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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Monday, October 15, 2012

Eight Times More Likely to Be Killed By..

a police officer than a Muslim. One girl in Montana luckily survived a SWAT raid on her home. The team placed a flash-bang grenade in her windowsill, but it fell off and next to where the 12 year old girl was sleeping. She is fortunate to be alive, but suffered 2nd degree burns.

The twisted joke is that they were busting a supposed meth lab while lobbing in flammables. And guess what? They didn't find anything illegal despite all their "intelligence". And the reprecussions? Why, there are never any for the citizen-hunters.

There was a time in this country when the police had a servant-minded attitude toward the public. But now its just that federal grant money that buys them expensive toys that motivates them. I, for one, don't want these overgrown boys playing G.I. Joe in the middle of the night around my family.


  1. The new brown shirts like Nazi Germany.

  2. I saw this one over at The Agitator. It was one of three 'isolated' incidents (that's what the cops like to call them) Radley posted this past week. He used to track the botched raids on this interactive raid map, but it looks like it hasn't been updated in about a year and I don't know if anyone else has started a tracking database. It would be great to have because there are many more of these type of incidents than they would like us to know about. Perhaps I'm better off not knowing because it used to make me sick every time I looked at it to think that this is where our Republic is heading. It sure ain't the same world we grew up in, rM.

    Seriously, they claimed they planned this particular one very well, yet there was no meth lab there and then they claimed they didn't know there were any children living there or they wouldn't have raiding. Some excuse and some piss poor planning. I think I'm getting sick again just thinking about it.


  3. An incendiary device in a supposed met lab. Whose brialliant idea was that?

    1. Perhaps the police chief, Rich St. John, who, according to the reporter, said investigators did plenty of homework on the residence before deciding to launch the raid but didn’t know children were inside. They had to know there was no meth lab in there or are they that stupid? I don't even know what a meth lab looks like, but I've heard they are prone to explosion from all the times it's reported that one has exploded in the news.

      It appears to be the same type of mentality of those who killed the marine, Jose Guerena, down in Arizona last year. There was no reason they couldn't have picked up Jose outside his home. They knew where he worked and once detained, they could have sent in a team w/ warrant to his house.

      Considering the growing prevalance of these type of raids across the entire country, it has more to do with violating 4th amendment and make us all afraid to step out of line with the man than anything else. Of course with all these civil police forces acquiring military hardware, we can't expect kids to leave their 'toys' neatly in the toy box. They want to play with them and as often as they can.

      This, coupled with obscene civil forfeiture laws, show how far this country has lost its identity. They're acting more and more like a bunch of thugs running a mafia like protection racket.

    2. I wonder if Jose, ex-Marine, didn't see something he wasn't supposed to an was a tied up loose end. All the SWAT Team knows is that the guys "points" were high (see police chief's story backlinked in the Agitator story (I think) where the point system is explained.) All it takes is an intelligence call I imagine, to make your point value extremely high.

      Jose's case makes me very, very angry, because the man was gunned down like a dog protecting his family. Contrast to Joe Friday talking to a guy on the job politely. It's about being brownshit, excuse me brownshirt without calling it that.


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