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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Petreaus Sacrificed?

As you noticed, Petreaus resigned citing an affair. This is of course a cover for what is really going on. I believe it is standard procedure to get blackmail material on anyone and everyone in high office in case they don't roll the way of the Power Elite/Banksters/Demon-Possessed Agents of the Dark One. So anyhow, perhaps Petreaus was chosen for a career sacfrice to appease the political PR sprits after the ordeal known as the Benghazi attack, resulting in the death of Ambassador Stevens and his entourage.

Petreaus was set to testify, meets with Obama right after the election, and now is not going to testify. This affair thing was used to get rid of him. Also note that the guy responsible for the "video" that set off the "rebels" is in jail for one year for violating his probation. I'm sure that he's not available for interviews at this time.

That corny movie was probably shot on a Langley, CIA soundstage where they record all their psych warfare material.

Being CIA chief is a very dangerous position. Recall that ex CIA chief Bill Colby diappeared while "canoeing" and never came back home. That whole story was fishy as all get-out too.

The Benghazi attack is looking like a Fast and Furious: Arabian Nights episode. According to Lt. Col. Shaffer and former State Dept. official, Steve Pieczenik, there were lots of Libyan missles, the shoulder carrying and heat seeking variety that our CIA was trying to truck into Syria to help the "rebels" who seem to be affiliated with Al Qaeda (never forget my behind!). I don't know much about what is really going on over there, but I do know this much: everytime the CIA and the USG gets its muslim rebels into a middle eastern country, my Christian brethern start getting offed in great numbers. I'm pretty sick of it.

I'm sick at the depraved morals of all these Beltway people. It's no secret that so many of them are into all kinds of immorality, and this degredation is filtering out to the rest of us with legalized theft being authorized constantly.

I was wating for the appropriate time to share this gem with you all. Here is the great Weird Al performing "Party in the CIA":


  1. Whenever I hear of a story like Petreaus', I think of the movie "The Firm".

    I think no one gets appointed to high places in Washington without being thoroughly vetted. Meaning, no one gets appointed UNLESS they have some ugly truth that can be used against them should they stray from the fold.

    It's the only way Washington can insure they have no "loose cannons".

    1. You've got it nailed, Unk. They make sure that there is a massive MAD scheme in the halls of power. Mutually assured blackmail (MAB) is a more accurate name for it. We've got to see pass the minor sins and look at the huge Mystery Babylon level sins being perpetrated.

  2. Something 'smells ' on this Patraeus 'thing' - the many connecting 'dots' w/ West Point' raised my 'antennas'...


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