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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Government Pays - Mapping Mania

For your consideration are the Database maps for three people who worked in the federal government. Two of whom you've probably never heard of. As you look at these maps, check out that all of them are on the board (or have been) of at least one Fortune 500 company, are involved in at least one college or university as a trustee, president or provost, and are involved in an assortment of think tanks and NGOs. I just randomly selected these individuals, but could have chosen hundreds more just like them. I think most of us are truly ignorant of the tremendous overlap between academia, corporations, and government, with these "nonpartisan, nonprofit" foundations hooking it all together.

Well, you all know William Daley, scion of Chicago crookdom:
A link to explore

Here is the map for John Brademas, Congressman from Indiana and assistant to Adlai Stevenson:
A link to explore

Finally, we have Frank Zarb, the Energy Czar from the '70s:
Here's the link

I wish the things would format better, but you get the idea. It would be cool if every "insider" got this treatment, because like I said, no one really has a clue to the extent of how much corporate board members and government officials overlap, not to mention the controlling hand of the ever-present NGOs making sure Leviathan stays healthy.


  1. A good explanation of how politicians, lobbyists and captains of business/industry ride the power carousel.

  2. Anyone can repeat this little exercise hundreds of times over. A carousel is a good picture of what is going on.


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