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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Friday, March 8, 2013

McCain Calls Rand, Cruz, Amash, etc. "Wacko Birds"

Check out my post that made front page of the Daily Paul this morning!

Using his considerable oratory skills, Senator John McCain (Globalist-AZ), continued to dis Rand and continue with his perception that the entire universe is a battlefield populated by dirty mundanes by calling him and his ilk, "wacko birds" who get all the attention.
Sources: that screwing the American people over is a family tradtion. Remember the USS Liberty, a ship sunk with help from Admiral McCain. Kind of a metaphor isn't it?
Source: I just got an idea: It would be really neat if someone could come up with a graphic of a bald eagle standing in front of a background of the Bill of rights with the caption beneath, Wacko Bird. That would be cool to blog, tweet and facebook around in response to these neocon fascist types. T-Shirts would be nice if this story gets legs and people would know what term is in reference to. I really need to start homeschooling, uh, now or I'd start working on it.

Check out the great comments.

Check out Justin Amash's response:


  1. A young pilot on deck awaiting to take off heard a back fire from another Bird, freaked and flipped the cover for a missile launch and Launched one into another plane that started the fire that burned the USS Forestall.
    Yea, that was John McCain.
    He killed many of our (fellow Americans) relatives--by not knowing what the right thing to do--letting some one else with understanding how security procedures for protecting the ship work.
    The ship today is the Country.

    1. If I recall, McCain crashed/wrecked five of his planes, the last time landing him an extended stay with the VC, one place daddy couldn't bail him out. I thought my kids tore up a lot of stuff, but they don't have anything on McCain, who must have been tiring to clean up after.

      He was a spoiled little insider kid from the get go, attending the super expensive Episcopal School, going to West Point with connection and graduating the bottom of his class, to crashing government property over and over.

      I'm pretty sure he just does what he's told by his handlers at this point, yet believes what they say sincerely.

  2. Rand Paul's filibuster was brilliant. Most of the MSM and useful idiots (like McCain) are claiming it was silly to claim the President could order drone strikes on Americans on US territory. It sure didn't stop the FBI from issuing shoot to kill orders against Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge, which was later ruled unConstitutional in the courts like that's a big comfort.

    Silly little McCain, during his emotional tirade, fell into the trap Rand set and ADMITTED Congress has FAILED to address issues that Paul raised. They failed to address those issues in a dozen years, they failed to produce a budget in 5 years, and yet now they're wasting tons of time trying to figure out a way to disarm the populace.

    Some time back, McCain also ran the Senate committee to address what they could do to attack people smoking tobacco. I can't find it, but I specifically recall him once saying that something to the effect that things like smoking are a privilege bestowed upon us by them, and as such, they can limit our freedom in any way they please.

    One thing McCain hasn't failed in is totally disgusting me with anything and everything that has come out of his mouth since then.


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