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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Let's Visit the House of Lords

for an interesting speech by Lord James of Blackheath. Lord James has much experience in the banking industry, and his analysis is worth listening to. Here calls attention to massive (as in 15 TRILLION dollars) of fraud amongst nations.

Listen up for mention of the NY Federal Reserve Bank (the same one that William Boyce Thompson, financier of the Bolshevik Revolution headed up) Also listen for the names of all your favorite bailout banks. This is about missing money, missing money and the audit of the Fed (thank you Ron Paul!!!) that shows that someone somewhere ain't telling the truth.

He gave this speech in the middle of February, and there are rumors on the net that he was killed, but I can't find any substantiation of those rumors.

Update: After thinking it odd I'd never heard the name of the man who supposedly had all this money owed to him, I find this piece from the Daily Caller, saying that Lord James fell for a scam. However, he does have an extensive background in banking and when a British Lord stands up and makes accusations like this against officials in the US Government, I think it's news.

h/t The Daily Paul


  1. Wow, great find but why am I hearing this on your blog first? This is HUGE.
    I must admit I will need to watch/listen at least 2 more times because I'm rather economic illiterate and he is not the greatest speaker. However, I get the gist of it--The Federal Reserve, The Bank of Scotland and the Bank of England (among others it sounds like) are playing with funny money backed by non-existent gold. This is what happens when you go off the gold standard--and NO WONDER the Federal Reserve & the progessives don't want to return to the gold standard--it might make them stay honest.

    1. You never hear about the funny money from most of the media or even in conservative blogland because most of us are economic illiterate when it comes to this stuff. The media does't want to educate us, as they're totally owned by these bailout banks. Ron Paul, Mises, Lew Rockwell and the gang are the only national level educators I know of trying desperately to get people to understand this stuff.

  2. I read on a couple of years ago, that bearded ben bernanke, Gave 30+ trillion dollars to banks domestic And foreign. The money was given to them in the form of perfectly good US Treasuries in exchanges for absolutely worthless mortgage monopoly bonds so that the big banks could have a Do Over on our backs.

    The bonds are called derivatives and they amount to nothing more than Casino bets because they are not tied to actually physical property. The fed even made the statement that this [worthless] mortgage paper would be on their balance sheet and re-disbursed when the real estate market became healthy again. That is a load. No one will ever buy that crap for anything.

    A decade from now it will all be forgotten and we will all have had the 30 trillion stolen from us in the form of inflation and higher taxes to pay for it. The Fed is still buying CDS (Credit Default Swaps) bonds so God knows what the real total is by now, or what it will be when it finally ends.

    1. Nice summary of derivatives and CDS, Kid. I look to Iceland for the example, the little country that got stuck holding the hot, yet rotten potato of bad mortgage debt and told the banks to go "(*)& themselves.

    2. Thanks RM. I'm certainly no expert on derivatives, but imagine how many people think "The Bailout" total was 787 billion.

      These bank people must be splitting their sides.


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