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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bill O'Reilley Then and Now

There was time, when Bill O'Reilly was a real reporter:

 And now he's literally been turned into an information whore - it really is sad. You better believe if he was doing similar work to that in the video above at Fox, he would be canned the next day. Let's take a look at his current employer, News Corporation:

Holding company for a breathtaking array of companies in assorted industries, controlled by Rupert Murdoch and valued at $43-billion in 2001. Owns British Sky BroadcastingDirecTVDow JonesFox Entertainment Group,Harper CollinsThe London TimesThe New York PostNews of the WorldThe Wall Street JournalThe Weekly Standard, UK publishing group News International, dozens of American television stations, and myriad other media properties.


Ever wonder why Foxnews won't criticize the Patriot Act? Could be that one of is drafters sits on the Board. hmmm.

I won't sully my site by adding recent O'Reilly work, we all knows what it looks and sounds like. I've got my own working theory on the state of current success in America. If you get successful enough, these "powers that be" take you out to lunch and get all buddy-buddy with you. You don't realize what's happening, and may never see the forest for the trees. But they convert you to their way of thinking, now they won't say they're trying to take over the world, mind you. They'll only speak in terms you're familiar with about your area of expertise, not disrupting your compartmentalization. This is what Aaron Russo said happened to him, however he claims he was told by Nicholas Rockefeller himself about their goal for a one-world socialist state. You'll also note that his movie, America: From Freedom to Fascism, was noted as a possible link to "domestic terrorists" in the infamous MIAC report. Anyway, he ran for Governor in Nevada in the Republican primary and got 20% of the vote, which is apparently significant enough to get you a visit from a Rockefeller. Here's a link to the video where he tells all. You probably won't agree with everything he asserts, but if you agree with someone all of the time, you're probably in a cult or something. Anyway its pretty wild stuff, but hey, we're living in pretty wild times.


  1. We don't enjoy O'Reilly nearly as much as we used to. He's really turned into an egotistical blowhard that takes every opportunity to work clips & "news" of himself into his segments. However, since we are news hounds we still tune in--though we spend a lot more of the 8 p.m. hour over at FBN and Judge Napolitano. HE has not been bought out. (After reading your post, I'm quite sure they won't move him to the big Fox--or he will refuse to go).

  2. I turned off my satellite awhile back and have not missed it one bit. I've spent my time in some deep research and actually expanding my political understanding. When I visit relatives that still have TV, I almost have a panic attack listening to a cable news network.

    I do love the Judge, and hang on his every word. I get the best bits off of Youtube. Unlike O'Reilly, he actually writes scholarly history and law books that make you think.


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