Although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is, in some respects, one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked... in which I have spoken of so many important things done by Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply, To the superiority of their women.

--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Elite Schools vs. Public Schools

Here is John Taylor Gatto giving you the benefit of how the Elite school their kids versus what your kids are getting in the regular schools. Click through the whole series, but I have included the outline to get you Eloi thinking.

I All graduates have been schooled in human nature - understanding what makes people tick. Which means they are made to study:
  1. history
  2. philosophy
  3. theology
  4. literature
  5. law
While all of these are not completely absent from public schools, with the exception of theology, which is the source of power elites don't want mundanes to have, they are watered down to nothing. The history is a complete fabrication, philosophy is not an official subject and in high school entails dressing in black and memorizing an aloof quotation, literature consists of all the liberal greats: Alice Walker, Black Like Me, A Doll's House, and the more depraved sexual scenes the better, law is mentioned in criminal justice class or when the DARE officer comes to show you how to use a crack pipe. That was probably a run-on sentence, but I feel grammatically anarchical today.

II Every graduate is to have strong experience with active literacy which includes writing well and public speaking.
 In other words, they don't practice writing memos and form letters, they write to impress and persuade.

(One might note that Al Gore did not excel academically with his elite schooling.)

III Insight into the major institutional forms: courts, military, corporations and how they all work.
The average publicly schooled kids gets the central planning propaganda on what these institutions are, while elite schooled gets get the real story behind how these entities operate. They know that the separation of powers is a modern myth.

IV Learning etiquette.
 These kids are taught how to act civilized while public schooled kids act like jungle animals as they are and not invited to think about what makes humans superior to the animals.

V They are encouraged to do independent work.
That's right they are given freedom to work independently and they learn and grow from it. They won't need a "supervisor" in their adult work as they have already learned the skills to pace themselves.

VI Sports and athletics are encouraged as a healthy body =  a healthy mind.
Jefferson said it. How many schools are doing away with recess and daily exercise?

VII. They learn how to gain access to an institution or person, meaning they won't be shy or intimidated in getting their foot in the door.
How many publicly schooled kids have the inititatve to confront or ask for something from someone outside of their insular sphere?

VIII Elite kids are taught to take responsibility for a community service activity to learn leadership and social skills.
Not to say public schooled kids don't have this opportunity, but I found that when I was in school, it was the same two dozen kids, myself included, doing all that kind of stuff. It wasn't required or encouraged for the majority of the student body.

IX. Developing a personal code of standards in production, behavior and morality.
Public schooled kids can live like the animals they are, as they are never instructed in morality. They are pointed to the rules posted in the classroom up to the corner of the board that say "Raise your hand to speak, etc." and next to that is the consequences chart: 1st warning, 2nd warning, etc. But these don't develop inner self-control, they only reinforce an outside authority's monitoring. Therefore if you don't get caught, then it is not wrong. This is why so many kids are totally screwed up, as they have no unified code to live by. What mom and dad say at home doesn't apply to the artificial reality of school, whose rules say crazy things like don't hit back when attacked, just take a beating, etc. Kids have to live 35-40 hours a week at school, which is most of their waking hours, so they adapt their behavior to that rather than what mom or dad teach them.

X. Work with art and literature and become proficient in a creative area.
Well, we all know that stuff is the first to go with nationalized standards. Some of you might think that's a good thing, but all they do is "readjust" the scores to make it look like they're learning something. What really is humorous is when kids just mark 'c' all the way down their paper for kicks. The teacher gets in trouble and the kids get promoted anyway. haha Anyhow, public schooled kids are not a very creative lot, they're trapped in a cult-like environment - going from bell to bell, never given the opportunity for independent thought.

XI. Honing the powers of observation and recording, by taking notes and drawing what is seen.
 This is key in the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling.

XII. Becoming self-examining and working on personal challenges for self-improvement.
This is different from the public schooled "honor roll" which Gatto says is a "tool"to tell the losers that they are in fact losers, and to elevate the most compliant students to a position to get more honors. This is different from the self-improvement aspect of education that elites receive, they are self-examining while the public schooled honors student is wringing their hands comparing themselves to others. Not to saying elite school isn't competitive, but as Al Gore shows us, idiots can still come out on top.

XIII Learn to be critical when coming to conclusions.
This is where the mundanes get the shaft. I need not go into detail here.

XIV Learning to constantly refining one's own judgment to avoid repeating mistakes.
 You could write an essay on this, but I'll just say that the average person has hardly any judgement skills at all.

So as you see, the average American is barred from a real education in this country by the powers that be. They make sure their kids don't grow up to become idiots, but are more than happy to keep your kids' in spiritual and intellectual darkness. Their kids will understand how your kids think, but your kids will only react out of habit to stimuli like Pavlov's dog. The elite have made sport out of understanding human nature to exploit it to their own advantage. Education was on the top of their To Do list as the minutes of the Carnegie Endowment state. Having accomplished this over many decades, they have successfully shifted the majority of this nation's capital from the middle class to their coffers without much resistance. Why? Because they preemptively took out the resistance by turning off the mundane's mind. It really is a demonic thing to behold.


  1. Yours is perhaps the best description of the differences between today's public schools and what the the schools of the elites are like. Not only do the elites get a superior education, they are constantly in contact the movers and shakers of America. They travel to places that the "mundane" don't even have reason to think about, etc., etc.
    Great post!

  2. Thanks, but it's not exactly my description, but what I pulled from Gatto's talk on the subject. It's a great object lesson on how the TPTB still retain a classic academic and whole-mind education for their kids while deliberately subjecting "ordinary" kids to dog-training style education. They do consider us livestock after all.


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