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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rick Perry Gets Told Not to Come Back to TN

Right here in Knoxville, Rick Perry cometh to beg for money. Standing behind him in this vid is Ron Ramsey, the guy I told you to vote for as governor. Yes, it disgusts me, but c'est le vie. So we have a citizen reporter asking Rick about Bilderburg after the canned local media talk to him about golf.  Now I would have taken a different approach, asking about the North American Union, perhaps blending the question to get all the points in like so:

Governor Perry, did you in fact at the Bilderburg Meeting discuss plans to merge the economies and transportation systems of North America as well as introduce the Amero knowing that the dollar would collapse. Is this why you didn't support efforts to battle illegal immigration? Did you also discuss your support of TARP with Treasury Secretary Paulson, who was also attending the Bilderburg Meeting?

But that's just me.

The last part is the best, where he's told not to show his face in Tennessee again. We know how to deal with his kind.

Perry would be better served to just give a pat, dismissive answer to the Bilderberg question to diffuse it. But hey, he's not paying me of all people to advise him. I'd better shut up.

I hear he's raised a lot of money. Ask Romney how much that helped last time around.

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