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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Monday, September 19, 2011

Rick Perry is a Bold -Faced Liar part Deux

A while back, I did a post catching Rick Perry in a bold faced lie over his silent support of the TSA. And by silent, I mean he had the wherewithall to get that bill passed, a bill that had already passed the Texas house unanimously and was expected to pass the Senate similarly. That is, of course until TX Lt. Gov. Dewhurst stepped in and intimidated the bill away.

Ah, but that has gone down the memory hole. How about this from Economic Policy Journal - Rick Perry says he never, ever supported TARP on the Steve Deace show (listen to it here.) But what's this? Rick puts aside partisanship in October of 2008 (don't the collectivists always put aside partisanship to screw us little taxpayers?) to support TARP. Perry is PWNED! Or he would be if he had any shame or integrity whatsoever.

h/t TN Sons of Liberty


  1. It's a politician's prerogative to lie, isn't it?

  2. And it's the citizen's prerogative to call them on it. That's why we're in this mess.

  3. I have a seriously hard time with any politician that says "we need to do something" whenever bad things happen.

    If Rick Perry had the moral and ethical courage to stand for the beliefs of limited government and freedom, he would have never caved so easily to the bailout crowd.

  4. So true, Terry! The "need to do something" is always a red tyranny flag. That's why TPTB never want a crisis to go to waste. Rick Perry is just a paid bankster bailout employee.

  5. I only hope more folks catch on to this borg called a conservative but is nothing like one. A wolf in sheeps clothes. I hope his China connections come out soon, as well as his trans Texas highway. Soon.

  6. I'm an excellent judge of people. We don't want Perry. All you gotta know ;-)

  7. @Bunkerville - I know I've written about it. The guy is the same as Obama -works for the same collectivist scum - goes to their S.P.E.C.T.R.E meetings and all.

    @Kid - The science, then is indeed settled - Perry is a creep.


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