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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Christian Marine Shot in Cold Blood

Marine Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr.
Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr.
You can read this sick story for yourself here in the LA Times. The whole family would go to the high school track early for what they called "prayer walks". His wife is pregnant and wasn't going, so it was just him and his two daughters ages 14 and 9. According to the article, Sgt. Loggins crashed through a gate at the high school at a high rate of speed and refused the policeman's orders to stop. Then he turns back around, without a weapon, mind you to his car. This threatens the officer who shoots him to death because he was concerned about the welfare of the children. Yeah, like seeing your father murdered in front of you is good for a kid's welfare. Something about this story stinks to high heaven. Look at the pic the Yukon in question in this article. Does it look like it's been through a gate at a high rate of speed? This video shows a front picture of the vehicle, and it looks flawless. Another article says that he was spotted by four officers who came to set up a perimeter? and had dialogue with the deputy who eventually shot him. This is made even more mysterious by the fact that Sgt. Loggins was the recipient of three good conduct medals, and was considered a model Marine who followed orders flawlessly. Somebody out there is trying to get their story straight for sure. This makes absolutely no sense, and the articles say that there are a lot of angry, angry Marines at Camp Pendleton as Sgt. Loggins was a real popular guy there with a winsome attitude.

Check out this wonderful little addendum written by Vox Day on the current score of police vs. people:
 607 vs. 71

Exit Question: Should parents have to carry around their kids' birth certificates to prove they are who they say they are? And if I pulled my kid's paperwork out of my purse, would the cop shoot me for thinking I was pulling a piece on him? 

I know God's wrath bucket just got another drop more full. One of these days, it won't hold anymore..


  1. It looks like there is a picture corroborating the story of the Yukon smashing through the gate

    1. Thanks for that. I will note that there is something hanging under the Yukon. It looks like one of those pipe gates.

      I still assert that all this is fishy as all get out. I know a man once who had a ministroke or TIA and lost control of his vehicle. He was acting erratically also, but it was because he was having a freaking stroke!

      We can never be vigilant enough when it comes to proper law enforcement procedures or we will live in a completely lawless society.

  2. Have the children made any comments? I'd sure like to hear their side of the story.


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