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Friday, October 21, 2011

Herman Cain: Globalist RINO Statist

Ouch. That's kinda harsh I can sense some of you saying. Let me just lay out the reasons. Several weeks back, I posted a piece where I was befuddled at the supposed Tea Party support of TARP supporter Cain. Most of these simple souls have absolutely no clue what his positions on the various issues are, or what his philosophy is. Truth be known, he doesn't really seem to have a coherent philosophy, but rather a demagoguery that rings the collective conservative Pavlovian bells. Let's just go through the issues:

Federal Reserve
I think we've beat this dead horse enough. For the record, its not merely the fact that he was a Fed bank chairman, but it seems like to this day he doesn't "get" what is wrong about the Fed. This means that he does not "get" what is wrong with Keynesian economics or a centrally planned economy. Ergo, he does not "get" the totality of the problem.

TARP and Basic Economic Understanding
He now says that he doesn't support TARP because "they" picked winners and losers. Well, how else are they supposed to do it, give away money to every failing business in America? No, they gave it to those banks highly tied in with the Fed. But who is feeding Cain all this economic advice? We don't know. In a bizarre display of confidentiality, the Politico reports this on one of his economic advisers, Rich Lowrie:
The Cain campaign first acknowledged Lowrie’s ties to the campaign last month, after an interview on “Fox News Sunday” during which Cain repeatedly refused to name the advisers who had helped him develop his economic plan.
“They have their own independent businesses, and I don’t want to compromise their confidentiality at this point,” Cain told host Chris Wallace. “When they tell me it is OK to mention their names publicly, I will mention it.”
Though Cain’s been unwilling to reveal the names of his advisers, he has held up the 9-9-9 plan as a model of transparency. On stage at the debate on Tuesday, Cain repeated a favorite line, that one of the steps to problem solving he often boasts is to “surround yourself with the right people.”
Cain also said on Tuesday that he had two potential nominees to appoint as Federal Reserve chairman, but he refused to name them, either.
“I got to keep them confidential,” Cain said.
So he's not going to get rid of the Fed, as he's got potential Fed Chairman nominees already in the hopper.
No one's sure where this comment originated, but it's pretty funny:
Cainunism [keyn - yuh - niz - uhm] – noun
1. A theory or system of economic organization based on a wildly optimistic regard for the fiscal discipline of Congress and the President. Adherence to this theory typically requires the suspension of disbelief concerning the ability of increasing the government’s power to tax, without substantive spending cuts, to actually reduce burdens on taxpayers and to produce economic recovery.
2. The intentional use by politicians of resonant slogans which obfuscate and distract some voters from the otherwise conspicuous absence of thoughtful, realistic or realizable fiscal or monetary plans and policies.

Cainunist [keyn - yuh - nist] - adjective
1. Of, characterized by, favoring or relating to Cainunism; Cainunistic
In a sentence: “Imagining that a ‘9 - 9 - 9’ percent tax ‘plan’ would not soon be 9.9 - 9.9 - 9.9, then 19 - 19 - 19, and so on, is just more magical Cainunist thinking.”
Origin of Cainunism: term used by informed voters to describe the economic-sounding slogans that originated from the 2012 vanity presidential campaign of Herman Cain (1945 – )
Synonyms for Cainunism: 1. Prevarication, 2. Deception, 2. Cozen, 3. Hucksterism, 4. Hoodwink, 5. Sales Pitch, 6. Razzle Dazzle
Antonyms for Cainunism: 1. Common Sense, 2. Objective Reality, 3. Free Market, 4. Tax Reduction, 5. Economic Liberty, 6. Less Government, 7. Constitutionalism, 8. Ron Paul

North American Union
Now there are some out there saying that Herman was on the North American Competitiveness Council, which worked with the SPP group that was working on a North American Union. Now I can't find his name on the membership list, but I do spot the Whirlpool Corporation, on which he serves on the board of directors, as a corporate member.Glen Beck lists Herman as an attendee in his An Inconvenient Book.  It would be interesting to know Herman Cain's position on the North American Union and Agenda 21. It would probably be news to him, just like it was news to him that some people have a problem with a private bank run by persons unknown controlling our credit and currency.

Herman refuses to sign the Susan B. Anthony List to pledge that he would only nominate pro-life judges end taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood, and advance legislation that would work to protect the unborn, saying that the Congress only can write legislation. Yeah, but the president has to sign and has a little influence there. This is really weird thing for a guy running as a conservative not to sign.

Central Planning with 999
Peter Schiff does a better job than I can:

As a resident of a state without an income tax, but with a 9% sales tax, I do not look forward to a nationwide value added tax, which is what one of those 9's in the plan actually is. If you actually think that it will stay 9% forever, you're riding around on some of those unicorns they gave away at Obama's inaugural ball. Get real, listen to Peter lay it out above.

Also note that Cain is now touting a 3-3-3 plan meant to reduce tax burdens in poverty-challenged areas, creating empowerment zones. Hey, Herman, the whole United States of America is an empowerment zone! What this is is central planning through enticements and gimmicks. Do you not see how this could be tied to the Agenda 21 Wildlands Plan to get us all cordoned into urban, easily controlled areas? Just jack up the taxes in areas where you don't want people to live and force them to migrate to where you do. Herman probably doesn't even know what Agenda 21 even is, which is why he would be so dangerous as President. If you don't recognize the enemy, how can you hope to fight it?

The man has a backlog of recorded radio shows and columns highlighting his die hard belief in the Keynesian  economics. To date, he has not renounced Keynesianism, illustrating his complete ignorance or deliberate obfuscation of the main problems facing our country.


  1. There's still hope, rM. If the other candidates keep stabbing each other, Paul may be the last man standing.

  2. I certainly have no idea what his position is on anything but taxes. That's certainly not good enough for me.

    (And what the heck I'm gonna write it a million times over the next year anyway... ) Unless a candidate pledges to roll back the libtard programs and close their abject failure departments like the Dept of Ed and the EPA(Ok, started by Nixon but made Vampirish by Dems), then I don't have any interest in them.

    Bachmann #1, Paul #2.

  3. Putting my candidate bias aside, Ron Paul's trillion in immediate spending cuts makes 999 look silly.

  4. This is true, they're eating each other up to the point where Paul starts looking like the only adult in the race. He's the only one who's plan actually cuts things.


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