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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Grand Chessboard -first take

I've begun to read Zbignew Bzshenshski's book, The Grand Chessboard published in 1997. I'm only through the first part, but it is so chock full of pertinent points, I'm going ahead and doing a post on it. For those of you who are confused on America's foreign policy, you need to take a minute and listen to what I have to say. This book is the key that opens the door to how the Elite see America in relation to the rest of the world.

First, what is "The Grand Chessboard"? It is Eurasia. The Eurasian Continent is the lynch-pin to global domination. That's pretty much what this book says in very clinical terms. I'll just give you a taste:

To put it in terminology that hearkens back to the more brutal age of ancient empires, the three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together.
In this way, the United States Government, not to be confused with America, keeps smaller countries under control. Our defense budget is 25% of our Federal budget, while smaller countries have next to no military. Part of the reason for that is what ZB has said here, keeping them security dependent. The World Bank, IMF, and the Bank of International Settlements are all fiduciary tools that are used to keep the tributaries pliant. See how debt is being used worldwide as a tool of domination. In the face of this kind of tyranny some of the smaller countries might want to pool resources, but that will not be allowed to occur.

So if you wonder why we are in Afghanistan after Osama is dead, here is your answer. ZB mentions the imporatance of geopolitical pivots and how occupying them moves the movement of global primacy forward.

To give you some insight on to what ZB is all about, he is on record saying how the United States Government, not to be confused with America, supported Pol Pot, giving money to China with a wink and a nod to channel it to the Khymer Rouge.

“I encouraged the Chinese to support Pol Pot. I encouraged the Thai to help the Khmer Rouge. The question was how to help the Cambodian people. Pol Pot was an abomination. We could never support him. But China could.”

Oh and ZB, Carter's National Security Adviser is totally down with Marxism, which readers of this blog will not be surprised to learn, as the banksters have been the #1 financial supporter of Marxism in the country:
“That is why Marxism represents a further vital and creative stage in the maturing of man's universal vision. Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active man over the inner, passive man and a victory of reason over belief: it stresses man's capacity to shape his material destiny – finite and defined as man's only reality – and it postulates the absolute capacity of man to truly understand his reality as a point of departure for his active endeavors to shape it. To a greater extent than any previous mode of political thinking, Marxism puts a premium on the systematic and rigorous examination of material reality and on guides to action derived from that examination.”
--Between Two Ages, 1970

Guess who was Madeline Albright's doctrinal advisor? ZB! hahaha. Here's Madeline saying she's A-OK with dead Iraqi children in this blast from the Clinton-era past:

These people don't see humans as beings made in the image of God. In the Elites' minds we're all tools to their ends. It was during this time, even Rush Limbaugh sounded like Ron Paul as far as policing the world goes. This was what George Bush campaigned on. But what about 9/11!! Well, what about it? It would seem to have been Christmas, Birthday and the Easter bunny basket for the globalists to advance on the Grand Chessboard. They went all out after that, using the resources of America unwittingly to get lock down the vassals. This feudalistic terminology is something that Quigley also used to describe the plans of the Council on Foreign Relations, as he was the official historian of that elite group.

You think that the government cares one whit about your security? Isn't their low opinion of us already evident? After the Tea Party election, we still got a debt ceiling increase, only 50 some odd voting against it. They've spent a long time setting up this global primacy thing, and they don't plan on being deterred by rabel-rousers who don't want their military families on endless tours of duty.

Here is the map for ZB, so that you know that he is a grand-high nasgull pooba in Elite circles:

link to map


  1. It is time that we pawns checkmate the kings. We can do it if we have the will.

  2. That's the spirit, Jim. Knowing about them and their "game" is the first step. However, so many conservatives are being played for fools and voting for our military to be used for these globalist purposes.

  3. My time in the Horn of Africa opened my eyes as to what the World Bank was about. They do as you say, enslaving the smaller economies with debt. The people there are completely dependent on their loans for food imports. Meanwhile local leaders, most drug traffickers live in mansions that would make Americans envious.

  4. Good to hear about your first hand experience with one of these shadowy groups. Probably why veterans are at the top of the potential domestic terrorist list, they'll put the pieces together before anyone else.

    The drug traffickers probably held dinner parties for World Bank officials.


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