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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Friday, October 14, 2011

Greenspan Says Burn Down Excess Houses - Schiff Eviscerates

Peter Schiff  points out how stupid Alan Greenspan actually is. The guy played a huge part in taking down our economy. Peter also relates this looney idea with its New Deal predecessor. He also adds loads of commons sense and marvels that Alan Greenspan could say all this with a straight face. This is even more humorous given that Herman Cain said he liked Greenspan better than any other Fed chairman of the past 40 years. So after inflating the housing bubble over a period of 20 years, he says blow up the darn houses! bwahaha!

h/t Daily Paul

The Alan Greenspan map for your reference. Did you know he was married to Andrea Mitchell? He sure likes to go to these Roasts. A Trilateral and in RAND, the world's most influential think tank. And burning down houses is what he comes up with??? Maybe its part of some nefarious plan or something.. Who knows?


  1. That was rich indeed. I just love the internet and the clips one can find! Good one R>

  2. Yes, the internet is why Mr. Brzenzski said that for the first time, people are politically "aware", which is code for "oh crap, they're onto us!"

  3. just added your site to my roll-my
    thanks to bunkerville for the intro...

    Homeschooled my offspring started in the early -80s...

    my picks-Bachmann-Santorum-
    Cain used to be on my list til the last debate...Greenspan! really!


  4. Thanks Carol! You were a real pioneer!

  5. I like Peter Schiff. Do you know The Digital Hairshirt? She just moved to Knoxville from CA (proving she's a super smart lady.)

  6. We get a lot of refugees here. I probably don't know her if she doesn't homeschool. I'm hoping to get moved myself back to Nashville in the next week or so.

  7. I understand some repo mortgage holders Are bulldozing properties to reduce inventory and more are considering.

    And here's some secret Audio of Elmer Greenspan's last day at the Fed.

    From Dr Strangelove.

  8. Some of these forclosures really are too messed up to sell or repair, I'll be the first to admit that. It's just disgusting to see the amount of waste going on because these bozos decisions.

    It's getting pretty strange when just about everything happening reminds you of Dr. Strangelove, or a Twilight Zone or Star Trek episode.


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