Although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is, in some respects, one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked... in which I have spoken of so many important things done by Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply, To the superiority of their women.

--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Republican Mothers Needed Now More Than Ever

Just to remind everyone who still may be reading my little messages in the blog bottle, I named my weblog The republican Mother because that's how I see myself. I didn't really mean for it to turn into a "conspiracy central" website, but as an ardent seeker of the truth, that's where I wound up.

I now feel like a have a pretty good grip on reality, which is invaluable for guiding my children in Truth. For example, if one of my boys got a job offer from DynCorp, I'd break both his legs before I'd let him take it. Having a correct understanding of the social engineering around us, helps me avoid tares and snares that the master of this world has laid for us.

When our country first began, it became apparent to those who fashioned our government together, that only a somewhat informed populace would be able to guard against the inevitable acquisition of power by those who thirst for it. In second generation America, this informed populace would be educated by the women, the republican mothers of America.

I recently came across a tremendous book called The Frugal Housewife by Lydia Child, published in 1841. It would be great for homesteaders, as it contains information on how to tighten down old-school, using earwax as chapstick. It states that the great national sin, even back in those days, is extravagance. She would have a coronary if she were to see the excesses of our society. She condemns travelling, as it was the "thing" back then to go on vacation. One of the the main ideas that struck out at me was her condemnation of what we would now call a bimbo.

There is no subject so much connected with individual happiness and national prosperity as the education of daughters. It is a true, and therefore an old remark, that the situation and prospects of a country may be justly estimated by the character of its women' and we all know how hard it is to engraft upon a woman's character habits and principles to which she was unaccustomed in her girlish days. 
She goes on to say that marriage is a good thing, but being a boy-crazy idiot is not. Not preparing for married life by practicing homemaking and economy, makes her discontented when the storybook life is reduced to laundry and kids. She goes on to say that this will create a generational problem where girls will never learn proper domestic education. I can say I've seen that when my daughter has helped at church cleaning up, as in she knows how to do dishes and operate a broom.  I've noticed a great deal of worldliness in the church and in the homeschool circles. Sometimes you wonder if you're the only Christian trying to live, not a perfect life, but attempting to be holy.

Lest you think I'm trying to say a woman's life should only be dishes and laundry and menial tasks, please check out the whole book to see how much more Mrs. Child was educated than your average grad-school educated woman.  She cites the classics with ease, indicating she is very well-read. A woman can quote Scripture, Plato, and Julius Caesar while simultaneous doing dishes and watching small children.

The home is the atomic unit upon which society rests. And you better believe that the powers that shouldn't be know that to be a fact as well. That is why all of the social engineering (no-fault divorce, compulsory education, family court) works to dismantle the family six ways from Sunday. Look how the "home" was demonized as some "place" only losers live. A woman's place is in the home was a phrase that was repeated in the controlled media so that everyone started to believe that any woman still left in the home after women's (Rockefeller-sponsored) lib, was a total backward idiot.

h/t Ladies Against Feminism
I think that only an idiot would trade baby smiles and chubby legs for doing power-points for the "man" all day. I know, some people don't have a choice. But they don't have a choice because they were not properly trained to begin with, and become ensnared in the "system". They were never told as a young woman (13-18) that monied interests want to split up her family before it even begins. These interests don't want her to reproduce, and if she does, they definitely don't want her to influence the offspring, hence the public school and daycare system. When you frame the world in that way, a new set of priorities emerge. Instead of accepting a rat maze that has been laid out, one sees the forces setting up the maze and has a God-given instinct to want to avoid getting stuck in there.

"Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands." Proverbs 14:1
A nation of built-up homes would be very strong indeed, thus the title of this post.


  1. Have you seen this:

    1. No, I'll have to see it sometime. The description is verbatum what Yuri Bezmenov described as the main tool of subversion within one generation: control of the education system.

    2. I think it was a Muslim who said something to the effect that Westerners were so stupid they entrusted the education of their children to strangers. He may have said "to their enemies," in which case give the man A+.

      I enjoyed your piece and reflected while I read it on the subtlety of the influence of early conditioning. I am grateful for my wonderful parents but for various reasons do not think that I received any specific guidance on how to approach dating, let alone marriage. I had the shallowest of motives as a young man beginning to date. The idea of marriage was very much an attractive one but it was, looking back, a destination something like Bali Hai in the wonderful musical "South Pacific." Mysterious, vague, husbandly duties and obligations very cloudy indeed. Consequently, when I married I was so clueless as to do so thinking that if it didn't "work out" I could always get a divorce. What do you think I achieved with that approach?

      Needless to say, despite my unsavory past, I'd have some choice words now for any child on why you go on dates and how to approach marriage.

      Ideas like "self fulfillment" or "career" are ludicrous when there is an absence of the training you describe in the creation and management of a home. While I've hinted at the errors of my own thinking, I also have also thought that it was my misfortune to spend my young adult life looking for mates among an ocean of women hell bent on separating themselves from controlling men (no fish needs a bicycle, remember that one?) and racing after graduate degrees or careers while absorbing feminist garbage. I think it fair to say that I had help on the other side in engineering an "enh" domestic experience in this life.

      Now, I'm a peach, of course. Did I mention that?

    3. Sorry about taking so long to reply - I didn't see this comment till just yesterday.

      Yes, training people about what's really important in life doesn't even show up on the priority list for those in the training positions: parents, teachers, pastors, and mentors. It's all about how to successfully navigate a rat race constructed by social engineers. God's Word clearly reveals what the most stable family configuration is, however, it entails sacrifice and the pride of man grates against that.

      I guess I'm glad that I reached a point early on in life when I didn't need outside accomplishment to feel validated. How many poor souls are rocking themselves back and forth surrounded by cats saying, "I have a PhD (or whatever), I AM important!"

      My situation is informed by the fact that my husband and I are both children of divorce. We're also both fairly sane, so we look at our life together knowing that divorce really isn't an easy path, especially with kids. But like you, absolutely nothing was ever taught about being married and what that entailed and what it meant. Comparatively, in other cultures, it's a huge deal. That's what the arranged marriage thing in the Orient is about, they're not leaving something of that magnitude up to a couple of kids. It can ruin a person's life and that person's family when they marry a total loser. I can't tell you of how many people I know have spent thousands "helping out" their kid because they married an idiot loser.

      Not everyone's a peach like you, bunny!

    4. :-)

      No problem with any delay. I've been known to reply to emails over a year old that I stumble upon in the labyrinth known as my email files system.

      I trust you've burned down the nearest grocery store to show your commitment to social justice and the rule of law.

    5. Man, it's all I can do to make sure everyone's bottom is clean and their tummy's are full. I would like to see some start a Twitter campaign #Wheresmyriot for those people who are genuinely shot by police, like that homeless guy who was whittling down the street or the old veteran who thought he saw a prowler and the cops killed him in his garage.

      Interesting how the Obama/DOJ machine didn't let a ripe racial crisis go to waste.

  2. Hi,
    hey you're back
    I'll have to check in more often.

    1. I need to get on more. I have sooo much to say - I get stuck in an overwhelmed/shut down cycle.


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