Although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is, in some respects, one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked... in which I have spoken of so many important things done by Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply, To the superiority of their women.

--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Friday, March 23, 2012

Meet Your Elites: Dick Scaife

In my last post in this series, I delved into the background of Robert Mueller, who was educated in an exclusive  prep school, and came from a family in "high" standing. While rummaging through the society page clippings of yesteryear, I found that two of the people who were in attendance of Mr. Meuller's inlaws' marriage ceremony  in 1940 were Peter and William Standish. They were just boys at the time, but one, William grew up to be a federal judge for Western Pennsylvania. In the obituary for Peter, it was noted by one Richard Scaife how much fun they had playing together as boys. I'm just connecting this to show you how these people run in circles together that are not advertised by the media. I've been meaning to do a piece on Dick Scaife for awhile, but I knew it would be quite the undertaking, as no one funds things like he does. To the left, he is their George Soros, yet the vast majority of conservatives have never heard of him. He prefers it that way.


Dick Schaife is heir to the Mellon steel fortune. You may remember Andrew Mellon, Treasury Secretary during the 20s. Well, Dick is his great-nephew. The fortune came down to Scaife's mother Sarah, and upon her death, he inherited a huge fortune. His father, Alan was a member of the OSS, the forerunner of the CIA, and as researchers of the underground history of the 20th century would tell you - that is the source of so much of the foreign policy mess we're into today. Bear this in mind as we look at the organizations Mr. Scaife supports.

Now just because someone is an "Elite" doesn't mean that I want to go around gossiping about them, but I will say that Mr. Scaife hasn't had a tranquil home-life. He was expelled from Yale for drunkenness, according to his sister, their mother was a "gutter drunk", his first marriage ended in divorce, he had a falling out with his only sibling, Cordy (although they reportedly became friends again before she died), and his second marriage didn't last either. For pure entertainment, see this interview Mr. Scaife did at the Vanity Far. You WILL be entertained (catfights, dog-nappings, asparagus tongs, etc.) and will understand what a character this fellow is.

He is owner of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, and as you can imagine has an influence on Pennsylvania politics. Wait a minute.. who is running for president that is also from Pennsylvania? That's right, Rick Santorum, former US Senator from PA, I wonder if they've met? (eyeroll) Mr. Saife also owns Newsmax, perhaps you've heard of it? He also was responsible for trying to put on that sham debate with Donald Trump. 

As regular readers of my blog know, we focus on the strings between the puppet population and the puppeteers (banksters). Those strings would be the tax exempt foundations set up ingeniously by those who also set  up our tax law. Mr. Scaife has a few foundations of his own. If you look them up, you can easily get a copy of the financial disclosure forms of his three foundations: The Sarah Scaife Foundation, named in honor of his mother, The Carthage Foundation, and the Allegheny Foundation. Before we begin, I want you to first keep something firmly in your mind: According to Dick Scaife, one of his grandmother's most important causes was population control and was friends with Margaret Sanger herself. In fact, about a year ago, Mr. Scaife wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, saying that conservatives should support Planned Parenthood because it does so much good. Does this explain to you why Rick Santorum took one for "the team" to fund Planned Parentood, when one of the biggest Pennsylvania money men apparently has some sort of family crusade to see Planned Parenthood succeed? So getting back to these foundations, are you ready to do this thing!!!??

The Sarah Scaife Foundation
Named in honor of his mother, who was deeply concerned about population control amongst minorities, white trash, and useless eaters, we see a jarring juxtoposition. For the interest of space, attention spans, and brevity, I'm just going to list the recipients of the largest portions of grant money. All figures come from the  2010 finanical statements, which showed the Sarah Scaife Foundation had a book value of  roughly $180 million dollars.

Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, Inc ($760,000) 
I bet you've never heard of this outfit, but it employees a lot of former defense types to do a little rah! rah! over the latest defense sector products. According to their website :
The Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis is an independent, nonpartisan research organization specializing in national security, foreign policy, and defense planning issues. We help senior government policy makers, industry leaders, and officials in the public policy community make informed decisions in a dynamic and unpredictable global security environment. IFPA staff is a mix of scholars, business professionals, retired military officers, and foreign policy specialists who bring a uniquely broad array of talents and experiences to every task they undertake. 
Call me nuts, but I thought that we had a defense department that handled that kind of thing for us. Turns out, that all the big wigs in the defense contracting sphere donate to this "nonprofit". You see, you get your "experts" to sign off on what you want to do beforehand and because your "experts" are nonpartisan and nonprofit, there's no way they could be biased or be giving fraudulent information. An example:

On April 8, 1992, Pfaltzgraff wrote a piece for the Wall Street Journal praising the Raytheon-produced Patriot missile, and attacking MIT professor's Dr. Theodore Postol's questioning of its effectiveness. Other members of the IFPA sung the praises of the Raytheon corporations Patriot missile as well. In the fiscal year 1991, Raytheon's Missile Systems Division had donated $60,000 to the IFPA. 
Heritage Foundation ($600,000 from SS and $1,250,000 from Allegheny)
That's right, the good ol' Heritage Foundation is an operation of the Dick Scaife foundations. Now he's obviously not the only source of their funding, but is a long-time trustee, and his early hefty donations were crucial to getting it off the ground. What's sad is that pretty much all conservatives think that this is a "good, all-American organization". But just click over to their financial statement and as you look at how much they spend and the almost $200,000,000 they have in their net asset column, and wonder why they aren't more effective at getting  real Constitutionalists in positions of power? Answer: They're paid NOT to. That's right, I've come to the conclusion, like former Dept. of Ed. official Charlotte Iserbyt that these organizations are MORE responsible than the leftists for the explosion of communism we've seen. They act like they're working for us, flyover country apple pie eaters, while really they're just talking our language just enough to make most conservatives, especially those that listen to Mark Levin (whom we'll get to later) think that Heritage has their back. When you look up Ron Paul in the Heritage search, you'll find nothing there put how "isolationism is wrong, so wrong". Well, Ron Paul supporters would agree with you; I don't know of a one that advocates isolationism, but in this 1984 newspeak world, the meanings of words are deliberately changed. Search the "Fed" on their website, and you'll just see tumbleweeds. But a FoxNews contributor for Heritage is on call 24/7 should anyone want to talk endlessly about some peripheral issue that is completely pointless when our nation is facing total economic ruin. 

I liken the Heritage Foundation to that Kaa the snake charachter in The Jungle Book, the one that hypnotizes the prey. We're supposed to follow their talking points meanwhile the Elites take us completely over. What else explains the fact that during my brief little life, the Congress has been totally Republican twice, once also having the executive in their column, and we saw government drastically expanded? Education in America was completely nationalized (read socialized), and taxpayers began paying for everyone's pills (Medicare D, thanks to Team Player Santorum). Under the Republican's watch socialism marched forward, meanwhile the Heritage Foundation and like groups were placating us grassroots out here with inane drivel. 

American Enterprise Institute ($500,00 )
Oh yes, they put on that foreign policy debate jointly with the Heritage Foundation. Their emphasis of course is a strong national defense.  But be aware their true definition of national defense might go something like this:
American national defense - in order to maximize profits of our benefactors and to keep churning the vicious cycle of transferring money from the Federal Reserve Bank to large weapon-building firms through the pretense and secrecy of national security we hereby reserve the right to lie and distort about anything in the whole wide world that the average American could not possibly verify for themselves, making them putty in our psychological media matrix.
And if you think I'm the head engineer of the crazy train for saying that, please review the map that took me so long to make connecting the top ten defense contractors with every single sector of the US economy in a big way. But to give you an idea of the types of people who are plugged into AEI, here is a map I did on them that just illustrates that these are not just good ol' boys who want the best for America. These are special interests, that include big oil, big pharma, and big banksters.  Are these industries inherently evil? No, but when they become so large that they no longer wish to compete by making superior products and decide to just buy legislation that shuts down all competition, we have the definition of fascism. Also note the think tank overlap. All your favorites are there: Bilderberg, RAND, Trilaterals, the World Bank and CFR.

link for American Enterprise Institute - full of the Elites you've come to know and despise

But they just want  us Americans to be safe! My eye! Many of them make a pretty penny every time  America goes to war, and it's a known fact that banks do best in times of war. So why not have an outfit that works overtime to scare the crap out of the American people to let them do what they want, when they want and how they want to do it overseas. If you don't agree, you must be some kind of unpatriotic scumbag. That attitude is nationalism, friends, not patriotism. 

Social Philosophy and Policy Foundation ($470,000)
A program at Bowling Green State University in Ohio that funds philosophers to study public policy. Translation: they study right and wrong without that troublesome Bible doing the job for them. This outfit is what you get to do with a degree in philosophy. I'm not saying that their work is all bad, their book list looks interesting. I'm just wary of more "experts" telling us what to think about xyz.

Center for Strategic and International Studies ($335,000 from S. Scaife and $100,000 from Allegheny)
Here we have a robust group advocating global collectivism. This is a big think tank, and if you aren't convinced yet that big corporations are all about it, you really need to check out their page for giggles. This right here made me lol:
Investing in America, Contributions by the Indian IT Sector
Write your own punchline.
If you check them out for yourself, you'll find that the Peace Corps is awesome, but we need to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran for the love of all that's good and greedy. It's like a globalist collectivist bonananza over there --- rah! rah! United Nations. But what about American Exceptionalism, the focus-group tested phrase to make regular Americans sacrifice their sons to gain global hegemony? Hey, if that's what the banksters have to sell to get you to buy their crap, then so be it.

Intercollegiate Studies Institute, ISI ($300,000)
This is a conservative college group that does the rah! rah! American exceptionalism thing combined with paying homage to good ol' Western Civ. What's your deal repubmom? Are you anti-American and anti Western Civilization? Yes, that's right, you've got me now.. Actually I am so pro-America that I'm taking a good deal of time going through this so you can realize that this is all a big show. If they really cared about America and progressives, then they would be using all these resources to call bs on the whole WWF politics and find out where the Fed money has disappeared to exactly, for instance. Let's find out why our elected officials don't represent us anymore. Ok, calming down.. 

One thing that made me crack up about this group was that in one of their journals, they had an article about forming the counter-establishment. And then (giggle, hee hee) on the back of the journal is a list of the trustees, which include Ed Meese, Richard DeVos (Amway fame), and others that are so Establishment it ain't funny. Oh, you can also buy Rick Santorum's book, It Takes a Family, through their store. So what we've got here is a group that is indoctrinating a group of young people to form the conservative antithesis to the progressive thesis. Meanwhile, total collectivism (synthesis) marches forward.

Other Groups of Note:
Landmark Legal Foundation - where Mark "the grate one" Levin has his Headquarters. How does Mark feel about his benefactor donating and advocating for Planned Parenthood and for globalist groups like the CSIS who advocate global inter-dependency? How the heck does that fit into the America is the awesomest country ever meme?  (Donation amount $250,000)

Stanford University, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace - where Antony Sutton got his start investigating technology transfers between the US and USSR. He was drummed out of academia for exposing the fact that the source for all this evil was financed right here in the good ol' USA.  It currently seems to be a mixed bag supporting some things conservatives would agree on, with a hint of globalism. (Donation amount $300,000)

Judicial Watch Inc ($175,000 and $67,000 through Allegheny) 

David Horowitz Freedom Center ($250,000 from S. Scaife and $200,000 from Allegheny)

FreedomWorks Foundation ($125,000)  Astroturfing the Tea Party

Foundation for the Defense of Democracies ($200,000) --all your fav. neocons are there in the war drum-line as it were..

The Carthage Foundation
This one is a smaller outfit, but the largest grantees are:

The Maldon Institute, Inc. ($200,000) Their mission statement:
The Maldon Institute's (TMI) mission is to provide and publish information on matters ignored or misrepresented by the media, or that is believed will amplify the knowledge necessary to understand a variety of international and domestic press and government reports. TMI seeks to publish truthful information where false reporting may have contributed to our loss of tranquility. 
Sounds good. What's the catch? They do data-mining, but for whom? hmmm.

The Institute on Religion and Democracy, Inc. ($100,000) First off, this IS NOT a democracy. Sheesh! This seems to be a group reaching out to church members who have "had it" with liberalism in their church, but very subtly downplays the Just War Theory that has guided Christians for ages.

Allegheny Institute for Public Policy ($115,000 and $125,000 from Allegheny) seems like a good group, centered on Pittsburgh area politics, with a lot of good libertarian books in their bookstore, but something here smacks of public-private partnerships (the code word for fascism).  Let's look at the mission statement:

The Allegheny Institute is a non-profit research and education organization. Our mission is to defend the interests of taxpayers, citizens and businesses against an increasingly burdensome and intrusive government. To that end, we will formulate and advocate public policies that roll back the size and scope of local government as well as create a more accountable government. Our efforts will be guided by the principles of free enterprise, property rights, civil society and individual freedom that are the bedrock upon which this nation was founded. 
I'm all about limiting government, but I hope they don't mean rolling back the representation of local government. That recently happened in Knoxville where each county commission district went from two to one representative, cutting our county commission in half. But anyway, remember what Frederic C. Howe said, the real money is in going political, and I wouldn't be surprised if that dynamic is in play with this group.

Allegheny Foundation
This one mainly has a lot benefactors local to Mr. Scaife's hometown of Pittsburgh, but there are some groups that are national and many I've already mentioned. Here are some more heavy hitters:

America's Survival, Inc. ($200,000) Hold on to your hats, kids, because this group is really interesting. It has filed a complaint with the FEC complaining of Adam Kokesh's advocacy of Ron Paul citing that because he has a show on Russia Today, and everyone knows that Russians are communists, ergo it's all a communist plot. There's also a lot on their website about the worldwide communist conspiracy. The Catholic Church is totally in on it man! This group is headed up by Cliff Kincaid, who sounds the alarm against world government through the United Nations. This is all well and good, but how do we reconcile the fact that Mr. Scaife, a major benefactor of his organization, also gives to the CSIS, which is very UN friendly. Contradiction City in my opinion. This group is also all about George Soros being the evil mastermind. Little does the average person know that a pro-abort, pro-gay marriage guy like Dick Scaife is funding this outfit, which is also very anti-gay marriage. I wonder if he and Soros hang out? That would be the ultimate irony.

Counterterrorism and Security Education and Research Foundation ($125,000) Founded in 1999 to make people aware of terrorism, they provide scholarships for those wishing to study terrorism. Yes, they also have educational programs for the general public, security professionals and military/government personnel. Quick question: Why in the sam hill would our military and government personnel, after the billions, trillions etc. the USG has spent over the past 100 years on this very issue need the help of a tax-exempt foundation to tell them about terrorism, a thousands year old tactic? Don't turn me into Big Brother for using critical thinking skills there. Gee, whiz...

Young America's Foundation - ($100,000) Home to the Reagan Ranch, where conservative kids can go to camp. That's sounds great and wholesome to the uncynical conservative out there, which would have been me a mere five years ago. The new me says, "what's the angle?" This group hosts all your fav. speakers, like Star Parker, Herman Cain, SE Cupp, and even Rudy Giuliani. It's more of Obama, Obama, Obama, the source of all things evil. Teaching point: Machiavellians like to get you to focus on one thing, and like a lightning rod that attention span God gave you gets sucking into the ground on side issues. I can bet you some FRNs that Antony Sutton's work connecting the dots between the rise of communism and fascism and central banking aint' in their bookstore. Get me? And anyone who brings up these cold hard facts, will be ridiculed. They like the talking points written for them these cookie cutter conservatives. Nothing bothers them more than thinking for themselves. That's scary. Well, it IS SCARY, I won't sugar coat if for you, you're being played, conservatives. And building yourselves idols to Ronald Reagan won't help you.

So that was just a smattering of the stuff Dick Scaife funds. The way his foundations are set up, he has to give away 5% of his foundation money per year, so he'll be giving this money to someone, but isn't it a crazy mix? It's kind of hard to find a pattern here, but I see an overarching one: death. Stay with me here- I'm about to get spiritually serious:

By the admission of his sister, Mr. Scaife comes from a pretty sad home. In fact, he demolished his childhood home brick and brick and built a new house upon it. That screams something, doesn't it? His mother advocated for eugenics, as did his grandmother. He heavily funds the purveyors of wars.  When asked in the Vanity Fair interview linked above, he was asked if any book had an influence on his life. He said, no. That means that he is not a Christian, for the Christian every word in the Bible is a precious word of life. I conclude that his mother did not spend any time on her knees praying that her son would remain safe in the cleft of the Rock. She did not plead the Blood for his soul. I view Mr. Scaife as I view a child living in spiritual darkness. Instead of jungles to keep him from the Word, he grew up in an encasement of money and ease. The result is still spiritual blindness. Jesus said it would be easier for a camel, (whose meaning in the Aramaic is actually a huge rope used on boats) to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. Why? Because all his necessities are taken care of, blinding him from his spiritual needs. So often we seek the Lord because of material issues before we really mature into craving our spiritual issues to be fulfilled. Remember the rich man who could not bring himself to give away all that he had to follow the Lord, which would save his very soul. Remember that Satan tempted Jesus with everything in the world, no wonder then that so many of the world's wealthiest people seem to work against Christianity at every turn. We see this today in our "War on Terror", it is always the Christian minority in these countries that suffer. And Mr. Scaife's many fear factories will use this fact to solicit support from Christians to continue the cycle of violence. Wars and rumors of wars, yet another sign the Lord Jesus gave us about the end times. Doesn't it fit that these wars are financed and promoted by the moneychangers? Remember that this is the only group of people the Lord Jesus went violent on during his earthly ministry. Keep that in your hat and know that Mystery Babylon is built upon moneychanging and war.

Doing this post really made me feel sorry for this man, who needs prayer. Jesus said bless and not curse. How do you fight fire? With water or an oxygen-extinguishing foam. You fight evil with its opposite. Like in the David Wilkerson story, when the hood said, I'll cut you into a million pieces. Pastor Wilkerson replied, and every piece will cry out "Jesus Loves You!" That hood is an evangelist for the Lord today, because the gentleness of good outlasts the violence of evil.

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  1. Someone told me as a young one, wars ain't nothin but profit and population control.
    Then one day I was thumbing through the encyclopaedia, and came across a artical that said the early tribes-maybe greek, council-ed around the campfire and some smaller clans said that they would leave because of over population. Then when the over population thing came up again, some of the council met in secret and decided that they would Raid the tribes and would kill off many and Keep Their Possession. The Birth of THE SPOILS OF WAR And POPULATION CONTROL. Move along nothing new here.
    We can not fight this--the Bible says so.
    BUT WE CAN use the G_d given Constitution and Bill Of Rights to Slow them down and Make a Mockery of them to the World, maybe not the world - but HERE in The Good O'le USA!

    1. An astute analysis. They are indeed following an old, time-tested plan. For the Serpent is an old conniving being that just won't quit until he's made to. We don't have to fight this because Jesus has already won the victory, he's just giving them enough rope to hang themselves.

      I agree, we should use our enumerated rights to resist them here in the US.

  2. Great post.Thank you for the time and effort you put into these posts,its greatly appreciated and a blessing.

    All of our 'self-appointed betters' seem to be linked to 'old money',capital that was formed around the turn of 20th century and before.They have to know what they are doing to this country and the economic chaos they are engendering.What are they doing to protect their fortunes from the chaos that is to come?

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words, Thomas. You are correct that pretty much all of these Insiders get their power from what I call "robber baron" money.

      What are they doing to protect their fortunes? Rest assured that they've engineered it so that their money, much of it is off-shore now, I suspect, will be safe. They've probably got a whole lot of gold and silver personally, and when the system crashes, they will be able to buy it up and set the new standard. Please see what was done to Germany after WW1 for an example of how an economy is crashed, and then bought up. This, in turn set the stage for WW2.

  3. One big polluted country club swimming pool.


    1. No wonder these people want to get rid of comment sections.

  4. I am thoroughly impressed by your heart and soul. thank you. I would like to mention that I found you on interesting thing that when you mind gold you get platinum.
    You have my prayers and gratitude.


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