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Friday, July 22, 2011

Breaking Down Planned - Opolis

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Update/Correction: Should read 3000 gallons of water below - I was going off memory when I was writing this up.

Consider the following three videos: If you don't have the stomach to watch them all, I completely understand. Just watch one and skip down to the analysis, which I'm sure you'll find quite interesting.

You would almost believe that this is some sort of farce, a put-on. So I did some digging on what exactly the Forum for the Future is and who is funding it. If you've been a regular reader, then you know by now that the super-duper rich elites work their wiles on the world through the Foundations as revealed in the Reece Committee of 1953 and written about by Rene Wormser. This Forum for the Future is yet another of the "nonprofits"  that seeks to collectivize society.

According to their latest financial report, this UK based NGO has recently opened a New York office with the financial backing of the Tides Foundation and has raised over 200,000 pounds for the 2010 fiscal year.  They brag of the following accomplishments:

We continued to influence business thinking, contributing to ambitious strategies - such as Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan and PepsiCo’s sustainable agriculture goals - that set the benchmark for corporations globally.

We ran a number of cutting edge projects, launching the UK’s first eco-rating scheme for mobile phones with O2, helping eBay make its business model even more sustainable, and trialling ‘disruptive innovation’ in the energy sector.
 One thing I noticed on the back of my Unilever corporation Suave shampoo bottle while showering was a little factoid. Did you know that you can save up to $150 a year or 3000 gallons of water by turning the water off while you condition and shampoo? That's right, you turn the water on to get your hair wet, turn it off to later and back on to rinse. They would prefer you not repeat. So who is behind Unilever, one of the biggest corporate sponsors of Forum for the Future? Well here's the map for Unilever that shows their board members and past and present officers along with the other corporations and nonprofits that these Unilever execs are members of. Isn't it interesting to see how they are connected?

link to explorable map

When you look at their financial statement, you find that only 100 pounds was donated by individuals the Lion's share of their money comes from corporate donors. But wouldn't the green agenda be bad for corporations? Not if the corporations giving the money has got it rigged so that the green agenda benefits them.
Forum for the Future sources of income 2010
 Getting backed to the Planned-opolis videos wherein the propoganda is such to get you ready for having your job chosen for you, your travel restricted, your dwelling place restricted, your food restricted, etc. At the end of the videos, you will find that they were produced as a joint project of the Embarq Corporation, the FIA Foundation, and Vodaphone. Let's look at these three entities and see who they're connected to and why they would want to fund such collectivist propoganda.

If you click on over to the end of their 2010 financial statement, you will find a listing of their corporate partners, which is a humongous list of Fortune 500 companies.

First up, the Embarq Corporation is a spinoff of Sprint/Nextell formed in 2006. As you can see from it's map, whose link is not agreeing with me today, the officers of this corporation are also well-connected:
Embarq Corporation
The CEO is Dan Hesse, who also was CEO of Sprint/Nextel and AT&T Wireless. He sits/sat on the Boards of Nokia and Vanify Fair (my source for cheap khakis). Vice Chair of the Joint Chiefs during the Clinton administration, William Owens is currently Chairman of the Board. Ol' Dick Gephardt is on the Board as well as on the board of nine other big corporations, which I didn't expand for some reason? The rest of the gang includes Peter C. Brown, CEO of AMC Entertainment, Steven Davis, CEO of Bob Evans farms, John P. Mullen, CEO of DHL (aka day and a half late!), Dinesh C. Paliwal, CEO of Harman International, Stephanie Shern, a lawyer and board member of three other corporations, and Laurie Siegel, an exec at Tyco.

If you click on, you will be taken to the website of Centurylink internet. They acquired Embarq in 2009 in a tax free transaction. Admiral William Owens, mentioned above became chairman of the board. CenturyLink recently acquired Qwest Communications. What we've got here is a change in names, but the players are still the same. On Centurylink's website, they're all about the phony carbon footprint/offset bullcrap.

Next Up, what in the world is the FIA Foundation? According to their website,

The FIA Foundation is an independent UK registered charity which manages and supports an international programme of activities promoting road safety, environmental protection and sustainable mobility, as well as funding specialist motor sport safety research.

The FIA Foundation was established in 2001 with a donation of $300 million made by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), the non-profit federation of motoring organisations and the governing body of world motor sport.

The FIA Foundation is an NGO in Roster Consultative Status with the Economic & Social Council of the United Nations and a regular participant in the Working Party on Traffic Safety and the World Forum on Harmonisation of Vehicle Standards at the UN Economic Commission for Europe, and is a leading participant in the UN Global Road Safety Collaboration. The Foundation works with a range of international agencies including the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Bank and the UN Environment Programme on road safety and environmental issues.
 Supporters include Mexican President Calderon, British Prime Minister David Cameron, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, UN Secretary General Moon, Nelson Mandela, the whole cast of characters. So repubmom, do you want children to die in the streets? Are you some evil person against road safety? What's your problem anyway? My problem is that they're using something everyone can agree on, like not being run down in the streets, to cloak their real agenda, control of transportation. It's one of the oldest tyrannical tricks in the playbook. The fact that the WHO, World Bank and the UN are the biggest players in this foundation tells you all you need to know.

Lastly, we move on to the Vodaphone corporation, where you will find a sustainability section all about keeping a low carbon footprint, blah blah blah. Vodaphone is a big wireless phone company in Europe and parts of Asia and Africa. In the Egyptian uprising, or whatever you want to call it, Vodaphone cut off a lot of dissenters saying that they had to do what Mubarak told them. I believe that there's a lot of funny business going on with Arabic countries - I sure don't believe what I'm told there. Anyway, the CEO is a Mr. Vittorio Colao who got his MBA at Harvard Business and then went on to work at Morgan Stanley in London. For those of you who've been following my Wall Street & the Bolsheviks series, let me pause a minute and..
Ok, now I can continue. He then went on to McKinsey and Co, a global management bankster firm, after which he got into an Italian wireless company, which became Vodophone Italy and eventually became CEO of the whole Vodaphone corporation in 2008. So what? Well what I'm trying to do here is establish who's doing what behind the scenes. When I get on a names database, I find influential people on corporations I've never heard of funding foundations I've never heard of who are writing policy that none of us are aware of until our esteemed legislators have already passed it. Get me? I'm not saying that all of these people are pure evil, but there is something horribly wicked brewing in the details. You will not find glowing accolades of the power of the individual on the websites of these foundations or corporations,  just how the individual can add to the group.

“No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.”


Well, I'm off to take a long luxurious shower while I still can!

Update: Just forgot to tie this in a nice neat package for you. Agenda 21 totally ties into all this. Well, I take these people's cute little videos and raise you this informational Agenda 21 featuring Henry Lamb:


  1. Well, it is happening already. toilets that don't work, expensive light bulbs, and self-driving cars were just OK'd in Nevada. Self-Driving cars will take away more of your freedoms and turn road travel into some puke city experience of maximum mediocrity.

    People are asking for it.

    Will this happen in communist countries like China? Probably not. Who won?
    The Libs give us this. They've turned the country into a day care center and they like it.

  2. Well, I should sleep well tonight, thanks! :(

  3. I've been reading up on this the last few weeks. I think I've found the origins of this thinking in a book from 1910 "World Corporation" By King Gillette. They have been moving us in thi direction for years.

  4. Control freaks LOVE planning our lives out or the ends thereof for us.

    Will have to check out that book, Trestin, guy probably ran in the same circles as Morgan, Rockefeller, and the "gang" hanging around Wilson back then.


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