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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Monday, May 6, 2013

General Patton Assassinated

You know you've always suspected that the car accident angle was fishy, now a new book has come out telling us why it's fishy. Tim Shipman of the Daily Telegraph has a write up on it here. The book is called Target Patton by Robert Wilcox and it covers the following points:

  • Highly decorated sniper later turned artist, Douglas Bazata, spills his guts on how he was ordered to take out Patton using a staged accident in combo with a shot to the neck. Who gave the order? Will Bill Donovan, the granddaddy of the CIA.
  • Bazata also claims in these interviews he gave before his death, that the Russians finished the job while Patton was recovering in the hospital with poison. They seem to really like that method, don't they?
  • Also interviewed  by Wilcox was one counterintelligence agent, Stephen Skubik, who learned that Patton was on Stalin's kill list. His reports went ignored and he was shipped back to the states.
  • Where are the documents relating to Patton's accident and subsequent death? Why missing from the national archives of course.
  • Wilcox has also gotten a Cadillac expert to say that the busted up car on display at the Patton museum in Fort Knox could not be the one involved in the accident.

Why would "they" want Patton dead? Well, if you followed my Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution series, you ought to know that the whole stinking Soviet Union was set up by "American" based companies. I use the term American loosely there because almost no Americans to this day are aware that JP Morgan handed the communists everything they needed or wanted to set up a totalitarian state. Antony Sutton further illustrates in his Western Technology transfer books that the US kept sending tech over to the Soviet Union throughout the 20th century. Patton didn't trust or like the Russians and wanted to end their evil empire while our troops were over there. That would never do for our central planning Fabian socialists one worlders. He wasn't going to keep their story together for them if he kept on living, and he wasn't the kind of guy that would be threatened into shutting up on all the stuff he had seen go down.

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  1. It has always been my thought that General Patton was murdered--Thank you for the post-


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