Although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is, in some respects, one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked... in which I have spoken of so many important things done by Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply, To the superiority of their women.

--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Demoralization of Everyday Life - Population/Land Use

As Dale Peterson famously pointed out, family farmers are losing their farms. Meanwhile, the federal government owns more land than ever before.
Note that our Senator Majority Leader, Harry Reid is from Nevada, which looks to be nearly totally owned be the feds.

Also consider that when you cannot grow your own food, you a have a degree of dependence on those who produce foodstuff. 1920 was the first year that more people lived in cities than in the country. Keep in mind, too, that many of our cities have tougher gun laws than the rest of the country. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomburg came up with the Mayors Against Guns Program, which would not target illegal guns (how can you target things on the black market anyway?) but make more hoops for law-abiding gun owners to jump through.

Yuri makes the point that controlling where people live has a lot to do with mass psychology:
Very briefly on population distribution: urbanization and “de-landization” (the taking away of private land) is the greatest threat to American nationhood. Why? Because the poor farmer often is a greater PATRIOT than an affluent dweller of a large congested American city. Communists know this very well. The Soviets keep a very tight control over the size of their cities by the system of 'police registration of residence' called 'propiska.’ They know perfectly well that the farmer will fight an invader until last bullet ON HIS LAND. “Underprivileged” or urbanized masses on the other hand, may feel like meeting an invader with flowers and red banners. ALIENATION of people from privately-owned land is one of the very important methods of DEMORALIZATION.

If writing this today, I think Yuri would definately bring up how the federal government is attempting to control water usage in the Western states in order to deliberately drive private farmers out of business through the Clean Water Restoration Act .  He might even say that the intercontinental highway system may be designed to isolate certain segments of the population. If you've ever traveled on pre-intersate highways, you've seen the abandoned towns and businesses by the wayside. Changing the infrastructure of our country will also change our land use.

All Yuri Bezmenov quotes come from his pamphlet, "Love Letter to America" via Useless Dissident.


  1. The percentages are mind-blowing. Also consider that the government has taken over most of the oil-rich lands.

  2. I've been reading The Energy Deception, located on my roll. Not sure what I think yet, but I came across this excerpt:

    I asked myself a question, which I then put to Mr. X: "Sir, does the United States government own the oil companies?"

    I do not remember his exact words, but paraphrased it was something like this, "No. The United States government does not own the oil companies literally, but they might as well. After all, it's their land that we produce the oil from, on the North Slope of Alaska, and they might just as well have built the Trans-Alaska Pipeline—after all, we can do nothing at all without their permits. Not even to the building of a section of a haul road, or laying of a gravel pad, or the drilling of a well, or the production of so many barrels of oil a day from that well. In fact, we are told almost everything we are to do. We don't really run this job."

    Does the Federal government own the oil companies of America? They tell them how many dollars they have to spend to put a smog protection device on their refineries. They tell them exactly how the ships have to be built to haul the oil to California, and to Washington, and to Oregon, after it has been taken out of the North Slope of Alaska. If all that's not enough, they even tell them the kind of paperwork they have to turn in to prove everything they are doing.

    After I put my question to him about the Federal government's owning the oil companies, Mr. X said to me very sincerely, "Chaplain, they will soon. The fact is that if we don't flow that oil in time, we will go into bankruptcy."

    For the first time, I had heard it with my own ears. That was it—that was really what they were after. I finally had the last piece to the puzzle, and at last the whole picture fitted together.

    I heard one of the men say one day, "I work for the purpose of paying taxes." That was it. The Federal government was aiming at total control. They knew that if they could stop the flow of oil, they would bankrupt the oil companies, and there would automatically be nationalization of the oil industry. From this time on I looked even more carefully. I would talk to the men after I preached, and I realized that the whole idea, for that period of six months, was to stop the flow of oil.


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