Although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is, in some respects, one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked... in which I have spoken of so many important things done by Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply, To the superiority of their women.

--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meet Your Elites: Robert Mueller

Update 2018: The Daily Mail has picked up on the subject of Mueller's silver spoon background, so here is the link as they have lots of cool pictures of a young Mueller. Also, QAnon suggests that Mueller is playing a role creating a deliberate distraction while other swamp-draining actions are taking place in the background. So interesting!

Update 2017: So now Robert Mueller is a Special Counsel putting the "fix" in against Trump who threatens the status quo. This informal post can be summarized by the fact that Mueller came from Big Money and is now protecting Big Globalist Money.
Generally when I do a post like this, it's pretty easy. I just go to Muckety or nndb, expand their node and see what pies they have their thumbs into. Not so with Robert Mueller, like the Washington Times article says about him, he's kept a very low profile.

Robert MuellerI thought he'd be a good candidate for Elite status, since he seems to not know whether or not we proles deserve due process or not. Let's start with young Bob Mueller, like every American boy he goes to school at one of the most Elite prep schools in the world. I've written here about how Elite prep schools are nothing like the schools you commoners go to. In fact, Mueller went to St. Paul Academy the same time John Kerry did, a small town our Elite friends live in, eh? Like his classmate Kerry, he went to serve in Nam and then went to law school at UVA.

Now this is where it gets ambiguous. He worked his way up through the ranks to being a Justice Department official. He worked in the area of white collar crime. Not sure who for.. Then according the Washington Post, the flagship of Operation Mockingbird we have this:

From 1993 to 1995, Mueller worked for the Washington D.C. office of Hale & Dorr. Then he called up Eric Holder, who was then the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, and told Holder he wanted to be a homicide prosecutor in Holder's office. "He made it clear he didn't want to be a supervisor," Holder said. "He said he liked to try cases and that he cared about the city and this would enable him to serve both interests."
Eventually, Mueller became chief of that office's homicide section, and when Holder was promoted to deputy attorney general under Janet Reno, he urged Clinton to make Mueller U.S. attorney for San Francisco. Mueller nabbed the post and served as U.S. attorney there from 1998 to 2001.
Small world, isn't it? The Post goes on to say that Mueller has buddies on both sides of the aisle. Well, when when working for one big monopolistic cartel, that's pretty easy isn't it? According to the Post, he's big buds with Patrick Leahy and Barbara Boxer. His former coworker, John Pistole now spends his time giving us bs about how the TSA is keeping us safe.

 According to this from the New York Times, he was totally down with Ruby Ridge:
His strong support for law enforcement agents has occasionally led Mr. Mueller to express hostility to their critics. Associates recall his anger at members of Congress and others for criticism of the F.B.I.'s 1992 siege of a separatist family at Ruby Ridge in Idaho, where a woman, her 14-year-old son and a deputy United States marshal were killed. By then, Mr. Mueller headed the criminal division at the Justice Department. 
Recall that she was killed holding a baby for the crime of what? Not conforming while holding fast to the second amendment. So what is the deal with this guy? What did his parents do to be able to afford to send him to St. Pauls? How does he rocket up the ladder like he did? Why did he ask Eric Holder to work on homicide in Washington DC? His mother came from good ol' robber baron stock, her grandfather having owned the Lackawanna Railroad. His dad worked at DuPont, but I have not been able to determine how high up he was in the organization. One article said that leaving the big law firm for working on the DC homicide desk was no problem as his wife, Ann Standish had lots of cash from her trust funds. So who is this woman, and how does she come by buckets of trust fundage?

She attended Miss Porter's boarding school and went on to Sarah Lawrence College. Here is an article on her debutante ball.  Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Anderson Standish, her grandmother was Mrs. D. Matteson Cabell, her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Sage Wightman Jr. Ok, I find in the 1940 announcement for Mrs. Mueller's own parents wedding, a listing of the people who would be there, including a boy named William Lloyd Standish IV. Is this the same boy who grew up to become the Western PA US Federal Judge and is from the same little hamlet all these other Standishes are from. I'm not trying to be nosy, but I'd like to know where the money comes from that keeps these Elites afloat. What forces might be influencing/pressuring them other than fear of God and the Constitution. I think we can all safely guess that there is a whole lot of something amiss here. (I might have to get out a pen and paper to unravel where the Standish/Cabells get enough money for trust funds, etc. - now I'm interested..)

According to the New York Times, his hobbies are tennis and squash. Need I say more on his Elite status?

So for those of you wondering why people like me care about the details of a perfect strangers life, let me tell you the motivation behind the Meet the Elite series. It's to expose the fact that those running our country are not "We the People", but "We the Clique" holding most of the money. These people are into all sorts of bad business, but most of all they delude themselves into thinking that they are the "benevolent upper crust" as dreamed of by Plato. Ergo the term, plutocracy, which is what we've got here.



    1. Check out one of the co-panelists:

      Ralph Boelter, Vice President, Corporate Security, Target; Former Assistant Director, Counterterrorism Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation

      Didn't they get hacked big time last Christmas?

      Mueller goes back to 9/11 for justification to hack our info, how very convenient for them.

  2. Interesting republican mother.
    So now Mueller is special counsel. Guess it's no surprise that they'd never pick someone from flyover country or amongst the wretched or untouchable caste.

    1. So true Dan; with over 300 million in our country, it never ceases to amaze me how the same handful crop up again and again!

  3. It has been reported that Mueller is the gandnephew of the famous CIA man,Richard Bissell,the father of the Bay of Pigs.And his wife is a grandchild or grand niece of Charles Cabell,a deputy Director of the CIA fired after the Bay of Pigs,and Earle Cabell.Mayor of Dallas on 11/22/63 who has recently been uncovered as a CIA asset.

    1. Thanks for the interesting facts, it drives the point home! It truly is a close-knit bunch of folks who work on centralizing everything for their own gain.

  4. Wait....George W. Bush hired him. Then Obama kept him on. I'm missing your point. He's a lefty elitist?

  5. Bush and Obama work for the same team- Team Globalist. I would refer you to the book, Confessions of a Monopolist or any of the fine Antony Sutton books linked on the sidebar to understand how big money ha no party allegiance, but only the goal of socialism for the masses and the accumulation of wealth for the "elite" which comes in left and right flavors.

    Ex. Bush's grandfather Prescott had major dealings with the Nazis, his son Bush Sr. was in charge of the CIA at one point. Obama was born and raised in a CIA family. Check out Dreams of My Real Father by Joel Gilbert sometime-it will blow your mind!!!

  6. The Washington DC Swamp appears to be an incestuous Cesspool. As a sidebar to Robert Mueller & wife Ann Cabell Standish; we have Rod Rosenstein & helpmate of a wife Spouse: Lisa Barsoomian. It turns out that she's a real piece of work: Lisa H Barsoomian a US Attorney that graduated from Georgetown Law, she’s a protege of James Comey and Robert Muller. Barsoomian, with her boss R. Craig Lawrence, represented Bill Clinton in 1998 Lawrence also represented: Robert Muller three times James Comey five times Barack Obama 45 times Kathleen Sebelius 56 times Bill Clinton 40 times and Hillary Clinton 17 times Between 1998 and 2017 Barsoomian herself represented the FBI at least five times You may be saying to yourself, okay who cares, who cares about the work history of this Barsoomian woman? Apparently someone does BECAUSE : Someone out there cares so much that they’ve “purged” all Barsoomian court documents for her Clinton representation in Hamburg vs. Clinton in 1998 and its appeal in 1999 from the DC District and Appeals court dockets (?) Someone out there cares so much that the internet has been “purged” of all information pertaining to Barsoomian. Historically this indicates that the individual is a protected CIA operative. Additionally Lisa Barsoomian has specialized in opposing Freedom of Information Act requests on behalf of the intelligence community And although Barsoomian has been involved in hundreds of cases representing the DC Office of the US Attorney her email address is Lisa Barsoomian at NIH gov. The NIH stands for National Institutes of Health. This is a tactic routinely used by the CIA to protect an operative by using another government organization to shield their activities. It’s a cover, so big deal right, I mean what does one more attorney with ties to the US intelligence community really matter. It deals with Trump and his recent tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum imports, the border wall, DACA, everything coming out of California, the Uniparty unrelenting opposition to President Trump, the Clapper leaks, the Comey leaks, Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusal and subsequent 14 month nap with occasional forays into the marijuana legalization mix …. and last but not least Muller’s never-ending investigation into collusion between the Trump team and the Russians Why does Barsoomian, CIA operative, merit any mention?


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