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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Friday, March 26, 2010

Larry McDonald Was Right!

This post at Adrienne's Corner: Chilling Video called to my mind Congressman McDonald.
Larry McDonald, former president of the John Birch Society and  Georgia representative.. he actually held Newt Gingrich's seat, was widely mocked for being outspoken about the New World Order.  Here he is on Crossfire:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Here he is saying "we don't need anymore laws, we have enough" on a Chattanooga radio show. Note at the end of the interview he says the biggest problem is an ignorant electorate. See my education post below!

Shortly after the Crossfire interview, he was killed on KAL007, a flight which was shot down by Russians over a "misunderstanding" that the plane had illegally entered their airspace.

I believe he is now vindicated, here is Dick Morris saying conspiracy theorists are right after all:

The Federal Reserve is the central bank that the founder's didn't want - END THE FED is one thing that Ron Paul has right!

None of this should surprise the Christian, as the prophecies of old are coming to pass.
Lord, let  me be a witness to someone today.


  1. That's an interesting interview with LM, chiefly for Buchanan's determined resistance to the idea of the NWO. Or, perhaps more accurately, he was so hung up on the idea of conspiracy that he would not see the substance of what LM was saying. Tom Braden was working overtime not to hear what LM had to say. Read Fred Sigel's The Revolt Against the Masses and the liberal/progressive mindset becomes crystal clear. Those are some sick, arrogant and, in some cases (Wells, Shaw) perverted people.

    In this I think the JBS then, and to some extent now, I believe, loses some credibility by putting too much emphasis on conspiracy. There are conspiracies but they're hard to convince other people of their existence because the evidence is, by definition, sketchy due to concealment. It's hard to prove concealment and, as I think has happened to the JBS, one loses credibility somewhat. It's more effective to do what Horowitz and Loudon do, namely, keep precise records on individuals, so one can, say, easily show that Obama's mentor was a communist and that he started his political career in the living room of two communist terrorists. Compile a long enough list of those kind of associations and comes the dawn. It's a bit harder with something as amorphous as the NWO but, here the JBS is doing excellent work preaching hard against free trade that compromises sovereignty and the dangers of a convention.

    In fairness to LM, the other two ganged up on him and rudely interrupted to such an extent that it was difficult for him to make his real point, that libs, progressives, socialists, and communists are everywhere and very busy trying to implement the lib agenda, which is abandonment of tradition and law and placing absolute faith in "disinterested" experts and intellectuals (and men who have a good grasp of "social theory") to come up with technocratic, wiseman solutions to the problem of creating utopia -- and, in the process, deliberately subjugating the middle classes with dumbed down education and bread and circuses. Their words condemn them. Siegel's paints an ugly picture of the arrogance of the libs and even back then LM and the JBS had a better idea of how it was playing out and how it would in the future.

    A disgraceful act on the part of Buchanan, whom I usually like very much, and esp. Braden. I am beyond disgusted with interviewers who think they can interrupt half way through the guest's answer to the last question.

  2. Yeah, that Tom Braden guy was CFR and it was his job to make LM sound kooky. Pat was probably holding on to what he thought was reality, not wanting to admit this was all true. Since that time, Pat has really written and spoke in support of many of LM's points.

    The progressives of 100 years ago wrote clearly their intentions and we can see though the lens of history that their plans were methodically implemented. We only need to read the white papers of recent years and extrapolate where they are going and what they are doing now.

    I find it extremely interesting that Bill Ayers dad, Thomas, was a republican and a big player in defense contracting. In Dreams of My Real Father, a persuasive case is made that he is responsible for bankrolling Obama's education.

    Long time, no see. Col. Bunny. Glad you stopped by for a visit!.

  3. Thanks, RM. I'm glad I did, as always. Not sure where I've focused my attention exactly these days. I've tried to pay more attention to economic issues. The E.U. is a perpetual source of fascination and horror. I really have been captivated by Siegel's book, as well as by Diana West's America Betrayed. Both are extraordinarily important books and the full court press to discredit West was fascinating to behold.

    I'm becoming more interested in the impetus and financing of the Bolshevik takeover and thanks to you acquired both of Sutton's works v-a-v Western support for the Bolsheviks and the Germans. The last 100 years are completely up for grabs in my opinion. The scale of the lies is so huge that it's past time to return to the fundamentals.

    1. It's funny because I was talking to my daughter last night that what we need is a textbook of the real history of this country in terms of following the money. She said that would be an interesting project. I don't have time to read or write much these days, as six kids keeps me pretty busy. I hope to get things more organized around here to give me more time for reading and blogging. Maybe I can get around to reading Siegel and America Betrayed this summer.


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