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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Meet Your Elites: Vernon Jordan

I remember this guy's name from middle school, back during the Rush years. His name would pop up frequently as Rush would go through the list of grievances and what the Clinton's were up to, etc.

So who is Vernon Jordan? A quick check of his wiki page, always to be taken with a grain of salt.
He started out in Atlanta with a typical American upbringing. He was active in the civil rights movement, which is dandy. He left law in the '60s to work in the NAACP, then  the Southern Regional Council, the Voter Education Project. In 1970, he became president of the United Negro College Fund, he was also president of the Urban League during the '70s.  Here's the bit about him and Clinton
Jordan, a friend and political adviser to Bill Clinton, served as part of Clinton's transition team in 1992–1993, shortly after he was elected President.
For Mr. Clinton, Mr. Jordan's roles have been manifold: Golfing companion. Smoother of ruffled feathers (he put the President back in touch with Zoe Baird after the withdrawal of her nomination to be Attorney General). Consoler-in-chief (after Mr. Clinton was defeated for re-election as governor in 1980, after the suicide of Vincent W. Foster Jr. in 1993). Conduit to the high and mighty (he took Mr. Clinton in 1991 to the Bilderberg conference in Germany, an exclusive annual retreat for politicians and businessmen). Go-between (he told Mike Espy he had to go as Secretary of Agriculture, helped win Warren Christopher a larger role as Secretary of State and sounded out Gen. Colin L. Powell for a Cabinet job).[7]In 1998, Jordan helped Monica Lewinsky, a former White House intern, after she left the White House. His role was considered controversial given the scandal that the Clinton administration had suffered because of the president's involvement with the intern.[8] On October 1, 2003, a United States court of appeals rejected Jordan's claim for reimbursement for legal services related to assisting Clinton in scandals regarding Lewinsky and Paula Jones. Jordan asked the government to pay him $302,719, but was paid only $1,215.

Okay, what I get from this is that this guy was associated with the Clinton's way back in 1980. Sticking with him over the years is real friendship. But I wonder how they came to meet?

Oh, did I mention that Vernon has been going to Bilderberg every year since 1969? See Luke confront him about it: (By the way, the confrontations he does are a white-knuckled ride--somebody's got to go Matthew 18 on these people!)

"There's an agenda and we discuss it. We don't want press coverage. We don't have to have press coverage." Is that clear enough for you proles?

Recall that during the Maafa 21 documentary, it talked about how the NAACP changed from a pro-life anti-eugenicist group to a pro-choice hard core lib group? I'm wondering if something at Bilderberg and Mr. Jordan had anything to do with that.

Going back to Clinton and 1980. Was this guy the bankster's handler for Clinton? Recently on the Steve Gill radio show, the author of the book, Leading from Behind said that according to a White House source, Valerie Jarrett is at every single meeting with Obama and is really calling the shots. Is she Obama's bankster handler?

Here's Vernon's map and with 48 nodes, he's a total player.


I didn't even include his wife, who's a U of Chicago professor with an impressive resume:

Chicago Lying-in Hospital Director of Social Services (1970-85)
    Member of the Board of ADP (1993-2007)
    Member of the Board of Coleman Co.
    Member of the Board of Citigroup (1989-2007)
    Member of the Board of Johnson & Johnson (1981-2007)
    Member of the Board of Salant Corporation
    Member of the Board of Travelers Group
    Brookings Institution Trustee
    Catalyst Board
    Child Welfare League of America Director
    Community Foundation for the National Capital Region Trustee
    Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
    Hillary Clinton for President
    Hillary Rodham Clinton for US Senate Committee
    National Symphony Orchestra Director
    Obama for America
    Phillips Collection Director
    Searchlight Leadership Fund
    Wedding: Alan Greenspan and Andrea Mitchell (1997)
    Hillraiser 2008

You guys notice the tremendous bankster overlap. And Vernon is CFR, Trilateral AND Bilderberg. That's a conspiracy Trifecta!!! To quote another famous investigator:

Does anyone else think its ironic that Vernon was on the Board at Clear Channel, Rush's employer? Anyone think its a coincidence that he is former member of the Board at Revlon along with Henry Kissinger? His social schedule seems pretty full, doesn't it? I'm not trying to gossip, but only understand who's who among the powerful, who they're hanging out with and why. There are many avenues of research one could go down with all this, chose one and see where it takes you.

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