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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oslo: You have to break a few innocent eggs to make a totalitarian omelet

Like everyone, I cringe at the violence in Norway. The media reports were initially confusing and mostly wrong. I thought it would be constructive to put together a mini-timeline of events to see what really went down.

  • Wed, July 20th, Norwegian a special forces against terrorism run a drill of a terrorist bombing attack without first notifying the public, according to this Norwegian article.
  • Thur, July 21st, Homeland Security puts out this training video featuring traditional-looking Americans and absolutely no Muslims. The video dovetails with the infamous MIAC report that lists returning veterans, Ron Paul supporters, and libertarians as possible domestic terrorists. The overarching message is that anyone could be a terrorist.
  • Fri, July 22, Anders Behrin Breivik dresses as a police officer and goes on his shooting rampage. We later find out that he despises Muslim immigration into Norway and we're not allowed to forget that he is a Christian and the Norwegian equivalent of a conservative Tea Partier. The Norwegian SWAT team that had been training for this very event just two days prior took fifty minutes to get dispatched and it took the police 90 minutes to respond. You would think that they would have quicker reaction time seeing how they had drilled on this very scenario just 48 hours previously.
Can I prove that these events are connected? No, dumbbutt, I've never been to Norway to acquire the take-to-court proof, but I can smell something is wrong in Denmark if you know what I mean. You have this eyewitness and resident of the area describing that he saw suspicious looking men in black uniforms sweeping the area Thursday. You have to wonder that if he was that angry at Muslim immigration, he would have targeted, you know, Muslims? How does shooting up kids at camp solve anything? I know, I know, he's nuts. Question being is this another Ted Kaczynski kind of thing? According to his brother, who was the one who turned him in, Ted was recruited into a series of psychological experiments on highly gifted students while he was at Harvard and was never the same since then.

But this happened in Norway, what connection could that have to the Homeland Security video implying white Christians could be the next terrorists? You might have a problem seeing the connection if you still see the world through a certain paradigm. But I'm here to tell you that the mulitnational corporations that support the World Bank, WTO, UN, etc. aren't even loyal to the bulk of mankind, much less America, the land where their fortunes were made. You see, Norway was going to pull out of Libya by August 1. Norway is militarily connected to the United States through NATO. Here is the map I made of the US Committee on NATO, a group whose mission it is to expand NATO membership, you'll notice that it's the same ol' people in the same ol' clubs:
Can't get the mapper thing to give me a link today, but you can find it by searching through the database.

What I'm saying to you is watch what happens to this Norwegian mad-bomber guy. Could this be another Operation Gladio type of thing? I don't know, but I do know that anyone who takes what the media says at face value about anything is a total and complete idiot. It would really play into the narrative that the powers of be are trying hard to create that now every Christian who likes the Constitution could be some crazed killer. You may have noticed that our government doesn't bother to profile Muslims, in fact they're importing them - that's because this whole control-grid is being set up for the average American. We've been compromised and "they" are going to make damn sure you're not able to do anything about it.

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  1. A lot of things don't add up about this his lack of internet history until the last few days for one. I'm going to sit back and watch the information come in from all sides, before I make a conclusion. But yeah, this smells rotten.


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