Although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is, in some respects, one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked... in which I have spoken of so many important things done by Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply, To the superiority of their women.

--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Repeal It All! - The Definitive List

I saw this great article entitled Progress to the Precipice via Vox Day. You should read the whole thing. Professor Miller traces the march of Progressivism through the years and explains how the Progressive agenda "refounded" our country on a set of principles other than those of the Constitution. If you have read or skimmed the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (link to the left), you will recognize some of the names in this essay.
Our debt crisis, in sum, has everything to do with the transformation of morality and government effected by the late-19th- and early-20th-century Progressive movement. Far from being largely ineffectual reformers, the Progressive academics who articulated the new conception of Freedom and the “positive” State, outlined above, were also the initiators of the entitlement programs that lie at the core of our crisis today. How Americans ultimately decide to resolve this crisis — by reining in spending or meekly submitting to far higher taxes — will serve either to revitalize the Founders’ conception of freedom, and the idea of limited government that flows from it, or seriously accelerate America’s century-long slide into the “overlordship” of Progressivism.

We hear a lot of talk about how we'll repeal Obamacare, but I think we shouldn't stop there, but push to REPEAL IT ALL. What does REPEAL IT ALL entail? It's all about going back to the root of the problem, the Progressive Agenda and getting rid of it. Even if Obamacare gets repealed, we still have to address the unfunded liabilities of Medicare and Social Security, not to mention all of the areas that the federal government has wound its unholy tendrils.

Let's start at the beginning:

Repeal the Year 1913:
  • The Federal Reserve Act - This is the Medusa's head of our expansive federal government. This act allowed the federal government to create money out of thin air to fund their social engineering programs and our subsequent financial demise. I believe that God does use foolishness to confound the "wise". You have a mild-mannered elderly doctor from Texas who has been saying this for years and years and everyone in the establishment mocks him for it and calls him a fool. Well, no one's laughing now, are they? Check here to see if your Congressman voted to at least Audit the Fed. The Federal Reserve System has never, ever been audited, just so you know. And apparently, it won't be as HR 1207 failed after 114 co-sponsors switched sides to vote against it at the last minute. Transparency at the Federal Reserve is a more important issue than anything else as federal encroachment would not be possible without the Fed. Check out "The Creature from Jekyll Island" for a comprehensive history of how the Fed came to be or check out the video here.
  • The 16th Amendment - The Income tax has been called the "twin sister" of the Federal Reserve Act, as it takes money directly from the public to the Treasury which is controlled by the Federal Reserve. The original income tax form can be found here, and you will notice how simple it is. Through gradualism, it has become a tyrannical entity in and of itself. Much has been written of the unconstitutionality of the Income Tax and I won't add to it. I will just give you a mental picture of the Founding Fathers trying to fill out their taxes and letting you be the judge of how long it would take them to revolt over it. (The graduated income tax is the second plank of the Communist Manifesto.)
  • The 17th Amendment - The direct election of Senators cut the state's representation out of our system of checks and balances. The state legislatures have to deal with federal mandates and how to fund them. Unlike the federal government, the states can't print their own money. The senators would be looking out for the state government's interests, that the federal government would not require more than was needful, or even possible. Now the senators pander to the general public and whatever machines help them get elected, because it's expensive to win statewide elections. The character of a person running statewide elections differs greatly from one who is appointed by a legislature. This amendment was a tool of the progressives to diminish the autonomy of the states and increase the power of the federal government.
  • The Labor Department - As you can see here, the Labor Department has outlived its usefulness. We already have work safety and discrimination laws on the books. I'm sure that most of what they do that is actually useful, like statistics, maybe parts of OSHA, can be consolidated and put under the Interior Department.
  • The Commerce Department - It's mission states, "to promote job creation and improved living standards for all Americans by creating an infrastructure that promotes economic growth, technological competitiveness, and sustainable development." That is not a proper function of government. The few useful things they do, like the census can be put back under the State Department. I imagine some of their offices could stand on their own, like the National Weather Service, NOAA, and the Patent office.
If you research those involved in drafting the legislation of the year 1913, you will find the same names and organizations come up over and over again. Warning: Research in this area could lead you to what my husband calls "The Study of Evil" and is highly addictive.
    The New Deal

    • Social Security - a plan devised by progressive Frances Perkins, a sociologist who worked with FDR in his governor years. She was sympathetic to communists, which is reflected in the structure of social security. Equality of labor is the 8th plank of the Communist Manifesto, by the way. Social Security taxes are monies that goes straight to the Treasury as well, as it was never set aside for its intended use, but used to expand government. Representative Paul Ryan has a plan to phase this program out without putting anyone out. Check out his roadmap here.
    • Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 - This established the minimum wage, which discriminates heavily against poor people. This act is also a big part of the eighth plank, seeking to equalize labor. Here's Milton Friedman explaining how the minimum wage hurts those it's suppose to help:
    • Many of the programs are now defunct or have taken on a new form in the Great Society legislation. 
    The bills for the New Deal are now due and there's not enough money to pay them. Like John Maynard Keynes, the progressive's economist said,
    "The long run is a misleading guide to current affairs. In the long run we are all dead."
    Guess those of us who are still living can just suck it up! Moving along..

      The Great Society

      • Medicare and Medicaid - Remember that Lenin said that universal health care was the cornerstone to a communist society. The first steps were taken with Medicare and Medicaid, which were formed out of an amended Social Security act in 1965. Critics to these programs are attacked with the straw man that we'd rather have children and old folks suffer and die, as if it were not for these programs, there would be no other way to provide health care to the elderly and poor. Again, Paul Ryan has a plan to make these programs solvent and gradually move these programs to a private sector solution.
      • The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 - This legislation removed local control of schools. Once upon a time in America, each school was governed by its own school board who oversaw the school, helped choose curriculum and teachers. Currently, you have about 9-12 school board members per county, overseeing up to dozens of schools. This act didn't create that situation, the collectivism of American education was well underway at the time of this act passing. It did move a lot of funding from the states to the federal government, and with funding goes control. Here are the highlights - use your thinking cap to think how this advances the collectivist agenda:

      Title I—Financial Assistance To Local Educational Agencies For The Education Of Children Of Low-Income Families
      Title II—School Library Resources, Textbooks, and other Instructional Materials
      Title III—Supplementary Educational Centers and Services
      Title IV—Educational Research And Training
      Title V—Grants To Strengthen State Departments Of Education
      Title VI—General Provisions

      Title VI - Aid to Handicapped Children of 1966(1965 title VI becomes Title VII)

      Title VII 1967 amendment - Bilingual Education Programs (1966 title VII becomes Title VIII)

       I'm not against handicapped kids or school libraries, but I do think that local governments and parents are the best judges of what each community needs.
      This act was reauthorized under the No Child Left Behind act sponsored by George Bush and Teddy Kennedy. This is the federal government rating and judging the performance of individual schools. If your school fails enough, you have the option to transfer. The point that everyone misses is that if the government did not have a monopoly on education, the schools would not be failing. This is not a function of federal government.
      • Head Start - The man who designed this program has admitted that it is a failure. The big government do-gooder types still love it because it gives them more time to indoctrinate little kids and is free day care that allowing mothers to earn some taxable income (read: ooh, more taxes). While kids do benefit from K-2nd grade, by 3rd grade there is no difference from poor, at-risk kids that were not in the program.
      • National Foundation of Arts and Humanities - This federal program finances all that crappy twisted metal "art" you see in public areas. Supporting the humanities and arts is not a function of government.
      • Public Broadcasting Service - A nationalized TV station that still begs you for money, even though they merchandise the heck out of their kid shows. If they're not reaping the profits from junk like this (Grover USB), they should be, then they can shut up about not having enough money. Taxpayer TV is not a function of government.
      • National Public Radio - What I said about TV, not a function of government.
      • Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1964 - This act formed the Federal Transit Administration. Here is a great reason article about urban transit bankrupting the cities.
      • National Cultural Center aka JFK Center for the Performing Arts - taxpayers should not fund the arts. This is not a function of the federal government. I guess since its already built, we'll not tear it down.
      • Department of Transportation 1966 - Many functions of this department could be repealed and no one would notice the difference. Many of its sub-departments were formed in just the last 10 years.
      • National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966 - This law has achieved results in improving the safety of driving through regulation, but now the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is mostly engaged in the nanny state of coercing people to wear seat belts and not to drink and drive. Am I pro-drinking and driving? No, I'm against paying 851 million dollars a year for a government agency to tell me to buckle up.
      • Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 - The core of our modern welfare program. Designed before no-fault divorce, it benefited women with a lot of children, as the only women anticipated to be drawing welfare checks were widows. The welfare reform act in 1996 rolled back this program somewhat, but the most expensive part of the act exists as AFDC.
      • VISTA - Volunteers In Service To America - Just like Obama, LBJ wanted to get a government youth movement going. Obama wants to take it a step further and make it mandatory like military service used to be.
      • Model Cities Program - Steven Crowder highlighted the fruits of this program in his infamous Detroit video, which everyone should see. This program officially ended in 1974, but it made babies that infest the cities of America. Any federal legislation that tries to undermine local governance should be axed.
      • Food Stamps -I would like to see programs of this sort go under state or local control. Currently states and localities can't afford to do this, but if the herculean federal government were to be slashed, I think we'd be amazed at how much wealth America could produce and be given locally. Maybe people could afford to tithe again.
      • Community Action Program created Community Action Agencies that oversee utility bill assistance, home weatherization for the poor, overseeing Head Start, job training, and working food pantries. I'm not against these things, except Head Start, but the federal government is not where the money should come from to accomplish these goals. These items are not functions of the federal government. They used to be functions of the church, except home weatherization - what is up with that?
      • Higher Education Act of 1965 - this law was intended to "strengthen the educational resources of our colleges and universities and to provide financial assistance for students in post secondary and higher education" which is a fancy way of saying we want to get our meat-hooks into socially engineering higher education. The easy-to-get loans have financially crippled a generation of trusting young Americans. It's beyond ridiculous. I have not yet researched the push to make everyone get a college education, whether they need one or not. I suspect it has more to do with increasing indoctrination time than anything else. The current re authorization of this bill expires in 2013.
      • Teacher Corps, now part of AmeriCorps - again, not a function of the federal government. This should be left to the states to deal with enticing teachers to needed areas.
      Bullcrap Cabinet Departments
      • Health and Human Services - costs us $80 billion, not including Medicare and Medicaid. Most of its expenses are bull that no one would ever miss if they disappeared overnight. Under the justification of "general welfare" and preventing the spread of disease, has the health portion of this department grown so large. After the H1N1 propaganda, you would be foolish to trust these people to contain a disease or tell you the truth about what's going on. They get their marching orders from the UN's World Health Organization. Human Services used to be the domain of the church, it's why you're supposed to pay a tithe. Not to build a mega church complete with a coffee bar, but to "help the widows and fatherless in their distress."
      • Education - Many Republicans have vowed to kill this money-eating monster, but none have succeeded. The Dept of Ed costs the American taxpayer 63.7 billion a year. Before the feds got involved in subsidizing college educations, it was actually possible to work one's way through school. With all that cheap money allocated to higher education, colleges simply raised their tuition and fees accordingly in line with simple economics.
      • Homeland Security - We used to have something called the Department of WAR. We used to prosecute those guilty of TREASON. What do you do when you have a US president (Bill Clinton) selling missile technology to Communist China for campaign money? A real breakdown in homeland security, that's what. The Department of Homeland Security costs us 42 billion per year.
      • Energy - This department costs us $31 billion a year. You can argue that this department is necessary given that they handle the country's nuclear research and disposal. They are also involved in a lot of meddling and social engineering as well. Here  in Tennessee, the DoE is sponsoring a company called Ecotaltiy to put in 350 electric car charging stations all over Knoxville. Explain how this is a proper functioning of the federal government.
      • Agriculture - The federal government getting involved in agriculture is a subject that I'm sure more than one person has devoted a whole blog to. From the needless slaughter of pigs during the New Deal to the mindless handing out of subsidies, the free market has long since ceased to govern our agriculture sector. The Department of Ag costs us $130 billion a year.
      • Housing and Urban Development costs taxpayers $43 billion a year. It leaves a trail of disaster in its wake. The federal government has no business interfering with the housing markets or developing urban areas.
      That's roughly $380 billion a year right there!
        Recent Abominations
        • Community Reinvestment Acts of 1977 and  1993 - These laws, especially the latter, are responsible for the rapid decline of our economy. The government has not business subsidizing loans for those who can't afford them. Period. End of story.
        • NAFTA and CAFTA - But, but, don't you believe in free trade! Not at the cost of American sovereignty I don't. I don't support the inland port in Kansas City that bypasses customs. I don't support the fact that over half our food is being imported and being sprayed with chemicals that are illegal here in the US. Thank you EPA (you're next on my list!) It's hard to be competitive with countries that have absolutely no environmental or labor regulations, especially when your country is being bombarded constantly with tyrannical laws from on high. Here's another reason this should be repealed: "NAFTA represents the single most creative step towards a New World Order." --Henry Kissinger Aug.1993, Los Angeles Times Syndicate  Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!
        • Laws authorizing intercontinental highway systems  - This ties into the above. In case you didn't know, plans are in the works, and some sections have even already been built (I-69) to build an intercontinental highway system across North America. This is why neither George Bush or Barack Obama has seemed to care a whit about illegal immigration. They probably figure we'll all be one happy North American family before long, anyhow, trading Ameros and learning a lot of Spanish. Lou Dobbs lost his job at CNN over reporting this, and is now doing radio after being blacklisted from TV, as it would seem. That's crazy, you say? I'll show you crazy:

        Check out this article in Human Events, or the NASCO website, and consider how the European Union began with trade treaties, much like NAFTA, and then slowly, but surely progressed onward toward consolidating their currencies and yielding sovereignty.
        • No Child Left Behind - as discussed in previous education acts, this is not the realm of federal government. If all the money that the federal government currently has allocated to education were returned to the states, money no longer could be an excuse for failing schools.
        • Patriot Act - Everyone went along with this after the shock of 9/11. Liberals decried this legislation, and rightfully so. Our Constitution and current law is enough. How safe do you feel under the Patriot Act after the current Department of Homeland Security put out a memo saying veterans, Constitutionalists such as yours truly, and other dissidents to the collectivist cause are to be watched closely? How safe do we feel knowing that without public outcry, Mosab Yousef would be on his way to a stoning right about now? This law could be used against anyone for any reason they choose. One must only be a "threat" to the "security" of those enforcing this law.
        • Obamacare - The reasons for repealing this are obvious and already heavily discussed. Just read Solzhenitsyn's Cancer Ward if you want a picture of what this turns into.
        • TARP - Not all of this money has been spent. I believe I read that over half of it has not. This money should be reclaimed. The government should not be favoring one company over another based on size or any other reason. When you hear of pubic-private partnerships, you should not think it's a good thing, you should think "fascism" - that's what Mussolini called it anyway.
        • DISCLOSE Act -if it passes the Senate, should definitely be repealed as it violates the 1st amendment. If it does get passed, I suggest we ignore it.
        • Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Bill -if it passes the Senate also should be repealed for a multitude of reasons. The most important being that it was written by Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, architects of the doomed housing bubble. One aspect of the bill has been revealed - that it puts racial and gender quotas on the financial sector. Is this kind of legislation setting us up to be like Sweden, where homeschooling is illegal and Stay-At-Home-Motherhood is unknown. Why are there no SAHMs in Sweden? Their tax structure makes it very prohibitive for women not to work. Sweden can't afford all its government goodies with one gender not earning income. You see, the government wants as many women to work as possible so that they may skim their Income and Social Security taxes off the top. 
        Oh, and via Adrienne's Corner, I find that The Daily Gator has the definitive list of Federal Agencies that should be 86ed right now. So check it out!

        Updated - with a couple of links I forgot and fixed some typos - I'm vain that way!


            1. Way back when I first discovered the internet, I engaged in that "study of evil" you're talking about. I spent months reading blogs and sites that said pretty much what you say right now, only with worse fonts and horrible flashing lights and music.

              I think it made me a little crazy for a while there, realizing how purposeful the demolition of our Constitution was, and how utterly ignorant most people are about it--not to mention how impossible it is to explain it to anyone who isn't some kind of history/poli-sci geek.

              We still think this is the land of the free, while putting up with all this. Once I wrapped my mind around it, I gave up thinking about it for very long at a time. It's too painful. It's never far from my mind, though, how far we are from what we were meant to be.

              I think things will go on pretty much as they are, with everyone eating pretty well and snoozing through the power-grab for a few years yet. Then the end (of America, of the veneer of freedom we have now, of safety) will come very suddenly, and a whole lot of people are going to still be gossiping about Lindsey Lohan when their last rights are yanked out from under them. They won't even know what hit them. I'm not sure I feel better about knowing what's gonna hit us. Kinda wish I didn't know. Ignorance is bliss.

            2. You're right about ignorance being bliss!
              I comforted by the fact that what Jesus said would happen is actually happening in my lifetime. How awesome is that! When I study some of these power-grabbing issues, I keep the prophecies at the front of my mind.

              Seriously, the way this world is going, I don't know if I'll wake up in my bed in the morning or in glory! It makes you sad to see your country headed up by godless people at every turn - remember how sad Jesus was when the Jews rejected him:

              "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing." Matthew 23:37
              You're right, it will happen all of a sudden, but take comfort that God is already there.

            3. You forgot the 19th Amendment ... one of the chief enablers of so much other bad legislation you have listed.

            4. Hardy har har. The stage was set in 1913, before the 19th amendment. I will also point out that the gender gap is not as significant the feminists would wish. All of the New Deal and Great Society mess was passed by an overwhelming male Congress. Jeanette Rankin, who was the only female congressman was one of only 50 who voted against the bogus-ness of our entering WW1.

            5. I suppose it's understandable that you would want to pick and choose which fruits of the progressive tree you want to put back. I just thought that a truly comprehensive list would include ALL amendments after the 15th as being fruit of the same poisonous tree. (By the way, whether Congress was overwhelmingly male or not is completely irrelevant. The 19th amendment altered the politics of those elected, even if it did not change the sex ratios right away.)

            6. It's staggering. I don't know where to start, but you've done it for me. I am appalled that the Community Reinvestment Act is still doling out unsecured loans. There is no stopping the Democrats who buy their votes from this criminal program.

              This is a great post. I know it took a lot of work!

            7. @ UK, I'm sure I left some stuff out, I was trying to go after the most noxious legislation affecting us today. I think that if these items were gotten rid of, most importantly the Fed, the rest would wither on the vine.

              The fact is that women already had the right to vote, some only in local elections, in all but six states prior to the 19th amendment passing. Maybe there was an increase of baby-kissing after the 19th, but today the 19th impacts us from the large numbers of unmarried women which comprise the modern gender gap, which statistically began in 1980.

              I have no problem with my husband representing our family at the polls, but to talk about repealing the 19th is silly talk with what all we're currently facing. Congress is still overwhelmingly male, by the way, and they don't vote for liberal policies to get the women's vote, they do it for the power.

              Those rest of the amendments you cite, I could support repealing all except the poll taxes, maybe the 25th, and definitely the not the 22nd.

              @Maggie, this post did take a lot of work, but most of the kids were at granny's house, so I went nuts!

            8. Would I be infringing on anyone's copyright if I link this post to a web page of mine? Many thanks.

            9. I'm not copyrighted, and I hope none of my pictures are so go right ahead!


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