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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Left/Right Paradigm Over - It's You vs. the Corporations

Came across this great post by Barry Ritholtz. He makes a lot of great points, some of which are:

• Many of the regulations that govern energy and banking sector were written by Corporations;
Who do you think is writing those thousand page bills? Most of these idiots in Congress couldn't find their butt cheeks with both hands, much less write anything longer than a letter home.
• The biggest influence on legislative votes is often Corporate Lobbying;
• Corporate ability to extend copyright far beyond what original protections amounts to a taking of public works for private corporate usage;
Monsanto and other big agra companies are patenting the genes of our food sources. What could wrong?
• PAC and campaign finance by Corporations has supplanted individual donations to elections;
• The individuals’ right to seek redress in court has been under attack for decades, limiting their options.
The wronged party with $200 in savings, the corporation with millions, billions from working closely with gov.
• DRM and content protection undercuts the individual’s ability to use purchased content as they see fit;
They rig it so you can't resale something you've bought, only they have the right to make money on it in perpetuity.
• Patent protections are continually weakened. Deep pocketed corporations can usurp inventions almost at will;
Amazon patenting the one-click order. Microsoft patenting the idea of the computer basically.
• The Supreme Court has ruled that Corporations have Free Speech rights equivalent to people; (So much for original intent!)

 None of these are Democrat/Republican conflicts, but rather, are corporate vs. individual issues.
For those of you who are stuck in the old Left/Right debate, you are missing the bigger picture. Consider this about the Bailouts: It was a right-winger who bailed out all of the big banks, Fannie Mae, and AIG in the first place; then his left winger successor continued to pour more money into the fire pit.
What difference did the Left/Right dynamic make? Almost none whatsoever.

He sums up his point by stating:
But my bottom line is this:  If you see the world in terms of Left & Right, you really aren’t seeing the world at all . . . 
So very true.

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