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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Monday, April 2, 2012

Meet Your Elites: Strobe Talbott

Strobe TalbottYou haven't heard much from Strobe since Rush brought him up during the Clinton years, but in my ongoing effort to throw down pieces of the Great Puzzle on the table, I thought I'd spotlight ol' Strobe. What kind of name is that anyway? Turns out to be a family name, as he is the third Nelson Strobridge Talbott. His dad went by Bud. Anyhow, he went to one of those Elite boarding schools in New England and then onto Yale where he was, of course a Bonesman.  He was also a Rhodes scholar, and you students of globalism know what that's about. So he's in the Rhodes program along with his buddy Bill Clinton.  While being indoctrinated thoroughly in the principles of globalism, Strobe translated Nikita Khrushchev's memoirs into English. Isn't that swell?

link to the map - the copy function is working as usual.
What have we got here? All the usual suspects. He spent a lot of time at Time, which students of politics should realize by now is nothing but an anti-American rag, bent on turning us into "citizens of the world". Exhibit A:

Time Magazine gave the story that I'm currently working on, the fascist plot to take the White House, the National Enquirer treatment. According to Dr. Antony Sutton, Time Magazine has long been a propaganda operation of the Elite:
 The December 3rd 1934 issue of Time ran the story under the head "Plot Without Plotters," but the story bears no resemblance at all to the testimony, not even the censored testimony. The story portrays General Butler leading a half-million men along U.S. Highway 1 with the cry, "Men, Washington is but 30 miles away! Will you follow me?" Butler was then depicted as taking over the U.S. government by force from President Roosevelt. The remainder of the Time story is filled with dredges from Butler's past and an assortment of denials from the accused. Nowhere is there any attempt to report the statements made by General Butler, although the denials by J.P. Morgan, Hugh Johnson, Robert Sterling Clark, and Grayson Murphy are cited correctly. Two photographs are included: a genial grandfatherly J.P. Morgan and General Butler in a pose that universally symbolizes lunacy—a finger pointed to his ear. The reporting was trashy, dishonest, and disgraceful journalism at its very worst. Whatever our thoughts may be on Nazi propaganda or Soviet press distortion, neither Goebbels nor Goslit ever attained the hypnotic expertise of Time's journalists and editors. The fearful problem is that the opinions and mores of millions of Americans and of English speakers around the world have been molded by this school of distorted journalism.
One thing that caught my eye in the Strobe map was the Americans Abroad Media groups that seems to comprise a generous portion of America's high level "national security" people. Apparently this group was founded by Aaron Lobel in 2001, who is also on America Elect 2012 Leadership team. 

Getting back to Strobe, he's not what you'd call a fan of the Tenth Amendment:

"In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all."
  -Strobe Talbot, June 20, 1992, Time Magazine

Yee hah! Pat Buchanan quotes Strobe in this excellent speech, Nationalism vs. Globalism:
"All countries are basically social arrangements. Within the next hundred years, nationhood, as we know it, will be obsolete. All states will recognise a single global authority. A phase briefly fashionable in the mid 20th century, citizen of the world, will have assumed real meaning at the end of the 21st."

That's what the public school kids all over the world are being taught, how it's a small world after all. Makes you wonder who wrote that song originally?  Anyway, this is just a small, small snapshot of who is running the show and what they think and believe.

Update: I found this on the original Nelson Stonebridge Talbott:

Nelson S. "Bud" Talbott (June 10, 1892 - July 6, 1952) was a head coach of the Dayton Triangles of the "Ohio League" and later a charter member of the National Football League. He served in World War I, World War II and the Korean War and rose to the rank of Brigadier General. He eventually retired as the deputy director of procurement and production at Air Material Command, located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Talbott began his football career, as a starting tackle and halfback from 1912 thru 1914, for Yale University. He was given to All-American honors in 1913 as a member of Walter Camp's first team. In 1914, he was named captain of the Yale team. Bud led Yale to a 28-0 victory over Notre Dame, ending the Fighting Irish 27-game undefeated streak. He repeated with All-American honors in 1914, making several major newspaper first teams. After graduation, he became one of the organizers of the Dayton Triangles professional football team. He coached the local team in 1916 and again from 1919 until 1921. From 1922 until 1923 he was head coach of the University of Dayton football team who had just changed their name from St. Mary's University. Talbott's father was a wealthy engineer who was involved in the construction of the Soo Locks on Lake Superior and had various railroad interests. He was also involved in the recovery of Dayton from a 1913 flood. His mother was active in the Dayton anti-suffrage league which opposed giving women the right to vote. She was also involved in the Anti-Saloon League and was a patron of the Dayton Westminster Choir. His brother, Harold E. Talbott, was the third Secretary of the Air Force. While his nephew Strobe Talbott was a deputy secretary of state in the Clinton administration.
I figured that Strobe had to have some elitist background, because not just anyone can afford to go to those fancy New England schools. 

Also for you edification and understanding, I found Strobe Talbott promoting his book: The Great Experiment - The Story of Ancient Empires, Modern States, and the Quest for Global Governance. Us Bible thumpers, and unsophisticated types are mentioned.

Update #2:
Here is the elder Talbott, telling you how the Nature Conservatory is working to save "our poor endangered planet". Cap and Trade is a good thing:


  1. How will we ever defeat them, rM. I'm running out of ideas. The elitist have been in charge for a long time now. They have no intentions of losing their power.

    1. This system that they've built up is energized by forces not of this world. Some say a conspiracy can't be maintained for generations, but what if that conspiracy was like a family business that makes billions of $$$ and gives you opportunities to use the planet as your own personal sandbox?
      Stay tuned for some great material on the sources of these people's inspiration, even if it is consciously unknown to them.

  2. I have a very simple rule. Never vote for people with funky names. Strobe. Strom, Newt, Mitt, Haley - to pick a few. It won't get them all but it's not a bad start.

    1. Seems like a plan! Unfortunately for us, Strobe was never elected, he was selected. Why? Probably because his family seems to have been connected for a long time.


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