Although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is, in some respects, one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked... in which I have spoken of so many important things done by Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply, To the superiority of their women.

--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Larry McDonald -palooza

Larry McDonald was the original Dr. No. When Ron Paul was thinking about running for Congress, Larry McDonald was the man he called for advice. A democrat, Larry told him to run in the party where he could win. You see, parties really don't have that much meaning and everyone in the know knows it.

Larry McDonald was a urologist from Atlanta who while stationed in Newfoundland saw some strange goings on and noticed how our actions actually aided the communists. He brought this to the attention of his superior officer, who told him that he wasn't seeing the "big picture."

For those of you who have been following my Bolshevik series of how the Federal Reserve banking cartel funded communism, you shouldn't be surprised. It's been 28 years since the communists blew Larry McDonald out of the sky as he was traveling to South Korea, but I thought I would have a little celebration of Larry today with some of his stunning statements that have more relevance to us now than ever.

"He was the most principled man in Congress." – Ron Paul, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Funny story on Larry McDonald by Ron Paul:

McDonald on Progressives - write it down

Education is the Key Presentation at the John Birch Society
Tremendously powerful! A must see.

See my previous post with more videos on Larry here.

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