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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Help Dick Thompson Stay on His Land

First they came for the hermits living in campers without utilities on their 38 acres and I said nothing, for I was not a hermit living in a camper without utilities....

Somewhere in podunk Indiana, a man named Dick Thompson lives alone with his pets in a little RV without water, sewer, or electricity. The local authorities say that he is breaking health codes and zoning violations by doing so. I say their petty ordinances do not trump the US Constitution. Here's the video with an introduction by a gentleman I don't recognize, but who uses our subversion vocabulary word "demoralize":

Now is the time for a little activism! Here are the email address for the councilmen of this county whose ordinances are being violated with such abandon:
Bill Savage, District 1 (

Buddy Patterson, District 2 (

John Bostic, District 3 no email, apparently

Gary Gustin, District 4 (

Larry Crenshaw, At Large (

Larry Higgins, At Large (

Mike Phipps, At Large (

This is the message I sent, you may vary it - just trying to make it easier for everyone to send:

Dear Council members,

I'm writing in support of Mr. Thompson, a man whose constitutional rights your county/community seem to feel free to violate. Not using modern conveniences is not a crime.

If your zoning regulations do not permit this on tracts as great as 38 acres, it's time to revisit your zoning plan. While I can understand the need for sewer facilities in tight quarters, such as subdivisions and towns, a parcel as great as 38 acres with only one occupant is of no danger to anyone.

It's really none of your business how Mr. Thompson chooses to live his life. I recall that the first woman US Representative, Jeanette Rankin lived this exact same way by choice after her retirement.

To be secure in our property is one of the most basic of human rights, and if your petty ordinances contradict that, they need to be changed. The eyes of America are fixing to be upon you.

For those of you more adventurous, the phone numbers of the Sheriff (765) 646.9290 Ron Richardson. It's our county sheriffs who are supposed to stand up for the Constitution in the face of shenanigans like this. But if this is like most rural counties, everyone's related and on the take.

Unlike the Constitution, county rules and regulations can be changed much more easily. Even if you don't live in a trailer in the middle of nowhere, what regulation could be dreamed up to push you off your property? Remember Agenda 21 and the Wildlands Project are real plans that have been drawn up and are ready to go.  Are you informed enough to fight back?

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