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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Liberty University Kerfuffle

Wherein, the Romney campaign practices EPIC FAIL in trying to gain evangelical votes. Here is the sum of it from Doug Wead, who seems to be taking the role of reporter regarding the Ron Paul campaign due to the media blackout:

The John McCain, eh sorry, the Mitt Romney campaign replayed a scene from past failed Republican candidates yesterday.  They announced in the morning that Governor Romney would be the commencement speaker at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.  The school founded, by Jerry Falwell, is touted as the largest Christian University in the world.  And in the afternoon they announced that openly gay, Richard Grenell, would be Romney’s new national security and foreign policy spokesman.
Students at Liberty were in an uproar.  Not over Grenell, but over the University choosing Romney instead of their beloved Ron Paul.  The firestorm began on the University’s own website, where the thread hit 700 comments in a couple of hours.  The discussion was promptly censored and then shut down proving that the University is not very aptly named.  But the discussion moved onto Facebook where it continues to spread.
For reference, Ron Paul beat Romney in the Liberty U precinct 60-40.

For those of you unfamiliar with the ways of the fundamentalist Christian, allow me to explain some things to you. The Holy Bible, is not up for private interpretation. It's not how you "feel" about what it says, it's not about what you "want" it to say. It's about conforming your life around every word it says. The figurative language is interpreted and the interpretation is taken literally. The Holy Spirit helps one along in understanding Scripture, but the essential thing to remember that it is the anchor that Christians are supposed to hold to in this enemy occupied territory known as the world, which may I say, is really showing its face these days!

With that being said, this piece of Scripture right here, located at the end of the Book is part of the reason why Romney doesn't fit in well at a place like Liberty:

For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book. Revelation 22:18
I'm guessing an entire extra biblical book called the Book of Mormon would qualify as "adding unto these things". Over and over, during his ministry Christ warned us of false teachers, and of false Christs. I'm not going to blow your mind by getting into all that, but the fundamentalist position is that Mormonism is a Christian-based cult founded on an authority of a dubious book.  And if you're paying to go to a Christian school like Liberty, your first allegiance is to the God of the Bible, and not the Republican Party. The person giving the commencement address at a University that claims to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ should be one of like faith, wouldn't you think. But no, this university is being pimped out for political purposes. But wait, there's more...

Then, after announcing that a man that doesn't share their faith will be their commencement speaker, and after spending thousands on a biblical sound education, the students of Liberty find out that their commencement speaker will have an openly gay serving as his spokesman on issues pertaining to their beloved Israel. I'm sure God will just love that. I imagine that most of the kids at Liberty didn't follow that aspect too closely. But, gee, Romney campaign, it might have been good to space those two announcements out a little bit, don't you think?

Do Christians hate gay people? No, but it ain't right - it just ain't right, as in the parts don't go together.  I see them as victims of this messed up world, by which I mean victims of feminism, possibly chemical manipulation (BPA, soy-estrogen mimickers), pron, divorce, poor parental attachment, etc.
Get the picture?

After all the angst over gay marriage, it would seem that this announcement on the same day as announcing Willard "two face" Romney is going to be your commencement speaker would be laying  it on a little thick.

Explanations of Mitt-o-rama at Liberty

Why are they shoving Mitt Romney on Liberty University students? Answer: Mark DeMoss

Mark DeMoss was an adviser to Mitt Romney during the 2008 campaign and has never really quit, according to this article entitled, Evangelical Mark DeMoss says Christians Must Be Civil. No doubt Mr. DeMoss would find my plain quoting of Revelation 22:18 "uncivil" and divisive. Oh well, my Savior said to expect that kind of thing -- that the Bible is sharper than any sword, etc. DeMoss was also an aide to the late Jerry Falwell and a trustee at Liberty University. His PR firm, founded in 1991, does PR for lots of the well known evangelical organizations: Billy Graham, SBC, Campus Crusade, ACLJ ( I could do another post on this snake in the grass!), and basically every big name in Churchianity. Good Grief, is that list ripe for the blog-picking!

 He tried to found something called the Civility Project, where lawmakers would sign a pledge to be "civil". He only got three signees.  Notice that the previous link goes to an article in the HuffPo that quotes an interview this fellow gave the NY Times. Let me tell you that a true blue fundamentalist never gets ink from there unless he's been found in some sort of "banjo player from Deliverance" scandal. This guy DeMoss is also a trustee at Liberty, so that explains how Mitt gets to be their commencement speaker.

But there's another opportunist in the sheepfold: Brett O'Donnell. He's the debate coach at Liberty University as well as an adviser and debate coach for John McCain in 2008, Michelle Bachmann, and prepped Mitt for the debates in Florida earlier this year. Let's go to the map:
Muckety does not capture the image you painstakingly get into place like nndb, so I had to screen-shot it. But if you go to muckety, you can play around and get similar results.

My analysis: expect groups associated with these "one-foot in the evangelical world and one foot in the Establishment" types to get much more compromised in the future. I heard on the contemporary Christian station just yesterday, an ad to recycle your phones for Earth Day. Every discerning Christian knows that Earth Day is a communist-New Age holiday (same as Lenin's birthday) meant to diminish mankind. Look out, more divisive Scripture from Romans chapter 1:

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
 23And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
 24Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
 25Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

For you Christians who are poltically aware and like your documents literal (Bible AND Constitituion), follow Pastor Chuck Baldwin (who doesn't use PR) and Brannen Howse, who's uncompromising Worldview Weekend ministry doesn't go along to get along. This is pertinent  information for unbelievers trying to put together puzzle pieces as well, as the Feds are trying to make pastors spy on their flocks. Given the Establishment-loving nature of DeMoss, I would expect him to be gung-ho for that kind of program.

I think I may have stumbled onto a big knot of Establishment/Elite entanglement with the evangelical circles. Given my background in apostasy research, I'm seeing a lot of familiar names coming up as I scan through some of these connections. Oh joy, just what I needed: more things to blog about! Stay tuned.

Bottom line: Is voting for a Mormon wrong, if you're a Bible-believing blood washed saint? Depends on who all is running, but voting for a chameleon like Romney would give an atheist the creeps. Can I get a witness?


  1. I have no doubt whatsoever that Rev. Falwell, if he weren't far to preoccupied with the joys of Heaven, would be absolutely livid over the platform Liberty is giving to Romney. Ugh.

    1. Yeah, I'm not so sure about that--Rev. Falwell made his own compromises in the political realm; which, arguably, is one of the reasons this nation's political world is even more screwed up now than it was back in the Ron Reagan/Moral Majority days,and why McCain was touted to the university in '08 and Romney is now.

    2. If he were still alive, he'd be pushing the Israel angle to get the kids back in line. It would seem to me more important to some of these pastors than the Gospel itself. Because God needs America to fight His wars, or something unbiblical like that? That's about the only bullet they've got left that most Christians haven't wised up to. I think its apparent to everyone like you said below that Romney is a big, fat integrity JOKE.

  2. Rev. Falwell would be welcoming Romney with open arms. When Liberty U. got into financial trouble years ago, Rev. Falwell had no reservations about taking millions from Rev. Moon. It was also Thomas Rd. Baptist that led the charge to change the VA State Constitution so churches could incorporate. I wouldn't send my dog to Liberty.

    1. Oh man, I had forgotten all that. I read that DeMoss's daddy, Arthur, or maybe his foundation gave Liberty millions also, thus the Arthur DeMoss wing over there. I wonder if and how he ties into the whole bankster angle? Like I said, I've found a whole new can of worms here.

  3. I'm sorry. Yes, here's your witness: AMEN. I know a number of atheists, liberal agnostics of different "faith backgrounds", and others who are equally concerned with the future and direction of this country, and they are kinda "creeped out" by people who say they're Christians supporting someone like Romney; not because he's a Mormon either, but because he's flip-flopping, big government/big money puppet--just like GW Bush and little different than Obama.

    1. The truth brings all kinds of people together. Here in the natural realm, people of all faiths are finding the same answers when we delve into who and what is sucking the money and power out of this nation. We are also seeing the true colors of many of our Christian "leaders" as time continues to unwind.

  4. Muslim or Mormon, does it matter? Probably not. I view both religions as some of the greatest fiction ever presented. In fact, it is doubtful an actual prophet Mohammad ever existed. Nowhere in the historical record of that time. But no matter.

    Well RM, we got our same two standard shitty choices from the ruling elite. What are you gonna do come early Nov?

    1. At the rate the news is changing, I'll just wait and see. I know that Paul will not endorse Romney. Notice how they try to get him to say that he will on every single interview he goes on. Gary J is waiting in the wings as an alternative.

  5. If you use the O.T. as a blueprint, God allowed bad leaders to be put over Israel when they backslid into sin. Our country today is more sinful than Israel of old ever thought about being so we deserve what we get. There should be a cry for national repentance starting with those that profess to be Christians. Remember: NOTHING BECOMES ACCEPTABLE IN SOCIETY UNTIL IT FIRST BECOMES ACCEPTABLE IN THE CHURCH. Address that problem and every thing else falls into place.

    1. The churches were an early target of these Fabians. The World and National Council of Churches were the first to go ecumenical and also liberal. Israel did get all the way to sacrificing children who could walk to Moloch. I would assume that abortion was rampant also. We're not there yet, but I could see it with the programming come out lately of killing disabled children from "bioethicists".

      Today, it is very hard to find a church that hasn't gone all humanistic in its worldview. Also, the people in our churches have been raised by the State via government schools where they are not taught the Word. So even in churches trying to be faithful, we find that the members don't have the knowledge base to really be effective in combating worldliness in the church. Old timers may remember a Sergeant at Arms in the church house, ready to exact some discipline. There is absolutely no discipline in today's church. We're more fearful of hurting feelings than being loyal to God. Don't even get me started...


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