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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bill Haslam Parody - I've Collected All Three! Update: Got 2

Priceless. Hurry up and watch it because Has has his lawyers on the case pulling these off Youtube as fast as they go up. Update: Dailymotion's got it up!
Update: Haslam pulled it from Dailymotion - I think he might be Sunquist 2.0
Update: SayUncle has found them on yet another video sharing site. So share this with as many people as possible or copy it before they take it down again.

For those of you outside Tennessee, Bill Haslam is the Establishment choice for Governor. He's been associated with Bloomberg's Cities without Guns program, red light cameras, sustainability, and associated RINO malarkey. He has broken all spending records for a state-wide primary.

Our other options are Zach Wamp, who voted for TARP, 'nuff said?
And Ron Ramsey, who is running on a platform of defending our state from federal government power-grabs. He is the Tea Party Endorsed candidate - so if anyone is interested in helping out, check out Ramsey for Governor to see how you can help. He's running behind because unlike the other two, he actually had to work for nine months out the last year, being Lt. Gov and all,  while the others were traipsing around to fundraisers.

This one is a little bit below the belt, but, hey, if that's as mean as it gets, that's pretty tame:

1 comment:

  1. mmm - kay- Would ya'll say that Bill Haslam is too thin-skinned to be governor of Tennessee or what?

    The owner of this video should sue, very publicly, I'm sure there is some Wamp or Ramsey supporting lawyer that would take this on.


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