Although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is, in some respects, one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked... in which I have spoken of so many important things done by Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply, To the superiority of their women.

--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crisis - Stage 3 of Subversion

Replace the term soviet in the following excerpt from ex-KGB propaganda specialist, Yuri Bezmenov, and replace it with the term collectivist or globalist. Some may want to put Muslim in there, but I would contend that they are pawns in this game and not the main players.
It may take only 2 to 6 months, to bring America to the same situation which now exists South of the border in Central America. At this third stage of subversion you will have all your American 'radicals' and Soviet 'sleeper' agents springing into action, trying to 'seize power as quickly and ruthlessly as possible’ (see the 'Rules of Revolution' in the beginning of this booklet). If all the previous stages of Soviet subversion have been successfully completed by that time, the majority of Americans will be so totally confused that they may even WELCOME some ‘strong' leaders who 'know how to talk to the Russians.’ Chances are these leaders will be elected and given almost unlimited 'emergency powers.’ A forceful change of the U.S. system may or may not be accomplished through a civil war or internal revolution, and a physical MILITARY invasion by the USSR may not even have to take place at all. But change it will be, and rather a drastic one, with all the familiar attributes of Soviet 'progress' being instituted such as NATIONALIZATION of vital industries, the reduction of the 'private sector' of the economy to the bare minimum, the redistribution of wealth and a massive propaganda campaign by the newly 'elected' government to 'explain' and justify the reforms.

Now let me ask you what kind of things popped in your head when you read that? Let me guess:

sleeper cells - Organizing for America, ACORN, 
nationalization of vital industries  - Government Motors, regulation of oil industries, internet kill switches, an increasingly militarized USDA harassing small farmers, etc.
reduction of private sector - we all know how that's going down, we also know that the public sector has been enlarged and they make more money than the rest of us and don't pay their taxes to boot!
redistribution of wealth with propaganda - we've seen the Democrats epically fail with their propaganda recently. Obamacare, Cash for Clunkers, tax hikes to eliminate the middle class so to create a have/have not society.

No one can deny that 9/11 was a huge crisis, and at this point you can't deny that it was used to usurp a huge amount of power. We now have a Department of Homeland Security that is photographing the privates of private citizens as they get on airplanes. We also a have the suspension of habeas corpus, Posse Comitatus, and an expectation of privacy. All they need is to use the T-word and you can theoretically be whisked away to have who knows what done to you. Republicans didn't worry about this when their people were in, but now that we have the DoJ, DHS, and other agencies calling people who self-identify as "Constitutionalists" as potential terrorists, it becomes obvious that the crisis of 9/11 has led us to a crisis of clear and present tyranny.

So what happens when we resist? What happens when we follow Tim Geitner's lead and stop paying our taxes - is it concentration camp time? Let's ask Yuri:

No-- no concentration camps and executions. Not yet. That will come later at the stage of...
... to be continued!

All Yuri Bezmenov quotes are from his booklet, Love Letter to America, via Useless Dissident.


  1. Looking back at history, there have been certain events that I personally refer to as "trigger events"--an emergency or tragedy that requires government to "do something" to meet the threat. The last significant trigger event, I believe, was 9/11. Look at all the changes that have taken place since then. With all the shenanigans going on (non-enforcement of the border, the economy, etc), it makes me wonder what the next trigger event will be for a massive power grab. It seems the radicals are trying to provoke an incident with the tea party (as one justification).
    Your post is spot-on. The pieces are being put into place as we speak. It's not a matter of if, but when.

  2. As usual - your information is the best and the most spot on.

    I couldn't find a contact on your page. If you have a moment could you email me?

    adrienne at icehouse dot net

  3. The history of world is full of pretexts that require actions.
    We know that the sinking of the Maine was a setup.
    We know that the Lusitania was a setup.
    We know that the US Navy was practicing wargames off the coast of Japan just prior to Pearl Harbor.
    We know that the Gulf on Tonkin incident was made up.
    We know that the WMDs that were supposed to be in Iraq were moved, but we didn't go after them, ergo they were not the true objective.
    We know that in Nov. of '01, the army had Bin Ladin surrounded on three sides, but not on the obvious escape route to Pakistan. He was not pursued, ergo, he is not the true objective.

    Remember in kindergarten, math problems like this:
    square, circle, square, circle .....
    You know what I mean, how long before we start to get a clue?


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