Bankster.

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  1. here is someone we can look up -to-
    I wonder if he were homeschooled?
    Tim Thomas-refused to meet w/ bho-and the reason why---

    as to Thompson-I was surprised but - have learned to trust no one who has any sort of 'power' or 'influence'-in govt-


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