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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Herman Cain Scandal

So if you read Drudge, you've already heard something about Herman and some sort of harassment scandal while he was a lobbyist for the National Restaurant Association. I know, just when you thought you've heard all about Herman, you go and find out he was a lobbyist. It just keeps getting better. This calls for a bulleted list to get our minds around this guy:

  • Federal Reserve Chairman of Kansas City
  • unrepentant and unapolgetic as to the problems created by the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel
  • unrepentant on his support of TARP
  • a company man, just about anyone who goes up the corporate ladder does so by a clever combo of butt-kissing and backstabbing. That's not always true, but a generalization that usually works. Another alternative is that you are incompetent, and it's politically easier to promote you than to fire you. Ask anyone trapped in middle management. Horatio Alger stories don't apply in the corporate world.
  • favorite movie is the Godfather, a movie about corruption and power taken by force. Not The Ten Commandments or Ben Hur. Coincidentally, this was Obama's favorite movie as well.
  • wants to dress up as Ron Paul for Halloween, if he had to. I guess we see who he thinks is scary.. That's pretty weird, unless you take into account that Ron is the archenemy of the Fed.
  • wants to tax us more. Oh, but it will really be less! If you actually believe that our overall tax burden will go down, I now deem you too stupid to operate a computer. Please back away from the keyboard.
  • Doesn't advocate any substantial cuts that will bring us back to sustainable levels. You are going to have to start talking trillions in cuts to make that happen.
  • He's a Keynesian economist who is totally down with central plannning.
  • As a lobbyist for the National Restaurant Association, what he did was get federal breaks for big restaurant chains. You guys do know that McDonald's and the like get government subsidized help when going abroad to compete with the other government subsidized businesses abroad, right? However, your mom and pop diner pay for that subsidization and are totally on their own. These services aren't available for small players. As we have learned on this blog, the goal of the monopolist is to shut out competition using the government. This is not free market competition, but is more more akin to socialism.
  • He used $100,000 of his supporter's money to buy copies of his own book through his own shell corporation:
Mr Cain is the sole owner of a corporation called T.H.E. New Voice, Inc., which sells self-published booklets, DVDs and videos chronicling the pizza magnate's rise to fame. 
Look out Obama, there's a new narcissist in town! Seriously, you've got some serious humility issues when you come out with a book that looks like this:

Herman is the sole beneficiary to his own little shell company, creating some major conflicts of interest, reports the Daily Mail article:

This news may present legal issues for the presidential candidate, since he is the man that would be profit from this payment to his company.
He and his campaign are not worried, however, and a spokesperson said that they even ran the decision by a campaign lawyer before doing so and he concurred.
'If they know Herman Cain, they wouldn't even make such an assertion,' Mr Cain said in response to the issue.  'How's that for political correctness!'
  • Herman Cain refers to himself in the third person. That's kind of weird.
  • What we've got here is another Establishment "yes man" here to preserve the status quo of printing money and pushing the artificial talking points full of Pavlovian key words that keep the conservatives in line. No thank you.
Oh, did you actually think that this post would be about sexual harassment? Did you actually think that I'm stupid enough to be distracted by a Clarence Thomas parallel meme. Not me, I'm keeping my eye on the money, ya'll.


Found more demonstrable facts at The Daily Paul:

According to a massive class action lawsuit against Aquila’s board of directors – including Cain – he allegedly steered employees into heavily investing their retirement savings in company stock, while at the same time shifting their business model from straightforward energy generation to risky energy trading – the kind of corporate greed that infamously brought down Enron, Mother Jones reports. In the suit, it claims that Cain and other top officials violated a 37-year-old federal law that requires employers to responsibly manage the retirement programs for their employees. Their pensions and life savings were lost.

  • Altered his "tax" plan to allow for hedge funds to make more. Read up on derivatives and other shenanigans to understand what this leads to.  

OH Please, oh please give me an "outsider" who totally agrees with the Establishment on everything. That will change our nation for the better!!


  1. Just like Judge Thomas- appalling

    Rush did a good job laying into Politico for this sickening hack job of an article

  2. Since I don't listen to Rush anymore, thanks for confirming what I already knew. I knew that he would spin this story this way.

    The question remains is that were there actual payoffs made, or is that a fabrication? That's the crux of the article.

    I really don't care, the thing I take away is that Herman was a lobbyist on top of a Keynesian central bankster. Terrific.

  3. Well it looks like we had better concentrate on Senators, Representatives, governors, state legislatures, mayors, councilmen, dog catchers, and school board members. because w are not likely to get our choice for President. :-)

  4. The Presidential race is moving the debate forward, but I agree that we need to act locally, especially with our local sheriffs to stop so much of what is going on. I try to highlight the local elections that I can on here, for what its worth.

    To put a point on how the debate has so shifted, our own Sen. Bob did some town halls back during the Obamacare mess, and was grilled on the Fed. He looked very uncomfortable as one citizen tried to hand him a Constitution and told him to read it. Why hadn't he been briefed on the possible hostile audience I could see him thinking.

    In the last Senate election, I voted for the liberal instead of ol' Lamar, cause I like my liberals straight up with a D by their name. I don't know what its going to take to get this RINO machine out of TN!

  5. I didn't want Cain for prez because he struck me as naive at times (and his heralding Greenspan during the debate--oh, please!) but still thought he was viable. Are there ANY current candidates you see as truly viable?

  6. Everytime I hear Ron Paul can't win, I hear Hanoi Hannah's shrill Asian voice in my head saying, "Give up GI Joe!" I don't let these people get into my head to compromise my principles.

    I'll write Ron in if he doesn't get the nomination, because at that point, I'm done with the charades. Elections are meaningless when there is just one party, and face it, there is just one party in this country controlled by the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel.

    Ron Paul is the third largest fundraiser, wins most of the Straw polls because he has good organization. If any of the other Establishment candidates had these things, you'd be hearing about it from dawn till dusk. His support is steady and comparable to McCain's at this stage of the game. His support is at a steady 13% or so, and he can count on it until the end of time. He has the most possibly of cross-over votes in a general election, with the anti-corrupt corporation and anti-war liberals who are truly disenchanted with Obama's lies wanting something different. The Blue Republican phenomenon is underway, with these former libs switching their registration over to vote in the Republican primaries just for Ron. I don't think any other candidate can get a single lib to do that.

    In short, I know where I stand and why and I won't be moved. I don't care who makes fun of me or my candidate, because in doing so they only show their ignorance and their own behind.

  7. Paul is the only true constituionalist left in DC (except perhaps his son).

  8. Isn't that always how it is? When it gets bad, it gets really, really bad until there's just one guy left hanging on. You can compare that to the Remnant that God always keeps around.

  9. I like Ron Paul, but I get flak from my conservative friends about his foreign policy stance and his alleged remarks that we provoked 9/11. I honestly haven't looked too much at the details, but I know he is consistent in his vote and he is for eliminating government waste - that's good enough for me.

  10. Hey Mary, thanks for stopping by.

    To properly understand what is actually going on with our foreign policy takes a good bit of research as the mainline conservative press doesn't "go there" as it conflicts with their talking points.

    Check out this link for a crash course on where Ron Paul and conservatives have traditionally come from in foreign policy:

    Consistency is a rare quality for sure!


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