Although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is, in some respects, one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked... in which I have spoken of so many important things done by Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply, To the superiority of their women.

--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Normalization - The Final Stage of Subversion

Continuing from last time, we conclude our journey through the subversion chart. I'll be planning a recap for those who'd like all this information in one place.
Any normal nation would definitely resist such a 'progressive change.’ As I have just described. And according to the 'classics or Marxism-Leninism' there will arise pockets of resistance, shortly after the takeover consisting of the 'enemy classes and counter-revolutionaries' who will physically resist the new system. Some Americans may take to arms and flee to the mountains (as in Afghanistan). Reforms (or DESTRUCTION to be more accurate) of the security agencies, (police and military) by the new government may lead to a situation of ‘split loyalties’ among law enforcement officers and render the majority of the population defenseless. At this point, to avoid 'the bloodshed,’ the subverter moves to NORMALIZATION, a term borrowed from the Soviet propaganda of 1968-- from the time of the Soviet 'fraternal' invasion of Czechoslovakia. Comrade Brezhnev called that 'NORMALIZATION.’ And he was right: the vanquished country was brought BY FORCE into the NORMAL state of SOCIALISM: namely, subjugation.
Bringing this down to our present situation in America where its us against the global banking interests that control our government, (If you follow the money, this is the conclusion most come to.) we see we have a Tea Party movement complete with a heady reminder of our second amendment rights. Some of the hard-core patriot-types, like Chuck Baldwin (who's #1 on the SPLC's enemies list - Congrats Chuck! You've gotta be doing something right!), have been moving to the mountain states to centralize a 10th amendment-loving group of people to organize and make a stand. Not militarily, of course, kind of like the New Hampshire Free State Project. The next biggest item that Yuri mentions is "reforms" in our police and military. One could make an excellent argument that the Drug War has had the effect of militarizing the police over actions that one hundred years ago were not illegal. Check out this excellent post at the Classic Liberal about the "drug war".
When the police are shooting military vets with MBAs in public and pregnant women in their own bedrooms, the war is not on drugs. It is on the American people. -- Vox Day
The MIAC report, which came from the Missouri Information Assessment Center and is affiliated with the Department of Homeland Security, tells Missouri Troopers to be on the lookout for third party candidate bumper stickers, Ron Paul supporters, Constitutionalists, opponents of the North American Union, people with Gadsen flags, etc. These are all potential signs of violent militia members. A 2009 DHS report echoed these criteria for identifying right-wing terrorism. Now we have the extremist left Southern Poverty Law Center teaming up with Homeland Security to help them identify extremists that are probable domestic terrorists. Yes, the T-word that can get you thrown in an unknown clink according to the Patriot Act. The officers and enlisted who could be torn between following orders and following their oath, causing the public not knowing who in authority to trust.
This is when my dear friends, you will start seeing 'friendly' Soviet soldiers in the streets of our cities working together with American soldiers and the 'new' police force to 'restore law and order.’ Very soon your yesterday's American socialist radicals and 'do-gooders’ who were working so hard to bring 'progress' to their own country will find themselves IN PRISONS and hastily-built concentration camps. Many of them will be EXECUTED, quietly or publicly. Why? Simple: the Soviet 'liberators' will have no further use for the 'disturbers.’ The 'useful idiots' will have completed their work. From then on the New Order will need STABILITY and NEW MORALITY. No more 'grass roots' movements. No more criticism of the State. The Press will obediently censor itself. In fact, this censorship is already existing NOW, imposed by the so-called U.S. 'liberals' and socialist do-gooders.
One could replace the Soviet soldiers with UN "peacekeepers". Are you aware that foreign troops have been training alongside American troops all over the country? They call these military exchanges, but lately they seem to be heavily practicing of disarming people by force and containing them. They're training for that always looming terrorist attack. Remember, useful idiots, in the end you are always eliminated. But you still go along despite the fact we have the last 100 years of history documenting what happens to people on your level. But hey, that's why you're called an idiot. Just to remind everyone that where there is no fear of God, anything goes -might makes right.  The Bible also tells us that the time will come that because iniquity abounds, the love of many shall wax cold. The desensitization of our country to cruelty and unrighteousness has ultimately led us to this point.
You will now have the opportunity to 'enjoy' exactly the same life as the Vietnamese, Cambodians, Angolans and Nicaraguans, betrayed by [?] you enjoy NOW. This state of social 'NORMALIZATION' may last forever, that is-- your life-time and life-times of your children and grandchildren...

What if it does happen here? Why take chances? What are the SOLUTIONS? There are different solutions for different stages of subversion. If a nation has enough common sense to STOP subversion at the very beginning of the DEMORALIZATION stage, you may never need the painful and drastic solutions needed to deal with the CRISIS stage.

The most general solution I can offer-- for the whole process of SUBVERSION-- is to STOP AIDING THE SUBVERTER. You are still living in a free society and you are able to force your elected politicians to change their policies toward the Communist world if you so choose. But if YOU, personally do not see anything wrong in dealing with the Communists and HELPING them in their global expansion, I feel that you should begin learning more about the reality of the Communist/ Socialist situation, not from your monopolized media, but from the independent media and press who have no vested interest in making out the Soviet Union to be the 'good guys,’ and from people like myself, who have experienced Communism first-hand for many years. There are numerous American patriotic groups and organizations who are well informed and who already have many SOLUTIONS, to combat the damage done by ideological subversion, some of which are as good or even better than mine. Seek these groups, join them and DO something.
As I said before, Homeland already has their eye out for patriotic groups, like Oathkeepers. A couple in New Hampshire recently had their newborn baby ripped away from them based on previous allegations of misconduct, the fact the parents are gun-owners, and the dad belongs to Oathkeepers. So our government is literally attacking those who want to show the utmost commitment to honoring their oath to defend their country as some sort of evil thing. The Bible told us this day would come when good would be called evil and evil be called good. By reading this blog and others like it, you are also following Yuri's advice by getting plugged into independent media. They are loosing their grip on information and they are terrified, thus the vilification of those who don't support the globalist bankers scams like global warming and the subsequent carbon taxes, TARP, Obamacare, the Federal Reserve and fiat currency, public education though control, among others. So we need to heed the words of Yuri, who has studied how subversion happens. After all, his own Soviet Union was designed by and paid for the same people who are doing it to us.
This booklet is my love letter to America. I did not write it to frighten or threaten the nation that I love for its freedom, its principles, its ideals. But if you were walking across the street with a friend and saw a car barreling down upon you both that your friend did not see, would you say nothing to your friend and move out of the way, leaving him to be hit? Of course not and I do not intend to do that to you.

In my next booklet, I will cover the full solutions to the problem of ideological subversion. I sincerely hope you will be reading it.

Tomas Schuman aka Yuri Bezmenov

If I can find more Yuri books, I will be blogging them also. As always, these quotations come from Mr. Bezmenov's booklet Love Letter to America via Useless Dissident.


  1. This is a master work rm.

    I understand that the agency who took the Oathkeepers daughter away based the decision solely on his identification as an Oathkeeper.

    Indeed, we do not know who to trust today.

  2. Actually, they had made other allegations, which he claims are false. Both the parents have children from previous relationships and I haven't been able to find out if any of these kids live with them and if so, have been taken away. They also claimed he recently bought some firearms and said he didn't have the right paperwork for them. The affidavit is on
    The scary thing is that he wasn't even an official member of Oathkeepers, he only posted on their forum, where someone took notice and wrote it down.
    This totally smells like a test case like Jane Roe and Terri Shiavo. They only need to set a precedent and its open season on us all.


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