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Friday, January 7, 2011

John Wheeler III - What happened?

Here's the run-down on Mr. Wheeler:
  • Veitnam Veteran, West Point Grad
  • Worked under Reagan to get the Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program
  • Worked under Bush Sr. creating the Earth Conservation Corps for poor kids
  • authored 1st Biological and Chemical Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual
  • on the Red Integrated Strategic Operational Plan Team to test the Single Integrated Operational Plan
  • Chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
  • Chairman and CEO of M.A.D.D.
  • Special Counsel to the Chairman and CEO for the turnaround of Macy's
  • helped launch the Jed Foundation, Support our Aging Religious, and helping deaf children get cochlear implants 
  • Has a law degree from Yale 1975
  • defense contractor and trustee of the Mitre Corporation
  • possessed the highest level of security clearences
  • was found wandering around and "out of it" two days before his body was found in a landfill.
Bio info from Cryptogon, which has been blocked in the UK, by the way. The Mitre Corporation, which has contracts with the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the IRS, and the FAA.

From the WSJ
Wheeler’s house in New Castle was dark Monday night and no one answered the door. Yellow police evidence tape was stretched across two wooden chairs in the kitchen, where several wooden floorboards were missing.”

So here's what I did for the MITRE Corporation, who possesses the very first .org domain name, given in 1985.


So you've got to wonder what was he working on and/or who did he upset? Unlike many people, I won't speculate, because I don't have enough information to form an opinion. We only have just a few of the puzzle pieces. Is there anyone who is a military-industrial complex buff who has a better clue as to what happened with poor Mr. Wheeler?

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